We've got answers, but we need questions ;)

@Fire and I are currently overhauling the instructions and support center on the main site (in fact, some of the changes are live already, take a look). We already have a number of topics we’re going to address, including rest days, stack rotation, a deeper look at reconciliation, the secrets of Terminus Squared, etc. What support articles do you want to see? Things that have never quite been answered well enough for you.

List 'em.

  • why is processing taking place so long after a Q loop?like around 10hours after the loop.
  • what sort of nutrition should be in check to process these high powered subs?
  • how do you know if its the sub thats causing anger and wants you to address and issue vs reconcilliation?
  • could it be possible the wording used is not getting accepted by my subconcious?

Can I listen to music while using masked subs? And especially, how loud does the masked sound need to be (Waves louder than music, same, or is quiet in the background is fine)?


I’d love to see a support article on wide results vs. initial deeper/focused fast results in terms of stack volume and complexity. Expectations, how much is to much density- in customs and/or stack. Things of this nature. Could we stack for long term and wide results but still have a way to laser in on certain things etc.


terminus square will be the one most intrigues me…I want to know everything that you are willing to share about this topic…cuz…my custom is this build…


Does my starting point determine my success with subliminals?

If I am a AFC/Incel or if I never had a relationship with women in my life, will Libertine make me popular with women ?

If I am poor, jobless and dropped out of high school (now flipping burgers) should I dare to dream of being a billionaire with Emperor or EOG?

If I have a crappy dysfunctional, working-class family environment/upbringing, will House of Medici bring me to the same level as the upper class elite?

If I have some learning disabilities or if I am a bit daft, can I be the next Albert Einstein with Quantum Limitless?


For people on the autistic spectrum, neurological disorders, or with learning disabilities, are they at a disadvantage when it comes to subliminal usage?

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What if I am gay man? Or don’t speak the language fluently?

Also gets asked often

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MUST I really meditate or engage in spiritual activity in order for the sublimals to work ? (Question applicable to non-Alchemist subs).

Can I just take concrete action in my daily life if O am not the meditating sort?

Is there a way to determine the optimal listening pattern for a subliminal other than trial & error? ie, anything pertaining to learning style (Va, Vk, etc) or personality type?
This would include number of loops, time of day, rest days, stack rotations, what activities stack best with certain types of subs, etc.

For example:
Sub X, ideal for use while working on mental tasks
Sub Y, may keep you awake if you run it too close to bedtime
Sub Z, Use while working out/exercising


Sub A (fitness related) works with Sub B (alpha mindset)
Sub C (wealth related) may be too dense to run with Sub D (mental abilities)


-How to build an optimal custom subliminal from the Q Store.

-How to transition from one subliminal to another and how to stack older subs with new ones. Eg - after using Khan, Ultimate Artist and Survival Instinct, I want to use StarkQ now AND stack it with the previous 3 subs. So how to stack all of them without overloading myself.

I’m still waiting to hear an answer to the question of how the subs might work for non cis-gender individuals, eg a person in a biologically female body that identifies as pangender non hetero-normative listening to Primal Seduction. I’m cis-gender and hetero-normative which removes a lot of the complication for me, but some of my friends from different parts of the U.S. would be real quick to ask this about the seduction subs (for instance).

Stack rotation, listening patterns, time horizon for sub benefits, extensive list of signs of reconciliation.


We really have no idea, as we haven’t had a lot of customers who aren’t cisgendered. Libertine is unisex – identify how you please, it’ll work all the same. We have a 30-day refund policy, so if they want to test one, they’re welcome to do so. It won’t harm them, the worst that’ll happen is a few days of reconciliation.

  • What action to take with the modules that morph body parts
    I’m stumped on that one.

Male Enhancement, Height Inducer, Physical Shifter Sexiness,

Could be brushing or whitening your teeth, penis exercises, getting and using a bathmate, getting a haircut, working out, doing yoga, getting and using supplements, getting chiropractic treatment, eating more, eating less etc etec


New changes that went into the subs. There have been feedback from members and there have been updates to the subs. I appreciate all the updates that have been made and will continually be made.

If there can be questions and answers regarding everything about auras? Difference between AuraQ and all other Auras including Alchemist and the purification and how that influences the aura.

-Is there any difference in effectivity between Masked and ultrasonic?
-Best way to use the subliminals:
Gap between audios.
Aprox time to get benefits in days and hours per day.
-Best ways to combine different products.

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By any chance can we get list of modules that go in making titled sub by sub club as that can give more insight .