Hank Moody Terminus


Hi everyone. I have had a good run with Sub Club. From a long Khan run to my Emperor custom to my Stark custom, I have improved my living situation, social anxiety, and alpha base. The improvements have been subtle and natural, but I can definitely see them. I have great inner confidence and a keen ability to build rapport and make people laugh. I have become more outgoing. I am financially stable and improving.

Given my strides so far, I decided to purchase an experimental Terminus custom - code name Hank Moody Terminus. The base is Emperor, and the custom comprises Professional, Social/Status, Sex, and Support modules. I have run 13 of the 20 modules in the build before in my two customs. New to my universe are Chiron, PCC, Torchbearer, GLM, Sexual Manifestation, Sensuality and Handsomeness Improver, and ARES. Terminus strength is also new to me.

The reason I am experimenting is that I would like to test the higher strength and lower my listening time. Lowering my listening time will allow me to deploy my Ultima collection more. I now have seven Ultimas: Beyond Limitless, Libertine, Commander, Executive, True Social, and the two Beasts. I am very fond of the Commander and plan to run it daily, usually in the morning to set the tone for the day. Libertine/True Social will be used as needed. The Beasts are run when I work out. I plan to run Hank Moody after school or in the evening. With the new set up, I am trying to avoid playing subs while I sleep.

This is my list:

Base Program
Emperor (love the alpha base in this sub)

Limitless (have definitely felt a cognitive boost with this sub)
Chiron (I am a teacher/tutor)
Virtuoso di Matematica (I teach/tutor math)

Daredevil (love this sub for the social push and ease of conversation)
Dominion (more alpha base)
Godlike Masculinity (even more alpha base)
Power Can Corrupt (I am very interested in the art of persuasion)
Torchbearer (trust, patience, encouragement, inspiration - perfect for my job and life)

Primal Seduction (an old favorite)
Sex Mastery (another old favorite)
Sexual Manifestation
Perfect Style and Smell
Sensuality and Handsomeness Improver

Joie de Vivre (love this one; great recon balancer)
Sanguine (more recon support)
Limit Destroyer (fear destroyer)
ARES (new one; another fear destroyer)


I love the combinations in your customs, the have real character, and in this case literally based on a character lol. I imagine you will run this as the only non-Ultima you will be running currently?
Curious to hear how terminus and this build goes for you!


Thank you @Azriel. Yes, this will be the only thing I run besides the Utimas. So far, HMT is smooth. I am only running 1 loop a day for the first week. I am minimizing the Ultimas to isolate the impact and insure that I don’t overload. I will take stock after the first week and make adjustments as I see fit.


I’ll be following this one. Shouldn’t this be posted in Quintessence, however?


Hi @Ninjistic. Thanks for the interest. So far, I am loving Terminus. Very very smooth and very effective. It’s brilliant and very efficient. One loop does the job for me. I feel the drive of Emperor, while the support modules are really doing the job of smoothing the rough edges. I talk in a confident manner with a slightly irreverent sense of humor which the ladies love. I feel like I ooze sexiness. A real Hank Moody vibe.

I didn’t bother to check where I opened this thread. I just moved it over to the Q-thread.


Could you kindly introduce to us your listening routine, please? I’ve used Terminus (Stark) before but I think I overloaded my mind and I got reconciliation.


This is a super dense Single custom but with lots of action you can make it work. I honestly wouldn’t stack this with anything besides maybe 1 ultima to boost results for certain situations. But you have overlap in this too with sex mastery which is in primal seduction and emperor. Emperor and Primal seduction are pretty dense as is.


Hi @Voytek. I listen to 1 loop of Commander Ultima with AirPods in the morning before work and 1 loop of Hank Moody Terminus with HD 280 Pro headphones after work. I run Terminus 5 days on and 2 days off. Other than that, I run other Ultimas like True Social and Libertine when needed. So far I have kept everything light. As mentioned, I have had no recon issues so far.


Hi @Floridianninja. I understand your point. I ran a similar stack in another custom Q level. I have a good base with this combo and everything’s fine.


Thank you, it sounds pretty good to me. What about the use of Emperor? How long have you been using its script in total? I mean in your customs plus if you have used it as a major program.


I never bought Emperor from the main store. I put Emperor in my first custom (7/23/2020) and ran it solo until 9/9/2020 when I got my Stark custom. Then I ran the two customs together until HMT which I started last Saturday. So all told, I ran Emperor about 3.5 months.

As mentioned, I’ve run Khan, Emperor, and Stark. Emperor is by far my favorite.
Also as mentioned, I have 7 Ultimas. The Commander is my favorite.

Emperor in Terminus + The Commander = very happy customer


It’s great to hear you’ve found your dream sub. I’ve used the Commander and it blew my mind totally. In 3 weeks I start my journey with Emperor since I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about it and I deem it to be a great sub for laying strong foundations for the future development.

Thank you for sharing.


You’re welcome.

Are you buying Emperor from the main store or as a component of a custom?


I had been ignoring Emperor solely for its name which sounds lame to me but ultimately decided to buy it one week ago after I had finally read the description and found out Emperor was exactly what I needed right now since I’ll be starting to freelance soon. Once I’m done with my healing stack I move to it. I won’t be doing any custom for at lest one year since I have some more titles in my library and I want to wait for the further development of SC technologies. Besides, I want to get some more experience in using the subs and build strong foundations using Emperor and Khan/EoG later on.


I understand your strategy. There are many ways to go about it. I like the idea of Emperor in a custom because the support modules can balance the recon associated with a heavy sub. I also like the interplay between Emperor-Daredevil-Primal-Sex Mastery. I feel they play nicely together.

Anyway see what works for you.


Hello everyone out there. I have decided to do a 2 week wash out of a different type. I feel the need to challenge myself and improve my discipline. Perhaps it’s the effects of my new Emperor Terminus custom. So for the next weeks, I will:

  1. Work out every day
  2. Maintain a meal plan
  3. Not eat junk food
  4. Not consume the internet other than for work
  5. No fap
  6. Limit subs to my Terminus custom, Commander, and Beast

I will report back what happens in two weeks. If I don’t respond to messages, it’s because I’m not using the internet.

Best to all over the next 2 weeks.