Main Disc. Thread - WANTED

That Solace mask has become smooth as a baby’s ass! Good work, man!


In fact, one would only need to run

RICH Ultima with Wanted + Mogul.
The “Bel-Ami” stack.


Commander Ultima with Wanted + Aegis Initiative.
The “007” stack


RICH Ultima with Wanted + Inner Circle :exploding_head:

And that should be it.


@SaintSovereign I’m curious how much of Wanted is applicable to other ventures such as sales and client acquisition?


“WANTED has physical shifting focused specifically on developing the different areas and features of your whole body for the sake of physical attractiveness, such as muscle development in the most attractive way, fat loss, bone alignment, hair improvement, male enhancement and so on”

Yeah I could definitely use help in the hair department


That doesn’t sound creepy


@SaintSovereign, @Fire - THANK YOU! Finally I can rest with regard to asking for this title lol. Had asked for this since The Seductress released

Congrats to @Apollo and @Ice :+1:


how would this stack with khan @SaintSovereign @Fire


funny how @Lion actually guessed the title of the product in his answer, i believe he should get a free copy too.

congratz @Apollo and @Ice
and thanks to the founders it looks like amazing product.

would really appriciate a summary analysis of the main differences between WANTED and primal seduction in regards to inner game and charisma aspect :slight_smile:


Nope :slight_smile:



Congrats @Apollo & @Ice


Congrats to you as well @Apollo! And thank you so much @SaintSovereign and @Fire this title looks outstanding and I am very excited to try it out


I might run this solo honestly

I may pick this up just to help with sales and client acquisition depending on what @SaintSovereign says

Haha thank you, man. I wouldn’t complain if I got a free copy but thankfully 35 usd (minus Arch Alchemist discount) is not so bad :smile:

But I appreciate the vote of confidence

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@SaintSovereign - please check your DM regarding an Ultima Custom I ordered. I think it got delayed

I was thinking the same thing

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@SaintSovereign & @Fire I know I always bring this up but is this a title that would still work for a gay guy like myself?

I, think?, know in regards to marketing and main buyers the descriptions are targeted at cis straight men and has women as the target of interest. I know it’s physical shifting but it seems like it has an aura of attraction to it.

Could I assume that future titles would be okay for me to use?

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I am having precognitive dreams and I literally PROOVED it on paper this time LOL

This was my first dream about this product and it was 4 days ago.

2 days later, I had this dream!

Never ever won more than one person such competition. This clearly is no coincidence. And while I gave a different „official“ answer (happened before my first dream), I could be theoretically counted also to the winners (from the dream side perspective) by having had this dream insight and writing it in the other chat.

This is just crazy!!

I am already had multiple precognitive dreams in the past (predicted already some unbelievable stuff) and now they occur more and more frequently. I am not quite sure what is causing it, but it could be my Quantum Limitless, Mind’s Eye, Dream Traveler custom.

@SaintSovereign is this worth a free copy of WANTED, or to put it with other words: Do you mind making my second dream come to full reality and with that 100% confirming me having precognitive dreams? :smile: :wink:


Another obligatory question:

Applicability within marriage/committed long-term relationship?

Sounds like it would be good for keeping things fresh.

( @ksub. This could potentially address (part of) your topic from 2 weeks ago.)


@SaintSovereign Would this conflict with Khan? Seems like Khan’s focus on dominance might clash with the coquettishness that WANTED tries to create.

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