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Naw. It’s not really a “Dolby” sound. We used Dolby’s new API to help us process the subliminal.


I have a suggestion for a masked sound that perhaps will help people with tinnitus like @Azriel.

There are some audios in youtube that are supposed to help people with tinnitus by playing sounds of a certain pitch for an hour or so such that when people stop listening to the sound, their tinnitus goes away as throughout the one-hour audio, they were matching the tinnitus noise in their heads with the noise produced by the audio.

Not sure if it will work but just an idea.

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A loop of the enhanced was finished and the normal masked version played afterwards, it’s definitely lighter, smoother and tranquil in comparison. :+1:


I like the sound but I can hear in the background some kind of voices, The voice seems to be electronic. I don’t know if I am alone with that. I use Sennheiser pro

robotic voice

Bruh –
How loud are you listening to that track, hahahaha? Listen at half volume.


very low, I can hear if people talk to me around. In fact it seems it is up to 17 minutes. After 17 minutes I don’t hear anymore this voice

But I can’t understand what this voice is saying, just vibrations

I don’t think that’s the subliminal track. The human mind is exceptional at finding patterns even when there isn’t one there.


Once R.I.C.H. is updated in the downloads screen, will it be an extra entry there for this? Or will it replace what’s there? Just so I don’t keep hitting refresh tomorrow.


Extra entry. I’ll post a notice when it’s ready.


I don’t know maybe. Even in the original RM I could hear some voices but not understand at the beginning. It seems that Jcast had the same remarks also

But I like very much the stream and the birds, Thanks a lot !

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It’s soothing and and it’s more listenable ( if
this word exists )

@SaintSovereign maybe RM developed in me a strong creativity and imagination which explained that I heard voices :smiley: But I don’t hear them anymore in the second loop.

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Saint what does this mean for a guy like me who bought a custom like a month ago, will I have to create a new custom with the Q+ tech?

And when is it estimated to be released?


OK I give it a try
Thank you for that

Amazing. SC is full of pleasant surprises.

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This is massive. I had no idea you guys were even looking into this. I love these subs, but I listen to trickling stream so low because it easily gets abrasive. I often wonder if I’m compromising on results by listening so low to spare my ears


Hey!! I have the same concern. I listen to my subs at level 1 - 3 level sound, with 30 being the highest possible on my phone

Tried two loops today of the enhanced masked version. I was still noticing results, although I think if I was stuck with this mask on all future releases I’d probably go stark raving insane :wink: the more white noise of the original is easier for me, my ears pick out every little detail in the new mask and try to follow it (just part of how my ears work I guess), the old one its easier for me to let my mind conceive of it as background noise and hear it but not be front of the mind. Hope there’s going to be some masks available that are a little less intricate.

EDIT: remembered to add - at times it seemed like time slowed down with this one, (perhaps because of the greater variation my conscious mind was noticing in the audio stimulus?)