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I think the general idea that @SaintSovereign is presenting is to buy higher end earbuds. If I was going to buy earbuds, I would expect myself to get wired ones that were $45 to $85. I would not get anything that was “enhanced” or “bass boosted”.

I do understand the appeal of earbuds. Personally I go with the flat response headphones.

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@RVconsultant is the extended base okay? Would Shure SE215 Wired Sound Isolating Earbuds work?
It seems all of the ear buds have claimed they have some sort of base feature, like a deep base. Sorry for all the questions but I want to get the proper investment.

I don’t know. I think Ultima was designed to work with flat response.

I don’t know. It has enhanced bass. I would not get them.

I understand.

If I was going to get earbuds, this is what I’d get

I’ve had Aiwa products before and been happy with them.

Please keep in mind, I’m not an audio expert. But these seem to be a higher quality, and there is nothing I could find about “boosting bass”. It actually states “balanced frequency response”.


@RVconsultant just making sure you saw my question.

Thank you for re-tagging me.

I don’t know what new tech Executive might have in it.

If it has the new mask, you’ll know it. It sounds very different from the trickling stream that was in the masked version available February 2021 and earlier.

It got rebuilt in the B core for the solace rebuild

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I’m almost hesitant to try this new version. After the first run of Ultimas was released, I tried them, didn’t get much reaction, and then deprioritized them. I understood that the muted response might have been related to my being over-saturated with a heavy stack; but I also wondered if they ‘might not work for me’.

But then RICH Ultima B was released, and I got unarguably clear and strong manifestations with it.

If the same kind of highly noticeable response happens for me with Executive, that will support the existence of a pattern here.

(Still, I have to acknowledge that, when Ultimas were first introduced, I was really lacking bandwidth for processing any additional input. In contrast, by the time RICH (Ultima B) was released, I had already noticed that I was adapting more to my stack and was in a somewhat better place bandwidth-wise. So it could be that even the original Ultimas would work better at this point. Either way, my case illustrates one of the perils of running a heavy stack: it can really cause you to second-guess your presence or lack of results.)

I am having trouble navigating. Where is the beginners sticky to applying subliminals?

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Thank you @StateOfBeing for helping out and posting the link!

@RVconsultant Hi, I know we can play other stuff with masked subs, but can we play other videos and stuff with ultimas running?
Also, would you say mp3 player quality matters? i’m using vlc for the pc, would you say that there is a better alternative?


Might know about this.

If you mean can you watch a movie or a TV show or YT videos as you listen to Ultimas, yes. Just make sure you are using high quality speakers (not lap top speakers) or flat response headphones or high quality ear buds for the Ultima audio.

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I wanted to give you more details about how big my healing has been. Or so I think.

I listened to DR for about 3 months now. Mostly DR. Some weeks only the DR healing subliminal.

Now yesterday I played other subliminals. No reconciliation. No weird dreams.

Now I thought this was going to happen, so I tried to talk to myself like let’s just see what happens. I don’t know what might happen. Let’s have an open mind. Because I don’t want it to be a self-fulfilling expectation.

But I can also now listen to DR and other healing subliminals with little reconciliation.

So this is strong medicine with big results for me. I think this has been my biggest healing ever.

I know I still have things to work on, but there is little or no reconciliation at this point. I’m guessing there will be some. I just don’t want any expectations to interfere with my being as objective as I can, but it seems to be working.

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Happy for you :grin:
May it work better and better each time :wink:

I hope you have an even happier time very soon!

:dragon: on man!

I thought I would summarize my journey so far with Dragon Reborn. I hope there are things in here that might help people.

I started off with stage 1 of Dragon Reborn. It felt so easy. I think I got over confident. Then I went to stage 2. Again it felt easy. I don’t remember how many days I ran stage 1 and 2, but I know it was at least 30 days for stage 1. So somehow in my limited wisdom I justified skipping to stage 4 in a custom subliminal. That was perhaps a mistake because what followed was about 2 months or so of emotional and mental unpleasantness, with added headaches as a bonus. Basically, I had about 2 months where I felt like hammered :poop:

There were days that nothing went right. I had about a week where people were mean to me. There were days upon days where nothing I did was right. I thought Dragon Reborn was supposed to heal me, and yet I was starting to feel incompetent. The Dragon bit me once. But it wasn’t over.

There were days where no matter how kind I tried to be, I ended up offending people or looking socially awkward. Some days no matter how much I was just going about my day and doing just ordinary things in ordinary ways, I had people think I was an ass or an arse or (international symbol) an :horse:

At this point I was starting to think there must have been a module in DR that made me incompetent.

I know some people might say that offending others would be a sign of being more liberated or alpha or whatever. What a nice glorification or reframe of this, but personally I think that this was just me offending people, and I still don’t know why this happened. I couldn’t figure it out. I never thought about offending others or trying to out-alpha people or being socially dominant or anything like that.

For about 2 weeks on the inside I felt :sob: and :face_vomiting:

I never actually cried or vomited, but I felt like it.

Weird dreams were almost constant during my sleep for those 2 months. I mean dreams so weird I didn’t even know what to think other than my subconscious was doing some deep processing. They were also vivid. As in more vivid than reality. So weird I felt like I was trapped in a Salvador Dali movie. So vivid it was like seeing things on the highest quality video monitor available. I also had a few nightmares. I would often wake the next day feeling exhausted.

I stopped writing down my dreams. I had so many vivid dreams every night, writing them down would have interrupted my sleep too much. I figured sleep was more important than documenting my dreams. I thought sleep would help me more than keeping a dream journal.

I also stopped journaling. There was so much I was going through I felt I didn’t have time to write about it. I just basically told myself that my subconscious could work it out because I didn’t have a fucking clue what was going on other than things that used to upset me were not upsetting as much. Some things were not upsetting at all that used to be upsetting to me.

I also felt very tired.

Some times I felt like all the problems and issues I had were completely unrelatable. I intellectually understood them. But emotionally they seemed alien. They felt far away. I knew they happened but it felt like they never happened to me. The emotional impact about them was just gone.

By about the second month of all this big healing, I felt discouraged because I didn’t know when I was going to get relief or reprieve from all the healing. Fatigue. Vulnerability. Rawness. There were days I just wanted to just shower, go bed, and hide under the blankets until the next day. I didn’t want to socialize. I felt overwhelmed and vulnerable a lot. My interest in women was almost zero during those 2 or so months

But there was more that I noticed. I started to feel more and more indifferent or detached from mainstream media and interests. In fact, I noticed that watching any media was difficult. I noticed a lot of biases, editorializations, and emotionally charged words in the news. I thought news was supposed to be objective. It also became more obvious how over the years such biases in media, be it movies, TV programs, news, etc, had probably influenced me or kept me in a fearful state.

My sense of self began to feel very minimal. I still thought I was introverted. I still had my values that I’ve had most of my life. But many other things were just gone. Gone was a sense of who I was. I just didn’t know. My moral compass was firmly in tact. However, it was like my life compass was being recalibrated.

On one hand, I felt as though the foundation of me was still there such as my values and morals, but the metaphoric house that was on that foundation had been removed, allowing me a chance to rebuild.

At times I felt existentially disoriented, as a metaphor I felt like I was trying to navigate in a landscape where every thing was the same color. The song by New Order called “Everything’s Gone Green” comes to mind.

Many people might feel like this would have been an identity crisis. However, I felt very calm through out even though I just felt really uncomfortable most of the time.

I had times where people tried to stir up drama or provoke me, yet I felt little or no emotional reaction to it. I’ve had this happen before, but now it is much more consistent.

There were at least 2 times where I had to take 10 days or so off from subliminals because I felt so overwhelmed. One time happened after I listened to DR Ultima. I should have waited until the reconciliation was lower. I was in a rush and the Dragon bit me again. It was only 1 loop of DR Ultima and I felt awful! Please learn from my mistakes. The second time I had to take 10 or so days off was I just felt overwhelmed. At about the 10 day mark I had a big thought. I felt tired of being bullied by my issues. I felt sick of it. I had to come up with a big plan for my big healing.

So then there were a few turning point.

For turning points @Dragon-Lesson was one of my main inspriations:

That post by @Dragon-Lesson was in my mind and then about this time in my big healing I realized that only focusing on big healing was what I needed to do to make the big healing really big. I knew what had to be done. I had to make big healing the priority.

First was I decided only to focus on the healing. Healing was the priority. Some weeks I listened to no other subliminals. That was hard because I felt so raw and like I was missing out. But I knew it had to be done if I wanted the big healing to be really big. Yes I knew I was on my way to a big healing and having big healing but I needed to take it to the next level.

The second important turning point was sleep. I figured if I got more sleep perhaps this would help. I knew that for decades researchers knew that dreaming when sleeping helped with learning. So if subliminals help us learn, then maybe more sleep would help my subconscious process and integrate the script. I built a Dreams Sleep Custom Ultima to help me sleep and make my dreams really productive. I don’t usually reveal what is in my builds but here is what I put in it:

Dreams Ultima Core
Sanguine Ultima Core
Paragon Complete Ultima Core
Dream Traveler
Deep Sleep

It seemed to help. My sleep got better. After a few days reconciliation got reduced by about 20% to 30%.

At some point it occurred to me to read about Elixir. Again part of this was @Dragon-Lesson’s post I linked to above. Also since Elixir was originally made to go with Regeneration, I decided to build a custom healing Ultima with Elixir. I found that playing that custom Elixir Ultima decreased my reconciliation by about 20% to 30% after about a week.

My Elixir Custom Healing Booster:

Elixir Ultima Core
New Beginnings
Pride Unbroken

The good news is that I think sleep and the booster helped create a very big healing for me.

Now looking back, I think it would have been wiser for me to do 60 to 90 days per stage. Wiser as in I would have probably suffered less.

Also as @BlackTiger remarked, DR might impact one’s productivity. I think others have made this comment. I think it could be possible to decrease one’s productivity when on DR especially if someone decided to prioritize healing.

@SaintSovereign also said that healing subliminals can overshadow other subliminals:

Although I did see times when other subliminals I was listening to when also listening to DR had helped me progress and sometimes more progress than I expected, I did think that the overall priority in my subconscious was to focus on the healing subliminals and any other subliminal was secondary.

For those of you who have read the Dragon Reborn description page and read the warnings and think it’s just marketing, I understand why you might think that. We live in a time when there is a marketing method that makes things sound like a challenge to get people to buy. To make something sound scary. Implying that if you buy it you have courage, and if you don’t then you’re a wimp. It’s almost like an implicit compliment to those who buy it, and an implicit insult to those who don’t. Please know the warnings are real and true. Just read the journals of people who have run DR in Q format, and you’ll see how people have a dark night of the soul. Despair. Desperation. Sadness. If you think you’re all tough and shit, the Dragon will probably humble you. I don’t care how much personal development you’ve done or what subliminals you’ve listened to or things like that. You don’t know the power of the Dragon until you’ve felt it.

If you are reading this and want to dedicate 3 months or so only to healing, then I would say to re-think that idea. Now if you truly want to, here are some things to think about.

First is that there is Q+ that should come out some time this year (2021). I think one of the ideas of Q+ is reduced reconciliation. You might want to wait for Q+ before embarking on a big healing.

Second is maybe take time off, as in months off. So if you are a student in the USA, you could use summer break. If you are a teacher or professor in the USA, there is your summer break. But your summer break may not be much of a summer break in an emotional sense if you are focusing on DR.

Third I used Q format. I need to be clear because Q is Q, Terminus, and Terminus Squared. I used just Q. As in regular Q. Not the Q format cousin that is called Terminus or its big cousin Terminus Squared. I used 1 loop a day for 5 days a week. Some times I took more rest days.

Fourth I felt like for weeks my ass was being handed to me on a semi-daily basis with Dragon Reborn. I didn’t feel like doing much. I felt tired a lot. I needed about 9 hours of sleep a night. I didn’t have much of a concept of fun. I wasn’t interested in women. Focusing on healing with DR was a big sacrifice. If you have a high energy career, I would encourage you to think about waiting for Q+ and take things very slowly.

If you’re wondering if I think the reward for all this suffering I went through was worth it, I would say that it’s easy to be on the other side of the healing and say that it’s all worth it because I now have the relief and the benefits of a big healing, but when in the middle of all the misery I felt awful and was questioning it. What kept me going is knowing that there would be a big reward and relief at some point. Now that I’m on the other side, I’m glad I did it. I know there are still some things for me to work on, but I’m now much better prepared.


Holy shait I will read that in 2 hours when I am at home

You should thank yourself for inspiring me mate!

:dragon: on!

Wow, inspiring stuff.
But, RV, you talked alot about the dark side, and little about what positives you experienced, can you tell us more about the good stuff that you finally experienced?

I will Wright you mine too today