About Khan ST1/I AM module

So does a (major) charisma part of Khan comes from this?
And what if you wanna conceal your intentions with PCC?
So I have two hypothesis:
1-your congruent self is your instinctual self, which can detect manipulation and can play laws of power unconsciously. Downside: we may not be able to play laws of power perfectly if relied on our instinct.
2- PCC alters your true self, so a master player who plays perfectly by the paws will be the congruent you.
Anyways, I wanna hear some veterans’ ideas on this.

Charisma doesn’t come from you. Being you is a foundation upon which you build charisma. A very solid foundation.

The laws of power is something we learn. Just like engineering is something we learn. If we don’t know engineering, are we being our selves or not? It doesn’t have any connection with being our self. Just as hiding or revealing our intentions has no connection with being ourselves.

But the laws of power gives us some social advantages. If we want the advantages, we follow the laws. If we don’t want to follow the laws, we are still ourselves.

BUT maybe we are not the BEST power player (in terms of power) if we don’t follow the laws of power.

Biologically, we can sense our place in the hierarchy. This has been demonstrated with lobsters (Jordan Peterson reference). But as humans, can we climb the hierarchy without knowing the laws of power?

A person could apply the LoPs after learning it OR accidentally apply it without knowing it. Both will give the same results.

But even though humans can sense power, do they all automatically know in their subconscious mind how to achieve power?

That’s true. Because we find that the laws of power many times goes against our natural instinct. But is that because we were brainwashed by society or because we were born without the knowledge first hand?

Doing a degree in engineering alters you. So a master engineer who does engineering masterfully by the laws of science will NOT be a congruent “him” but the best engineer.

I don’t see the point and the relevance.

Honestly it’s a but hard to interpret what you are trying to convey, but if I wanted to add my point I’d say: when you practice engineering to a certain degree(listening to a sub), it becomes a part of us and we start to implement it un/subconsciously(IF it’s a good comparison).

The main point of listening to a sub is not needing that amount of conscious guidance(apart from other benefits)

If what you are stating is right, the “congruent you” is the the born child raised without parents and who never “learned” a single thing, or that single celled Amoeba. And after listening Khan ST1, I did not turn into one.

What I mean is that the closest answer is Option 2.

But this second part am not sure what you mean by this. What’s a “congruent you”?

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Well, the congruent you is someone like the one who use primal seduction and is in the zone.
It mainly puts you in the moment and eradicates anxiety about the past and future, you are just in the moment, like no grudges and stuff. I think it has some similarities with ego adsum.
But at the end it’s hard to say.

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Oh okay. You mean someone who is in flow after running the subliminal and it is working very well.

In that case yes. Option 2 will be correct.

And also by that logic, Option 1 is correct (according to my guess of what I understood when reading it) since we can detect power but we don’t understand it based on our instinct but we have to learn it using PCC or reading the book and practicing it or even studying power for some time.

Meaning, even though power is a natural thing, it takes some time to understand how to use in real life. And learning takes some time.

There are some mental hindrances on being your instinctual self, I assume I AM brush those away.

Yeah that’s right. I don’t know how close Khan ST1 and I AM are in terms of scripting but I think I AM does a good amount of breakdown.

Are you asking this so that you can decide whether or not to put PCC Core and I AM in a custom?

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Yes that is right

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