Thinking about building my custom

Yes, and two of them are not very dense. I supposed the core of HoM is pretty dense but I suppose not as dense as the Stage 4 cores or the core of Emperor or Stark. But it was not the density which influenced my choices but my potential and my goals. I shall elaborate more on that when I’m ready to launch my custom. For now, I’m thinking about when to add Mogul to DR. Tomorrow or later on. I have to calculate it more thoroughly. I’m planning to run DR for another 800 hours and I’m tempted to run Mogul along with it till its end at the same amount of exposure (800 hours) in the proportion 1:1, simply interlacing both subs like this; 1xDR-1xMogul-1xDR-1xMogul and so on.


I’m particularly intrigued by Mogul (and Ascension) because I never ran them at the start of my journey. And I would if I were back in time and starting–with my current perspective.

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Was thinking of doing this but am not sure (for myself, I mean). What am sure of is that DR will enlighten me just as it has helped you decide what is best for you :+1:


You bet it did. The clarity of my thinking and goals improved (I should add it to the journal) and my sense of purpose is much stronger. I’m more determined to build myself the way I think is best for me. Before Q affected me just a little bit and I started to think I should wait for a stronger technology and for now just focus on adding a slight flavour to my life by using Q but when I found that I just needed much more loops the magick happened.


If I was to build it now it would look like this:

The Empress

  1. All-Seeing
  2. Intuition Enhancer
  3. Awakened Perception
  4. The Merger of Worlds
  5. Information Releaser
  6. Blue Skies
  7. Virtue Series: Hope
  8. Transcendental Connection
  9. Dragon Tongue
  10. Sacred Words
  11. Torchbearer
  12. Mastermind
  13. Potentiator
  14. Sultan
  15. Chiron
  16. Tyrant
  17. Pragya
  18. Yggdrasil
  19. Omnidimensional
  20. DEUS

6 and 7 are the heart of the Empress.:heart_eyes:

The modules may change slightly depending on my progress on DR and Mogul, of course.


@Brandon here’s how I structure my approach to building customs. In this case, it’ll be about one of my two customs (the other one is Transgressive Will to Power) The Empress.

  • First, it’s advisable to use a notebook and write it all down.

  • Then, I think about the general purpose of the custom.
    The Empress is about generating wealth around nurturing people who need emotional/psychological/spiritual help in their struggle with life problems.

  • Then, I take into account my natural gifts and my skills which I want to improve using the custom in order to make acquiring that general purpose smoother.
    If it comes to The Empress, the main natural gifts and skills I would like to improve would be:

  1. Perception and reading people.
  2. Empathy and intuition.
  3. Gleaning information from the subtle cues.
  4. Getting instant access to the information the moment requires.
  5. My love for people.
  6. Ability to console people, give them hope.
  7. Ability to easily and quickly connect with people and build good relationships.
  8. Ability to express myself freely and precisely
  9. Ability to teach or present my ideas and points effectively.
  10. Writing/texting skills.
  11. Ability to built trust, encourage, motivate and inspire people.
  12. Analyzing and planning.
  13. Influencing people and my reality.
  14. Lookig for new opportunities to grow and expand my “business”.
  15. Ability to build my own style business where I’m the main and only “product”, building my own brand and reputation.
  • Then, I take into account what I want to achieve, my goals (of course, above, the main goals is to develop my natural gifts and skills [internal goals] so now it’s time for external goals/objectives):
  1. Become more attuned to the main purpose of running my custom.
  2. Build my own business based on my gifts and skills.
  3. Develop the attitude of Thoughtful Generosity which will serve the common good.
  • Then, it’s time to find modules matching your objectives:
  • All-Seeing (1)
  • Intuition Enhancer (2)
  • Awakened Perception (3)
  • The Merger of Worlds
  • Information Releaser (4)
  • Blue Skies (1) (2) (3) (5) (6) (7)
  • Virtue Series: Hope (6)
  • Transcendental Connection (7) (11) (13)
  • Dragon Tongue (6) (7) (8) (9) (11) (13)
  • Sacred Words (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (13) [not a joke, since the core is communication]
  • Torchbearer (6) (7) (11) (13)
  • Mastermind (12) (14) (15)
  • Potentiator (14)
  • Sultan (15)
  • Chiron (7) (8) (9) (11) (13)
  • Tyrant (13)
  • Pragya
  • Yggdrasil
  • Omnidimensional
  • DEUS

The last four modules are about boosting the effects and manifestations.

All the modules ultimately support my external goals (16) (17) (18), but you may need to match some modules and your external goals.

  • Then, it’s time to read your plan, ponder on it and make corrections. Maybe ask someone about certain modules too.

In my case, it’s about stacking The Empress with Mogul so that I can monetize my personal development following the main purpose (Thoughtful Generosity).


I have one more custom to work on. The Chariot. The Empress and The Chariot are two customs I would ever use since they’re aligned with my natural gifts/predispositions/preferences and my goals. The Empress is more focused on the former (developing my gifts etc.) and The Chariot is more oriented to my (external) goals. I borrowed that concept from Malkuth - one custom more oriented to your core (who you are, your current circumstances and your inner development , in short) and the other to your (external) goals (who you want to be, what you want to have, external expansion).

I’m not a great fan of Arcana but it forces me to think about certain aspects of me and my life and inspires me on what I could work on, or which way I could take, it’s not like I believe it and blindly follow it but rather try to project some future plan upon it and then I analyze it and decide whether I want to follow the plan. I think it’s much better than getting excited over some horoscope and try to live in allegiance with it.

Another thing is I’m 37 and the number of the Empress is 3 and the number of the Chariot 7 and I’m going to play the Empress first and then the Chariot. 3 is a magic number and 7 is a lucky number. Cool! :heart_eyes:

The Chariot

The main goal of that custom is to transgress beyond my current self (of course) by improving in four areas: social “game”, finance, status and charisma. In short, it’s about going the old way of money and power, I never cared about.

  1. I want to be more shrewd, get rid of the randomness of my generosity and learn how to use my natural gifts a bit more towards my own goals and to my own advantage - more strategically.

  2. I want to read social “game” better and improve it and get some benefits from it.

  3. I want to establish more positive habits and mindset related to my finances, learn to manage my money better and use opportunities to improve my financial situation.

  4. I want to improve my energy level, be more motivated, get out of my comfort zone and have more control over my life and my drive

  5. I want to exert my power/influence over other people with ease.

  6. I want to be more connected with my subconscious and my goals.

  7. I want to well connected with my gf and her family, be a bit of the head of the family.

  8. I want to have more control over myself and better decision making

  1. Emperor: the House of Medici Core (1) (2) (3) (5) (7) (8)
  2. PCC Core (1) (2) (4) (5) (8)
  3. Mogul Core (3)
  4. Sultan (3)
  5. Tyrant (2) (5)
  6. Chiron (5)
  7. Potentiator (3) (4)
  8. Mastermind (1) (2) (3) (8)
  9. Dragon Tongue (2) (5)
  10. Sacred Words (5)
  11. Transcendental Connection (2) (5) (7)
  12. Awakened Perception (1)
  13. Dominion (5)
  14. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy (3) (4)
  15. Carpe Diem Ascended (4)
  16. Yggdrasil
  17. Pragya
  18. Omnidimensional
  19. The Merger of Worlds (6)
  20. DEUS

The concept of customs reflecting Tarot card is very interesting. Did Malkuth do this too? I remember he had drawn a lot of cool artistic shields

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I have no idea whether @Malkuth has any use for it.

Tarot plays only one role in the process of building my customs, it makes me think about certain aspects of my life I wouldn’t think about without reading the meaning of my cards. On top of that, it may be only accidental that I need to work on the strengths of those two cards (The Empress and The Chariot). I know @Azriel found it interesting too and as far as I know, he’s going to ruminate on his cards while building his next custom. You could try it too and find some inspiration in it as well.


Lazarus (Ultima)

The main goal of that custom is to unlock my true social potential because I haven’t been social much since I’ve remembered. I was a really shy and anxious kid and teenager. As an adult, I used to avoid contact with people and I used to live like a hermit. It changed a bit three years ago but still, I know my true social potential is yet to be unlocked. I can be really social if I want I have all the necessary skills to take the game to the next level, I just need a boost and a little improvement. I also want to deal with all the negativity which falls upon me when dealing with toxic people. The particular goals will be:

  1. Destroy my social limitations (the roots of my social anxiety and be more elastic in my interactions).
  2. Get more motivated to socialize.
  3. Be more comfortable and solid in various social contexts.
  4. Better control over my anger and feelings in general when socializing.
  5. Change the negative talk into positive.
  6. Improve immunity to toxic people and learn better ways to deal with them.
  7. Interact with people in a more playful and positive way.
  8. Influence people the way I deem right.
  9. Have more fun when socializing.
  10. Enjoy people’s company more.
  11. Change the mood of people around me to more positive.
  12. Build more meaningful relationships.
  13. Improve my current relationships with people.
  14. Have a healthier outlook on human nature, people and social interactions/relationships.

  1. Limit Destroyer Ultima Core (1) (3) (5) (10) (12)(13) (14)
  2. Sanguine Ultima Core (3) (4) (6)
  3. True Social Ultima Core (1) (2) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)(12) (13) (14)
  4. Negative Energy Transmutation (6) (13)
  5. Inner Voice (5) (12) (13) (14)
  6. Dragon Tongue (7) (8) (11) (12) (13)

I need to have one Ultima custom planned. On top of that, Ultima affects me much better than Q. It was said Ultima is twice stronger than Q and in my experience, it affects me at least four times stronger than Q.


I feel like the fact that you’re running Dragon Reborn gives you a much greater freedom and openness in how to create this Ultima; because Dragon Reborn is already going to do a lot of the heavy lifting as far as transforming these issues.

(In fact, my own personal theory is that when a person becomes consciously aware of an issue that they would like to change or work on, that is because the subconscious is currently already transforming it. Almost as if the subconscious is cooking inside of an invisible kitchen. The conscious mind smells the delicious food but can’t see it anywhere. So it just considers it to be imagination and thinks ‘boy, I would really love to eat some delicious food.’. Actually, it’s already on the way.)

So, in a way, you can just have fun with this.


Actually, I’ve been aware of most of those issues for a long time but I didn’t care much about changing it nor did I see any way to deal with it. But yes, I pondered more about some of them for the first time only now while doing DR. I feel and see that DR has started working on some of those issues and is creating a solid base for the further improvement in those areas. Lazarus may change in accordance with the results I’m going to ultimately get when I’m done with DR.

And what you said is very true if it comes to dealing with my traumas when doing the combo Regeneration+Elixir. I had not been aware of the root and nature of my traumas until I ran that combo and once I learnt about those things I was already free of those traumas. It may be for the specificity of traumas only or it’s a general rule of inner transformation, like you said.


Little Lord BuddhaQ

The custom was created as a prototype of my ultimate custom oriented to spiritual development and becoming a spiritual leader.

  1. Alchemist Core
  2. Blue Skies
  3. Metamorphosis
  4. Arcane Mastery
  5. Avatar
  6. Awakened Perception
  7. All-Seeing
  8. I AM
  9. Dragon Tongue
  10. Transcendental Connection
  11. Torchbearer
  12. Chiron
  13. The Architect
  14. Energetic Development XI
  15. Inner Gasoline
  16. Spiritual Reality Alignment
  17. Harmonic Singularity
  18. DEUS
  19. Omnidimensional
  20. The Merger of Worlds

Ah… Ultima Lazarus.

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Forgotten Language of Divine Art

The custom is oriented to developing my spiritual, creative and social powers and building my wealth around them.

  1. Alchemist Core
  2. Stark Core
  3. Renaissance Man Core
  4. Sultan
  5. Instant Business Tactician
  6. Financial Success Reality Shifter
  7. Fenrir
  8. Blue Skies
  9. Metamorphosis
  10. Natural Winner
  11. Energetic Development XI
  12. The Architect
  13. Mastermind
  14. Productivity Unleashed
  15. Jupiter
  16. Yggdrasil
  17. Tyrant
  18. DEUS
  19. Omnidimensional
  20. The Merger of Worlds

It’s still the prototype only.


How is your build going?

For now I’m running a stack containing those three cores to get it strongly and deeply internalized and then I’ll be running my custom. I’m also waiting for “+”.

I think that is a great idea man!

How is it working out so far and what have you done to try to make it work better?

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Here you go :slight_smile:

Thanks man!