ZP perceptual shifts! Dictionary

With zp the new technology we need a new words to describe our experience with Perceptual shifts because

1)it’s one of the signs that the sub is working
2) cultivating our skill in noticing the subtle changes in our reality

Please share your experiences regarding perceptual shifts and go on describing it as you please


I like this idea, good thinking!


I associate these kinds of perceptual experiences with certain periods of meditation because that’s when they first happened to me.

I wasn’t thinking of them as a ZP perceptual shift but as I was thinking about your post, I remembered that I have been having a little bit of this lately.

In my case, one thing that would happen sometimes was like this, for example:

As I’m waking up, I observe the perceptual and cognitive systems ‘coming back online’. It’s like either the systems are coming online more slowly or maybe my attention is a little stronger which makes those perceptual systems seem more gradual.

Either way, it was these kinds of experiences that led me to observe that the sense of things being ‘Normal’ is not what we think. Many people assume that life actually is ‘Normal’ and then if we’re lucky (or unlucky) ‘special’ things happen to transport us away from ‘Normal’.

In watching my ‘systems’ coming online, I was able to observe that ‘Normal’ is itself a kind of mental function or a perceptual system. Our minds are what generate that sense. It’s imposed from the inside, rather than being a characteristic of the world.

I had more and more of these experiences where it became clear that nothing was intrinsically “normal”. Seems obvious now. (But that seeming obviousness is actually just one more example of the same point. The mind ‘normalizes’ things. It can even normalize the experience of things not seeming normal.)

So, I’d wake up from a sleep or a nap and have this period of time of ‘Whoa. Existence…’ Until a couple of minutes later when that feeling finally returned of ‘Right. Of course we exist. No big deal.’

I’ve noticed a somewhat increased occurrence of this again in the last few weeks. Not really during actual subliminal sessions. Usually when just waking up. Thought it might have been partly related to one of my subliminals. Wasn’t sure.

[Adding more] This basic experience changed how I think of sensations and perceptions in general. They’re all generated. Sight. Hearing. Sadness. Connection. Pain. Balance. All of them.

The sense of something being ‘far away’ is generated internally. ‘Far’ and ‘Near’ are equally close! haha.

All of this belongs to the phenomenon that I now think of as ‘Projection’.


Zp Perceptual shifts

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