Main Disc. Thread - WANTED

Not under 18, please.

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it’s too late, unfortunately, or fortunately

All APS; SPS and A/SPS modules in Wanted?

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So is this the closest thing to the long waited Hank Moody Sub? May have to combine this with a custom writing/artist sub :joy:… tempting.

Will however be adding to my highly wealth building focused custom as attraction is something I really missed from my previous stacks and I had no attraction based aspects to my current custom. Going for the bachelor playboy lifestyle :sunglasses::sunglasses:. Starting it today, will keep updated.


What is the difference between solace prototype and the regular masked sounds?

Solace feels lighter on the ears, and the sound is so beautifully soothing.

Here’s the main Solace thread

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More first experiences on Wanted pls :smiley:

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cool buddy

i guess its just about personal preference at that point

the original mask i can hear it very clearly with like 2% volume in my phone

Less than an hour and felt the experience.

To put things short:

  • Assertive, confident, dominant

  • Change in posture, enhancement in how I tend to speak

  • Nonchalant, calm and courageous

  • Had a small problem with some gal in my social circle. Solved the thing so smoothly, she has the hots for me now.

Ran only one loop yesterday.


Hello @Fire

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Day 2 of listening to Wanted

I have the Shaun Michaels theme song (Sexy Boy) stuck in my head


Haha… I remember that theme song.

I wonder if this is more or less playful than PS?

PS reminds me somewhat of Hank Moody.

I’m wondering if this is closer to Don Draper or James Bond… :thinking:


I am getting James Bond vibes, already seeing an Aston Martin in my future haha. I have a pretty hot Bond girl as a wife.

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is this from running WANTED?

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Just one loop, I wouldn’t put much stock in it, the cover looks very spy like and I have been a James Bond fan since 007 Nightfire videogame came out when I was 8. So my subconscious could be directing this from 18 years of being inspired by parts of James Bond.


? + WANTED = Austin Powers?

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Funny you would say that considering I build a Hank Moody Terminus custom.

And I am considering a V2 rebuild with WANTED.

It is my second day and I also feel the James Bond Sean Connery style of mindset


Nice. I like the sound of that