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And the winners are… * drum roll, please *

@Ice and @Apollo, who correctly guessed that this is the long awaited seducer / male version of Seductress. You know @Fire, however – he added A LOT more. More on that in a moment. Ice and Apollo, send me a PM with the email associated with your store account and we’ll add your free copy within 24 hours.

A lot of you guessed it. I’ve been exhausted lately and I think I made it WAAAAAY too easy. The bullet in the clue does refer to the “curve the bullet” mechanic in the popular movie WANTED featuring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy.

Introducing WANTED:


Physical Shifting – a technology fully focused on creating physical change in the user. Physical shifting technology will help heal, develop, improve and grow your body, but it is not designed to and will not make something out of you that you are not. Physical Shifting can take time – days, months, years, and is dependent on a multitude of factors. Make sure you take action towards your physical shifting goals, for example if you want to improve eyesight, start an eye exercise regiment and eat well. Do not attempt to replace medication and medical advice with Physical Shifting. Physical Shifting is not a magic pill.

Note: Includes the Solace Prototype version of WANTED.

“I am so changeable, being everything by turns and nothing long; I am such a strange mélange of good and evil, that it would be difficult to describe me.”

– Lord Byron

The mystery, the enigma, the heartbreaker…

The one that got away…

The WANTED man.

WANTED is the epitome of the mystifying, enigmatic man that is shrouded in mystery. The man that tickles at that something deep inside your very core, the closed forbidden book hiding untold secrets that you might just get if you gaze long enough at the arcane letters…

The man who arrests the gazes of women and fills their hearts with thoughts of equal measure sin and curiosity.

The man that you can become using WANTED.

WANTED is the male equivalent of Seductress aimed at not only creating an air crackling with mystery around you but also for helping you look more and more attractive physically through the usage of our physical shifting technology.

In WANTED you will experience the endless mystery that you contain in yourself and use it as a cloak that awakens in others an unrelenting desire to discover and find out more. You will find your behavior, thinking and mannerisms becoming more coquettish – the game of hot and cold will become your second nature when dealing with others.

Using WANTED you will find yourself radiating a certain air of mysteriousness, of mischievousness and attractiveness. Your behavior will become that of the man each woman dreams of in her worst, sweetest nightmares – the one that piqued her interest and kept her heart seized with thoughts of him every waking moment.

A true trickster, one of a kind rogue and definitely not a glistening hero, a WANTED man always contains paradox in his being. He is not afraid to be truly human – he embraces his human nature, his imperfections, the mysteries and flaws of human existence while striving towards excellence every step of the way… his way.

Many of the most WANTED men in history were not perfect men – they were complex individuals filled with numerous feelings and authentic love towards experiences that shape humanity. They had that certain X factor, the unending layers of personality that draw you in and call you to explore. You will make use of all emotions that you have in such a way that makes you attractive and authentic – but not letting them overtake your being and instead pushing you towards becoming more and more powerful and evolved whilst retaining the intensely deep, attractive depth of being that mesmerizes others.

Moreover, WANTED has physical shifting focused specifically on developing the different areas and features of your whole body for the sake of physical attractiveness, such as muscle development in the most attractive way, fat loss, bone alignment, hair improvement, male enhancement and so on.

Make sure to take action, you must not wait around and hope for things to happen. Get out there and meet your partners. Let the subliminal “breathe” by opening the pathways to manifestation through exploring, trying options and taking action, and you will see yourself becoming more and more WANTED through this deadly combination of mystery and attractiveness.

Finally, WANTED instills in you the true nonchalance of a WANTED man, a man who has been through all the storms and calamities of seduction but comes out without a single scratch – while combining it with a flowing desire for love and lust, helping you become a natural coquette who masterfully plays the game of seduction with fun.

If you are ready to become the mystery,

Order now.


Wahooooo!! Damn, that looks good.

Thanks @SaintSovereign and @Fire !!


Ah… being “Wanted” - desired by others. Right on the nose :smile:

Well, this is most exciting :smiley: getting it after rest week. Renaissance + UA + StarkU.

Q: is height induction part of the objective?


Also, forgot to mention: I included a version of WANTED in Solace (prototype) format.


You da man

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Come on, you know we should not buy another sub. we cannot buy another sub. So tempting :cry:



Oh wow, this sounds exactly what I am looking for! So good! Thank you @Fire and @SaintSovereign and congratulations @Ice


We can, we should, we must!


Do it, do it…dooooooooo ittttttttttt!


Congrats on getting this out. Looks freaking amazing.

Can this be stacked with something like Ascension or maybe even a larger sub like AM/Stark, or is the WANTED script already huge?

This can go great with the sub you are running

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This sound grear am adding it to 2022 custom sub now back to complishing my goal for this year. Must and will stay focus.
So glad this wasnt a learning sub otherwise it would tempt me to change my custom sub i just got

Obligatory “but does it do X???” question…

I have little to no interest in a pickup/seduction product, but this line caught my attention: “endless mystery that you contain in yourself and use it as a cloak that awakens in others an unrelenting desire to discover and find out more”

Would there be any application in purely business settings, such as attracting investors etc in a suitable environment? I’m thinking, stacked with Inner Circle perhaps.



With consciousness guidance maybe but also you migh have to add some business oriented subs/modules with it

That’s what I’d like to know,
According to the description it’s making me wonder what would the result of Wanted and stark might be?
Might just be a wild guess but a famous mischievous person with mysteries low-key (see what I did there) sounds pretty good :wink:


Yep - Wanted and Stark made me very excited initially - just “worried” that the two scripts combined might be too large.


Well you can always use one for a month and then add the other :wink:
Or just experiment with them and start a journal, I bought it already and I’m already thinking about using it within this week with stark, but I’ll wait till @SaintSovereign gives us an answer first :smile:

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@SaintSovereign Sounds like the epitome of a Sigma Male

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Fuck yeah! I’ll definitly get this for fun :ok_hand:

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@SaintSovereign Wanted was the first time I recall seeing Chris Pratt. Hilarious movie that my Wife and I have probably watched at least ten times.

" I’m sorry "

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