What can we achieve trough physical shifting?

Hi fellas

Today I have purchased a copy of WANTED and I am really excited to begin my journey.
I am curious as this contains physical shifting module . So does anyone has any experience with physical shifting.
What can we expect to achieve from physical shifting?
Does it improves our facial features, skin, facial hair, hair texture? Or does it only make you muscular?

One more question

There is also a solace prototype included with purchase. So since it’s a prototype it is equally effective as the old masked version?


Your results depend upon the actions you take, so there isn’t a hard line as to will it work or not. A better question would be: will you make it work?

If the answer is yes, then it will make your work lot easier. And to your other question, the solace is about effectiveness, it’s about changing the mask over the subliminal.



Some users here have experienced height and muscle gain using Emperor Fitness. And Male Enhancement using Diamond Ultima.

All of this (and more) is in WANTED so do check out the WANTED thread where several people have given quick testimonials after using it.

Also this is a pretty new product so you will need to give it some time to have more long term reviews.

Here’s the WANTED thread:

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I only read about flaccid size so far which I personally deem pretty useless, and harder erections (which of course, is great).

Anyone really got a longer schlong (erect) from Diamond?

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Diamond is supposed to give both. But for testimonial, hopefully someone will chime in

The only one who tested it for that purpose was phoermes but he was using hydropump and paragon as well

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bigger penis

everything bro, penis height hair head bones ligaments head

if you can think about it, it’s in there

but it takes time


Everything is possible. Now we just need Q+ and all the other build-related goodies to make the physical shifting super fast.