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Actually I wanted to know if anybody got real results…i read one guy hair was coming back which was awesome

And 2nd thing how our aura will attract other when start feeding sub to our subconscious mind

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For me my nose got straight, it was slightly deviated to the left, now, no matter from where I look it’s pretty much straight.

Edit : The physical shifting happened on Wanted.


My face is little not align…i mean a symmetric…i hope wanted will fix it…

Any other sub which will help physical shifting

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are you talking of Wanted? makes no sense if this happened with Emperor as it got not physical shifting AFAIK


Yeah, I’m talking of Wanted, I’ll edit my post :wink:

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Here is a short thread on the subject.

Played Emperor ZP today.

How I feel right now:



Ran it yesterday and I feel a lot calmer today! My mind is starting to process (accept) it.


No worries my friend, if anyone is falling behind with my journal, it’s me… with regards to updating it. lol.

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Hmm… that would be an interesting test for me too. I broke my nose when I was 8 or so, and while it;'s not crooked per se, it’s just slightly asymmetrical.

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Possibly Emperor-Zee-Pee-Related:
to preface: I ran EZP and LimitlessZP as mentioned above.
Last night in bed, I ran my M1 stack of LibertineZP, WantedZP, PSZP

Wife is cold this morning. It snowed her hella mucho yesterday.
I can’t go anywhere as it’s very icy and my car needs tires, so I’m taking another “Empire Project” day.

She tried waking me up by rubbing Palpatiny. I said “Hey? You up?”
The convo quickly indicated she wasn’t interested in sex. So I said “If you aren’t wanting to fuck, don’t touch it.” lol

Wife is all “Rub me for a few minutes. I’m cold. Need warmed up.”

I said “It’s a workday. If I can’t go do Uber to make money, I’m gonna at least work more on my Empire tasks.”

She tried the pouty “Boo. I’m sad. I need warmed up.”
Before you all say something about how this is her wanting it, trust me. It is not :wink:

Anyway, I turned on the heater in our room and threw her a pair of socks, and said “I’ve got work to do.”

I SUPPOSE I could’ve put in tons of effort to turn the situation around, but honestly, I went to bed pissed that I can’t figure out the thing I’m troubleshooting with my Empire Project. And that’s all I can think about now (other than posting this obviously)


So you are running 5 ZP titles?

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only 2-3 at a time, depending on the day.

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I played 2 loops today I guess
It was amazing
The calm was soo clear


Not run emperor zp…

But wanted PS today…I also have similar no fucks given attitude

1st in the gym…one big controversy happened because of me…in a normal situation I would be panic…but yeah I didn’t give any f…& instead, both parties told sorry to me

I made a video on Snapchat ( a process of me trying to remove shyness from the camera & be bold & confident) their I talked straight with of course no f given

just a few minutes ago chatting with a woman…she warned me don’t send me a gif if you send me any other again…I will leave…I sent her 10 more gifs & ask her to leave

I didn’t feel bad in any of the situations…& I felt like I have the commandment of every situation…

There is another case of my wallet got stolen with card documents money while traveling & I was calm very calm…that too in my washout day lol

I should start again maintaining my journal now


Even I am feeling more calmer & there’s inner happiness which I cannot explain but can feel it all the time


Ran one loop of 1x Emperor ZP solo today after a small washout. All it did was put me to sleep again, a total of 13 hours today in total. Had really vivid dreams where I was put back into my first workplace, and I met an old colleague who sadly passed away in a heart attack a couple of years ago.

Also met a lot of other old colleagues, if only for a brief moment, but it felt as they were there in spirit.


Can’t wait to go back to that inner calmness, I’m on Emperor’s Recon, and trust me, it deserve it’s throne!


all this hype around emperor made me drop wanted & start emperor from now on…kinda excited for day 3…

Please explain to me what makes the emperor so special…you use that big word…throne?

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