List: Updated Descriptions of Similar Sounding Q Modules

Here are all the updated descriptions of Q modules that were deemed to be too similar sounding, in a list for y’all to check out.

Each module’s extended description can be found on their respective pages.

Natural winner and Overdrive

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Natural Winner is for those who desire to add a powerful pillar of success into their custom. It is a module that gradually shifts your mindset of someone who is always a winner, no matter what happens, creating a profound success-based thinking. Furthermore, it will work on removing negative thoughts and mindset that claims you won’t be successful.

Overdrive is a module that pushes into overdrive all success-oriented thoughts and subliminal influence. It works on enforcing such programming and making it deeper. It also acts as a result enhancer module if you have any success-oriented modules/cores in that it uses the success module towards furthering the goals of all the modules in your custom.

Natural Winner is the pillar of success - add it if you desire more success scripting. Overdrive intertwines with all success-related programming and uses it towards furthering the whole custom.

Combining the two can be excellent as both will work in tandem to help you develop massive success.

Atman, Limit Destroyer, Unlimiter, ARES, I AM, and FEBRUUS

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Atman is a module that goes incredibly in-depth into each limit you have and directly questions you as to why you have those limits. It will question you over and over again, helping to lead you to a correct answer - that you can go beyond those limits.

Limit Destroyer and Unlimiter work on a much more direct level, going face to face with your limits and attempting to dissolve them in any way possible.

Limit Destroyer is designed to completely blow through your limits, meanwhile Unlimiter will dissolve them and push you forward. One completely destroys your limits, the other “opens the gates” of your limits. Unlimiter can also be used for limitations in skills when you hit a plateau, so it affects skill-based limitations.

ARES differs from all three in that it targets weakness, doubt, guilt, shame and fear head on. It mercilessly goes after all beliefs that support these states and emotions so that they are annihilated and you gain more and more control over them.

I AM is a module that is part of Khan ST1 - Total Breakdown, and because of this it can be quite wide in its effects. It will remove all that stops you from being truly congruent with yourself while helping you be your true self in the present moment.

FEBRUUS can be considered a close relative of the I AM module in that it is expansive removal of things that hold you back - but it does so in a more microscopic, scalpel-like manner while being different for what exact purpose it does so. While I AM aims to help you become your true self, FEBRUUS removes exactly that which stops you the most from advancing further towards your ideal future self. It also guides you towards more thorough research of your personal beliefs.

Quite interesting combinations can be made and you can easily combine any module with any other. Atman with Limit Destroyer would combine the unrelenting approach of Limit Destroyer with the questioning of Atman, so that if some limits are too hard to overcome, they will get questioned and dissipate more easily under the combined pressure of these modules.

Ego Adsum and Everpresent

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Ego Adsum focuses fully on the present moment and being in it. It moves your focus from the future and the past and helps you think from the moment of now.

Meanwhile, Everpresent is a module that helps you become aware of yourself, your body, all your current actions and movements. It is similar in a way to the practice of Vipassana, as it helps you become mindful of everything you do in this present moment.

Ultimately, it is a difference of focus. Ego Adsum focuses specifically on time and the present moment. Everpresent is about being mindful and aware of yourself.

Combining Ego Adsum with Everpresent would truly help you focus on the present and yourself. Combining the two will also provide a powerful synergy - while Ego Adsum shifts your mental aspect into the present, Everpresent will do so from the spiritual standpoint.

Machine: Action and Productivity Unleashed

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Machine: Action focuses on optimizing your whole day, all 24 hours. It will help you optimize your sleep, work, eating, fitness, etc. It will do so in a way that helps you attain maximum results with the least amount of time spent.

Productivity Unleashed in turn pushes you to develop your desire for productivity and dissolves negative beliefs that stop you from being your most productive self. It also directly helps you get into the zone whenever you are working towards your goals.

You can see it as a macro and micro approach - Machine: Action helps optimize your strategy while Productivity Unleashed focuses on your tactics.

By utilizing both in your custom you can ensure incredible, optimized productivity all day.

Chosen of Venus, Love Bomb and Depths of Love

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Chosen of Venus has an auric component that outwardly manifests love, meanwhile Depths of Love is more inwardly focused and focused on the heart area.

For those who desire to work with the heart area in their spiritual practices, Depths of Love is the one to go with. If they desire to work more with others, Chosen of Venus will be excellent due to the aura.
Furthermore, Chosen of Venus also has a layer of wisdom to it, meanwhile Depths of Love is all about plunging deep into the currents of love.

Both Chosen of Venus and Depths of Love have additional components such as wisdom and development of love as a concept, while Love Bomb is completely and fully focused on generating an aura of love.

Combining Chosen of Venus with Depths of Love would help develop your understanding of love on all levels, and adding Love Bomb would profoundly empower the aura of love you would already be creating.

Gorgeous Manifestor and Sexual Manifestation.

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Gorgeous Manifestor will help manifest specifically beautiful women that would be most interested in you - while Sexual Manifestation manifests people in general for the express purpose of having a sexual encounter.

Use Gorgeous Manifestor if you desire to manifest women for any purpose and Sexual Manifestation if you purely desire sexual experiences, regardless of gender (of course, this is influenced by conscious guidance).

You could combine the two for additional focus on manifestation of partners (if you desire to specifically manifest women). You can also use only one if your goals align with the module well.

Apollon, Physicality Shifter - Sexiness and Sexiness Unbound

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Apollon will help you develop an all-around harmonious, symmetrical and beautiful composition of the body and face while helping with your self-image.

Meanwhile, Physicality Shifter - Sexiness focuses specifically on sexiness, in addition to secondary characteristics such as your voice.

Finally, Sexiness Unbound helps you tap into your inner sexiness and improve upon it. It will also help you release limiting beliefs you might have about your sexiness.

A man utilizing Apollon will start developing a harmonious, beautiful look. A man on Physicality Shifter - Sexuality will see himself becoming more and more sexy physically, and a man using Sexiness Unbound will find himself feeling more in-tune with his natural sexiness.

Combining Apollon and Physicality Shifter - Sexuality, you would be developing a balance between a beautiful, harmonious look and a sexy one.

Potentiator, Power Awareness, Power Unleashed and Godlike Masculinity

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Potentiator helps you unleash any and all repressed power and potential you might have hidden within you. This could be specific characteristics, spiritual developments, ideas, talent, etc. It will help you become more aware of things that limit your potential and work with you to remove all that is hindering your potential and power.

Power Awareness has a more spiritual approach that also reverberates throughout the physical and mental levels of your being. It will help you become aware of your spiritual, divine power and will and their full extent. Of course, this takes time as there is an incredible amount to become aware of, but it is an excellent addition to any spiritual seeker that desires to know more about what they are truly capable of and who they are.

Power Unleashed develops within you your own personal sense of power. It will help you establish your power and showcase it outwardly - your body language, your walk, your voice, your eyes, your actions and behavior all become charged with a sense of immeasurable power and invincibility.

Finally, Godlike Masculinity works on many masculine qualities including power, will, focus and even stoicism. Imagine what kind of qualities a godlike being would have - such qualities Godlike Masculinity guides you towards.

You could combine any of these modules for deeper development of your authority and power, such as Power Awareness with Power Unleashed - which would help you become aware of your divine will and power while showcasing it to others.

Carpe Diem Ascended and Joie De Vivre

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Carpe Diem helps you become motivated from the very first moment you wake up through sheer drive, while Joie de Vivre does so by guiding you to realize that life is incredible and worth living.

Joie de Vivre will help you generally with enjoyment in life also, while Carpe Diem will develop within you a constant desire to excel.

Add both to have enjoyment with a powerful desire to achieve greatness.

Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver and Instant Seducing Tactician

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Instant Seducing Tactician helps you rapidly ascertain information about the person you are interested in, while Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver helps your overall social abilities by guiding you on things to improve and change.

One is a module for a specific case, the other helps you develop generally in social situations.

Combining the two you would be able to quickly become aware of all the information you need if you are attempting to seduce someone, while Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver would guide you on how to best make use of this information.

Foundation and Eye of the Storm

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Foundation focuses on grounding you during stressful or emotional situations - creating a solid space for you from which you can take action. Eye of the Storm however, helps you get over your negative habits and obliterates the reason for them. Furthermore, your desire and ability to build positive habits improves on Eye of the Storm.

Use Foundation if you find you lose yourself often to powerful emotions and use Eye of the Storm when you have a negative habit (or multiples) that you want to disintegrate - or build a positive one.

You can also combine the two very effectively, as many negative habits are triggered by emotions - so Foundation in combination with Eye of the Storm can help you annihilate negative habits.

Gloryseeker and The Spotlight

Similarities, differences, combinations:

The Spotlight is a module specifically created for marketing yourself online, while Gloryseeker is a much more all-encompassing module that also includes getting known on the Internet - but it has components to it such as creating an aura of glory and fame around you that can make others awestruck when in your presence.

Use The Spotlight if you desire to become famous on the Internet or market yourself/your business better, and use Gloryseeker if you want absolute fame and glory.

Eagle Eye, All-Seeing and Awakened Perception.

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Eagle Eye focuses fully on the human body, behavior and patterns. It will help you notice what makes someone who they are, and give you deep insight into their being through such knowledge. In contrast, All-Seeing will develop all your senses as well as your perception and not solely for understanding other people.

This means you could use All-Seeing for such things such as sharpshooting, musical production, cooking and other such occurrences that rely on sharp senses and perception. Since it covers senses and perception, if you have spiritual inclinations it will also affect your spiritual senses.

Finally, Awakened Perception is solely for your spiritual senses and perception. It aims to activate, develop and help you master all your spiritual perceptual faculties and teach you how to best use them towards your goals whatever they may be. This means you can use Awakened Perception for nearly any spiritual practice - manifesting, spiritual contact, astral projection, divinatory arts, etc.

If you desire to be able to easily understand others and have interest in learning body language, NLP and similar such areas, use Eagle Eye. If you’d like to generally develop your senses and/or develop a skill that uses a specific sense, use All-Seeing. And of course, if you want to sharpen your spiritual senses, use Awakened Perception.

Of course, you can also combine the modules to create interesting synergistic effects. For example, Eagle Eye with Awakened Perception would help you learn more about others by utilizing your developing spiritual senses.

Alpha of Alpha and Leader of Men

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Alpha of Alpha is a module that guides you to become someone above alpha, an individual who develops such extreme authority, confidence and dominance that it is completely natural for him to be the Alpha of Alphas.

Leader of Men however helps you embrace all your masculine qualities, even those that you perhaps pushed down and rejected. This means Leader of Men also has alpha qualities similar to Alpha of Alpha but it is interwoven with slight healing and releasing of traumas that helps you embrace those qualities. Furthermore, it is more geared towards leadership than Alpha of Alpha - which means it will help you develop qualities that might not seem as obviously inherent to a leader but are vital.

Use Alpha of Alpha if you want to push your authority, confidence and dominance beyond all limits, and Leader of Men if you desire to become a true leader.

By adding both to your custom, you’ll have profound development of your power while becoming someone others cannot help but look to for leadership.

Divine Will, Jupiter, Yggdrasil, Current Invoker, Dominion and Tyrant

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Divine Will focuses directly on your will - strengthening it and helping you achieve greater control over it so that you can use it for your goals. Jupiter however, specializes on your ability to manifest and on your control over reality. Your will can be used for many things, spiritual included such as manifestation and magic, while Jupiter is your power and skill at manifesting being strengthened. Not only that, but Jupiter helps all your manifestations become much more profound and numerous.

Yggdrasil differs from both in the fact that it affects pathways of manifestation directly, influencing and opening numerous possibilities for you, especially the most unlikely ones that you never thought were possible or thought of.

Dominion is related slightly to Divine Will, however it affects your overall authority on all levels, especially spiritual. Dominion can be of great benefit as authority can make reality more pliable and easier to change, hence why adding it to your custom can provide a unique advantage to your subliminal journey. It is also an excellent addition to those with a spiritual inclination, as authority is considered of great importance in spiritual arts.

Tyrant differs from others in that it strengthens all the levels of your mind and optimizes its working, so that your mind has a stronger grasp over reality. It can be used as a training regiment for the power your subconscious mind can exert over reality. Add it to generally strengthen your mind’s ability to manifest and shift reality.

Finally, Current Invoker helps you tune your being into a specific current of great power and energy. By adding Current Invoker, you could focus, for example, more and more on wealth, and if you were sensitive enough you could feel as if you are being filled with a profound sense of abundance and being easily swept along with the energy, guiding you to incredible opportunities that unleash abundant wealth in your life for you.

Many powerful synergistic effects can be achieved by mixing these, for example strengthening your will through Divine Will and utilizing Tyrant would train the power of your mind and will to incredible levels, allowing for incredible results. Consider the possibilities, as figuring out your own combinations can help you consciously guide your custom in new ways.

Merger of Worlds and Information Releaser

Similarities, differences, combinations:

The Merger of Worlds focuses on creating a deeper, more stable connection between the conscious and subconscious minds, which can result in many effects - including information surfacing that you weren’t aware of previously. Information Releaser, however, specializes fully on releasing any and all repressed information, ideas, thoughts etc., that you can use in your journey.

Use the Merger of Worlds if you believe you’d benefit from a greater subconscious/conscious connection, and the Information Releaser if you think you’re repressing some potentially valuable information.

Adding both to your custom would help the Information Releaser module uncover more information and ideas through the closer subconscious/conscious connection.

Sphaera Magnetica and Libertine Ultima Core

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Sphaera Magnetica and Libertine Ultima differ in the way the aura is created and the final result. Sphaera Magnetica ends up with quite a wide aura, one that, with enough energy, could cover a whole building while still being quite effective. The Libertine Ultima Core however, is incredibly dense, so much so that some more sensitive individuals are able to sense a thickness in the air physically.

Furthermore, Sphaera Magnetica creates an effect on the eyes of the user, imbuing it with some of the same sexual aura.

Way of Understanding , Empath and Mercy Protocol

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Mercy Protocol is a module that works on a deeply emotional level and unlocks your kindness and empathy. Furthemore, it creates an aura of kindness that profoundly comforts those around you.

Empath on the other hand, focuses on the ability to be an empath, develops it and ensures you are well protected. Combining both can be an excellent combination.

Finally, Way of Understanding is all about understanding, not specifically empathy (but it will affect it since understanding is important for empathy). It helps you understand others on all levels. Moreover, Way of Understanding has a powerful effect on yourself too, as it unlocks greater understanding of your motivations and inner machinations.

Combining all three would help you achieve incredible levels of social skill, allowing you to become a natural, masterful empath with profound kindness and understanding.

Lion IV and Alpha Body Language

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Lion IV focuses on developing your overall demeanor that of relaxed nonchalance, composure and power. It is quite a wide module, affecting multiple areas of your behavior. Meanwhile, Alpha Body Language is completely about your body language and making it relaxed and powerful.

Alpha Body Language guides and relaxes your body so that your movements both while resting and movement are calm and coursing with strength and authority.

Wealth Limit Destroyer and Limit Destroyer

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Limit Destroyer is a module that targets all limits that you have (although it can be consciously guided) and faces them head on, while Wealth Limit Destroyer is a module that focuses fully on your Wealth Limits - and this can be both your internal wealth limits such as negative beliefs and emotions about wealth or wealth limits in your work, business, etc.

If you have limits pertaining to wealth, use Wealth Limit Destroyer. If you are looking for more general demolition of limitations, add Limit Destroyer to your custom.

A/SPS: Organs, Asclepius and Paragon.

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Asclepius is a highly focused all-around healing and health improvement module that is light but quite effective… It solely focuses on these two goals. Meanwhile, Paragon is completely about healing you whenever you have anything that ails you, while easing your discomfort and pains, and it does so through numerous ways and avenues. It can be quite taxing on the system, and can knock you out through exhaustion due to the healing process.

A/SPS: Organs is a specialized module aiming to target all your inner organs, healing them and keeping them in top condition. While Paragon would be incredible for healing all-around, and would heal your organs as well if they were ill, A/SPS: Organs focuses solely on your organs and their functioning.

Use Asclepius for general healing and optimization of your health without it being too taxing, or add Paragon for a heavy hitting custom of healing. Adding A/SPS: Organs in a combination with either would help heal your organs faster. You can also use it if you know you have issues with your organs, or even simply use it in a custom without Paragon or Ascepius to keep your organs healthy.

Serum X and Beast Within

Similarities, differences, combinations:
Serum X revolves around recovering from your workouts and healing from them, in a way that promotes further growth and minimizes possibility of injury. Beast Within shares this function, but also has additional components to achieve additional growth if possible. It also functions extremely well for overall body composition in that it helps you lose excess fat
Use Serum X for a deep focus on recovering from your workouts and achieving great muscle growth. Add the Beast Within for a wider approach to your muscle growth, which happens while you aren’t training.

BLINK and Thunder

Similarities, differences, combinations:

BLINK is a physical shifting module that helps develop your overall speed. It can help you in nearly any sport - running, fighting, throwing, etc. Your actions will become faster and harder to counter, giving you a distinct advantage over others.

Thunder however, is purely focused on reflexes - how fast you react to actions that are coming your way. In other words, Thunder is your reaction time, and by adding Thunder to your custom your reflexes will become faster and faster, more and more accurate.

By combining the two, the reactionary action you manage to take due to your quick reflexes from Thunder will be much faster due to adding BLINK to your custom.


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