[CONTEST DISCUSSION] New Mystery Title Contest Thread

Speaking in Auras as a metaphor …

Khan has the Intensity Aura,
Stark has Direct Influencing Aura,
Daredevil has Approachability Aura, and
Primal Seduction has the Craving Aura,
then …
The Seducer should have the Venus Aura.



I was sort of hoping this might have been released soon. If its a goal achievement sub I am on that like a mother fucker


I’m still hoping for a reality-bending like subliminal.

That already exists. It’s part of Quantum Limitless

Technically that is a part of most of the subs i would imagine

Bending reality is manifesting your life to your will and manifesting your dreams into existence

what subs turned out best for you so far, for the projects you are currently working on?

:heart_eyes:I bet it’s coming out tomorrow morning


I doubt it as the guessing game is up to Friday, but maybe you are 007 with a good information :grinning:

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Guess I’m gonna have to see people’s comparisons of Khan vs. Seducer.

Dreamt today that I won the competition with two other people lol

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there are already so many files on men seducing women, I don’t think we can have another file on this topic !!

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@Azriel stop it your worse then me when it comes to looking into the crystal ball and trying to make predictions for SC releases.

Yeah, my official answer was that it is a spiritual title

that’s apt- I am like 007…with bad information :rofl:

definitely not that bad…yet

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reiterating the above

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I bet it’s out right now!!

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lol, I dunno how ya’ll find newly released titles so fast, but he’s right. Take a look at THIS THREAD: Main Disc. Thread - WANTED


Lol, I had a gut feeling to check the store.

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Is your Crystal Ball made of traditional Quartz, or is it something else? I am shopping for a new one. Well, its my first but would still qualify it as new.


my crystal ball changes it’s material constitution depending on the season, star alignment, mood, and mind’s eye psychic intention :slight_smile: It works more like a broken clock that’s right twice a day.

I do have a large chunk of purple quartz crystal, about a foot big, I inherited though, that’s very pretty to look at :slight_smile: