Q UPDATE: Multiple masks are coming to Q and more!


Q-Developer just handed us the latest version of Q. We’re about 50% complete with the full automation programming. When this is complete, we’ll no longer need the “human element” to process Q customs. What that means for @Fire and myself is that we’ll able to focus our time on other things, like research & development, marketing, and other things to scale the business. What that means for you is… name embedded major titles and Ultimas. That’s right – by the end of the year / early next year – ALL titles will be name embedded, not just customs. Once we launch the name embedded major titles, we’re phasing out the non-name embedded stuff. Name embedded titles will become the new standard at SubClub. Pricing is TBD, but we’re projecting only a nominal increase in the price for Q-strength. Terminus and Terminus Squared will have an upcharge, BUT it’ll be available for EVERY TITLE. But, more on that later.

This week, we’ll be launching the multiple masks option on the Q store. We haven’t decided on the final options, but they’ll sound nice and work well. We’ve already been testing them on the sly.

Oh, btw. Module Pack #2 is coming, but I guess that’s minor news, right?


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Holy moly.

Any upgrades for existing users on this one? I know this was contested earlier.

S h i n y
O b j e c t
S y n d r o m e


One question on those; should I hold off on building my custom? Is there any money related ones coming? If so I can wait to build it.


Is there an ETA on this, just wondering because I wanted to order a fitness and health custom sub for my birthday this coming weekend.


I am really excited for all the other news too lol. You guys are so amazing with all the products you have released and technologies.


I’m actually happy about the different masks. Some days this water sound is just annoying.

When will you start giving hints for what’s in module pack 2? I want to know how many customs I have to reshuffle.


noob question but is there a benefit to adding my name to one of my major subs?


It’s supposed to be much more effective. Like how you pay attention when you hear your name in a crowd.


Congrats, SaintSovereign, Fire. Q-Developer also means fast and timely delivery, worry-free for both SubClub and the customers.

A free upgrade for customers who already have those titles (or a special discount coupon) would be cool if we want to upgrade to name embedded.

I can understand if you charge something since it is processor intensive. You gotta pay the machines else they might rebel lol.

And yes, an estimated time for module pack 2 would be nice.

While we are talking about estimated time, any ETA for:
-Creative writing/Writing Code Ultima
-Wealth Ultima
-Physical Healing Ultima (or is that Elixir Ultima?)
-The Seducer (with body morphing and male enhancement)

PS: am fine with the current masked tracks but hey if it makes others happy, am all for it.


Awesome stuff-YEAAH!

stack article ??:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::upside_down_face::drooling_face::sunglasses: ??


Oh yeah, the FAQ on stacking too. I agree, @Azriel


yes, less reconciliation, better results.


A Name embedded Executive? I am almost speechless


Name embedded Rebirth.
Name embedded True Social.
Name embedded Libertine.
Name embedded Commander.
Name embedded Dreams.

I am to receive very encouraging words from these ones :slight_smile:


Awesome! Any clue as to when Module Pack #2 is going to come out? Is it at least going to be before the Holidays? I am carefully planning my next custom which I’ll be running all of 2021, and at least a list of the new ones would be quite helpful.


:exploding_head:I hate this. I am going to be on my toes for two weeks and I will be following every day this thread to make sure I don’t miss hyped up info. :sob:


I don’t know if you guys have already determined the mask sounds, but fire crackling would be truuuuly amazing!


4 elements would be pretty cool. Fire, Earth, Air, Water.

and maybe Space as the 5th.

but whatever, I’m already quite happy with the one sound we have now.


Earth sounds dope ngl, rumbling earth is something I’d jam to.


Breathe…name embedded titles won’t be until end of this year, early next. :slight_smile: