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PRIMAL: Walk Along The Razor’s Edge

Each man who desires to run PRIMAL, needs to ask themselves one crucial, quintessential question…

What is a truly primal man?

Is it the masculine, red-pill guy going around posturing, talking about his many women (who in reality don’t even have the “h” from high quality), trying to dominate everyone around him while destroying his relationships and yelling how ToUgH he is in a cracking voice?

Is it the highly intellectual guy who analyzes every little thing to the point of ridiculousness, where he cannot even allow himself to live for a moment?

Is it the emotionally wise guy who gets lost in the feelings of others and forgets who he is, lost in the whims and emotions of others?

Is it the one who is so incredibly stoic he never even talks to anyone, believing his stoicism will get him the admiration of others?

Is it the spiritual individual who is so lofty and advanced he doesn’t even see his own two feet and while walking down the street trips on nothing, believing his “believing it true” will get him all his desires?

Is it the one who chases money endlessly, a slave perhaps not to the endless hamster wheel of the daily grind, but to a prison of his own making?

Is it the one who lusts and desires to no end, chasing and never having his fill, more akin to a hungry animal than a human being?

What does being a truly primal man entail?

Is it the standards of society?

Is it the standards of nature?

Is It the standards of the spiritual reality?

Is it the standards of the material reality?

Is it the standards of the people on the Internet, the ones around you and those close to you?

Is it really the standards, expectations and rules others load on you and your identity?

Or perhaps…

Fuck all that.

A truly PRIMAL man puts his middle finger to the sky and lives to the sky-high standards he sets for himself.

Not the fake rules and ways of living and behavior imposed upon you by others - forever and only yours…


PRIMAL: Walk Along The Razor’s Edge.

In the original Primal, the essence was to break free from the chains that bind you, to liberate your spirit from the shackles of convention and restraint.

Now, in this evolved version of Primal, breaking the chains is not enough - we are obliterating them. It’s about shattering them so profoundly and irrevocably that they can never be reformed or recognized again.

PRIMAL is an ethos, a philosophy of living.

It’s about crafting the reality you’ve always envisioned, seizing life with both hands and molding it to fit the contours of your deepest desires.

It’s about standing, unshackled and sovereign, in a world where you dictate the terms, free from the pervasive influence of others.

This new PRIMAL is a crescendo, a roaring symphony of absolute freedom and unbridled power.

Liberation is nothing; it’s about transcending to a realm where your very existence is a testament to the raw, untamed force of your will.

Here, in this sanctum of the self-made man, you are the architect of your destiny, the master of your fate, and the sculptor of your dreams.

Embrace the PRIMAL power within, inherent to each man for one cannot escape the essence of their very beings - and watch as the world unfolds before you, an endless panorama of possibility and promise.

PRIMAL is one of the most quintessential Subliminal Club subliminals for seduction - it epitomizes the essence of dominance, status, sexuality, and an almost tangible, raw masculine charm.

It’s a subliminal symphony that orchestrates every aspect of your aura to resonate with a commanding presence, ensuring that the very air shifts when you step into a room. At its heart, PRIMAL is about authenticity, a genuine expression of self that naturally draws others into your orbit.

When you embrace PRIMAL, you don’t just walk into a room…

You own it.

This core characteristic is a silent siren call, ensuring that with every woman you meet it is inevitable that you are invited in, versus simply putting one foot in the door. Because, at its core, PRIMAL is an ode to seduction, a subliminal that whispers the ancient languages of attraction and desire.

With this new PRIMAL, we’ve completely revolutionized the old script and pushed the boundaries of what is possible with the current technology.

We’ve expanded its scope and depth, ensuring that every nuance of seduction and the raw, unfiltered freedom to be your most authentic self, socially and sexually, is woven into its very fabric.

For comparison sake, this new PRIMAL is approximately ten times the size of the previous PRIMAL.

Consider this: PRIMAL is your comprehensive guide to the art of attraction and liberation. Anything and everything that pertains to the mastery of seduction, to the unchained expression of your true self, is encapsulated within PRIMAL. It is your passport to a life less ordinary, a life where you are the undeniable protagonist.

From the genesis of your transformation, the quest to become irresistibly successful with women is embraced with a fervor that burns deep within your core. This pursuit begins by casting aside the shadows of doubt and fear, erasing the anxieties and over-analytical whispers that once clouded your path.

You will delve into the depths of your being, discovering and resonating with the most authentic version of yourself, unshackled and free to approach, converse, allure, and intimately connect with any woman who stirs your soul, the ones who intrigue and awaken your PRIMAL instinct.

This metamorphosis is meticulously sculpted with extensive and intricate scripting, each word and phrase designed to foster rapid evolution and ensure a tapestry of continuous triumphs. Your journey is one of transformation, where every step is imbued with the power of profound change.

Envision yourself moving through a world where approaching women is as fluid and natural as the rhythm of your own heartbeat. The specters of social anxiety, worry, and hesitation dissipate into the ether, leaving in their wake a man who is masterfully eloquent and effortlessly charismatic. With PRIMAL, your every interaction is an art form, a dance of words and presence where you lead with confidence and grace. Every moment is an exquisite step towards the destiny of success that calls to you, a destiny that is yours to claim while wielding the primordial power of PRIMAL.

Within the intricate dance of PRIMAL’s new realm, you become an alchemist of conversation - weaving your words with an artistry that touches souls, connecting deeply and effortlessly while reveling in the sheer ecstasy of existence.

Furthermore, PRIMAL introduces an entirely new spectrum of scripting dedicated to the art of… having fun.

While the boys obsessed with dominance may scoff at the notion of ‘fun scripting,’ the true PRIMAL men, the ones who understand the deeper currents of power, will recognize the invaluable treasure within this innovation. This scripting is about becoming a vortex of euphoria, a charismatic force that in absence, leaves a palpable void, a yearning for the return of the one who transforms life into something grander, something greater than life, an adventure of fun filled with the spirit of living.

And as for adventure, it becomes your constant companion, your shadow in the sunlit journey of life.

PRIMAL now weaves the golden threads of grand escapades into the very fabric of your being - with PRIMAL you are leading a saga, a living, breathing epic where you are the unwavering hero.

Every moment is an invitation to delve into the uncharted, every interaction a scene in the magnificent narrative of your extraordinary existence.

This narrative boldly rewrites the script of modern courtship, placing you as the gravitational center of desire. While the world (and especially the different modern “masculinity” gurus) fixates on the idea that women are the choosers, PRIMAL elevates you beyond the fray, asserting your place not as a mere contender but as the coveted prize.

The profound scripting of PRIMAL resonates with an undeniable truth: you are the epicenter of attraction, the coveted treasure, and around you, a whirlwind of competition will rise. This isn’t about joining the ranks of the elite; it’s about embodying an allure so potent, so uniquely irresistible, that the very notion of choice shifts, with you as its undeniable, magnetic core.

This isn’t something unusual - in fact, those with experience and the perception to see, will know this already exists due to the massive hidden competition women engage in with each other. PRIMAL takes this truth and ensures you are the one who benefits.

If indeed experience is the chalice from which wisdom is sipped, then PRIMAL is your elixir, a potent brew hastening your passage through realms of experience. When you embrace action, PRIMAL’s vast tapestry of manifestation scripting serves as a guiding beacon, illuminating your path to a depth of encounters. It embeds within you the psyche of a man whose life is an anthology of rich, diverse narratives, embodying the wisdom of one who has known the company of a thousand high-quality women.

At the heart of this transformative journey is charisma, a profound and irresistible force that seeps into the very marrow of those you encounter. This compelling, pervasive power leaves no room for ambivalence, drawing others in with an allure that goes beyond the surface.

PRIMAL bestows upon you an intoxicating blend of majestic status and unyielding dominance, crafting a presence that is both revered and cherished. Why choose between commanding respect and inspiring love when PRIMAL endows you with the power to effortlessly weave both into the tapestry of your being?

This magnetic allure is further augmented by PRIMAL’s intricate social scripting.

Your conversational artistry is honed to perfection, each word, each witty repartee, a stroke of genius that delights and captivates.

With PRIMAL, no social landscape is beyond your dominion, no circle of interaction beyond the reach of your charm.

Every space you grace becomes a theater of your influence, a stage where you perform the spellbinding dance of connection and charisma, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who bask in your presence.

Indeed, PRIMAL is an odyssey of the most intricate and artful sexual escalation, a dance of desire that moves in all the realms of seduction - the physical, the mental, the spiritual and the ocular. It’s an alchemy of seduction, where the mere power of your gaze becomes a silent symphony of flirtation and promise. While we’ve ventured into these waters in previous modules and programs, PRIMAL unfurls new horizons, unveiling layers of seductive mastery that will profoundly resonate with those who seek the zenith of allure.

At the very heart of PRIMAL’s identity lies the quintessential ability to approach and consummate, weaving the final thread in the tapestry of connection.

This is why PRIMAL is saturated with an extensive array of sexual scripting, a labyrinth of strategies and nuances designed to escort you past the precipice of desire into the sanctum of complete, overwhelming seduction. This scripting ensures that both the journey and its culmination are nothing short of legendary, helping you cross the finish line with unmatched prowess.

With PRIMAL, the act of seduction is elevated to an art form, a ballet of the senses where every movement, every word, and every look is choreographed with the precision and passion of a master.

It’s about creating an encounter so profound, so exquisitely orchestrated, that your partner is swept up in an avalanche of emotion and sensation, a whirlwind romance that redefines their understanding of passion and connection.

This journey with PRIMAL transcends the merely physical, crafting an experience so unforgettable and deeply etched into the essence of being that it rises above the mundane.

You become the creator in the dance of desire, a sculptor of moments so intense and laden with meaning and pleasure that they form a symphony of the soul. This is an ode to the power of connection and the art of true, profound seduction.

To pull it all together, PRIMAL is endowed with exquisite calibration scripting, a subtle yet powerful tool that ensures even a misstep becomes a dance, a social faux pas transformed into a moment of allure. It’s about maintaining poise and ascendancy even in the face of the unexpected, turning potential pitfalls into opportunities for charm and connection.

Moreover, PRIMAL delves deep into the psyche, eradicating the chains of limiting beliefs and fears, including the dread of rejection, that have long held sway over your potential. It’s about unlocking a realm of boundless romantic and seductive prowess, a landscape where you are free to explore and express the full magnitude of your charisma and desire.

But perhaps the most vital scripting woven into the essence of the PRIMAL man is the capacity to embrace risk with a fearless and dominant spirit. This risk scripting is a calculated orchestration, meticulously crafting each risk to ensure it falls in your favor, far from reckless gambles.

With PRIMAL, you are at the helm of a charge, embarking on a fearless journey into the realm of the extraordinary. You move through life with command, steering your path into uncharted territories of greatness.

Each risk, each choice, becomes a pivotal moment, a turn of the tide that brings an avalanche of success and satisfaction crashing into your world.

This is the PRIMAL promise: a life conquered, a saga that transcends mere telling to become legendary.

PRIMAL awakens a relentless allure within you, a force of nature that commands attention. Each step you take is a declaration of intent, a pulse of dominance resonating through your very core.

Navigate the world with unmatched charisma, turning every glance into a silent pact, every encounter into a conquest. Seduction is your art and empire, your legacy written in the whispers of the enchanted.

In life’s dance, you lead with precision and intent. Challenges become stages for your prowess, obstacles stepping stones to greatness. The world watches, captivated as you move with untamed grace and undeniable power.

With PRIMAL, you pave your path.

Each stride is a testament to your sovereignty, your will inscribing a script of mastery. Command the room, seize the moment, captivate with every heartbeat. The world bends, twists, and yields to your presence.

You are the architect of your destiny, the master of your journey.

Every risk is a calculated step towards your throne of triumph. You embody the fearless spirit, the unyielding drive, the deep, primal force that shapes worlds.

Rise, conquer, seduce.

With PRIMAL, every step declares your victory, every moment your legacy.

The world is yours.

Order Now.

Extended Information

It is impossible to list every single benefit or objective of the subliminal due to the way our subliminals are created. They create holistic change that are deeply personal and individual to every single user, so while two individuals might see similar effects, someone else will likely have different experiences. Listing all potential avenues of growth and benefits is simply impossible – but through experience with the subliminal and introspection you can grasp the overall growth direction of the subliminal. Always remember that you are a unique individual with your very own journey, history and life, and our subliminals take that as well as your conscious guidance into account and work with you and who you truly are. In other words, even if an objective/feature/benefit that you want is not listed on the page, it does not mean you won’t experience it as long as the topic of the subliminal is connected to the desired effect.

Furthermore, if you haven’t experienced a specific objective / feature / benefit on the page (or unstated) yet, it does not mean you won’t — it simply means other things are taking precedence and have a much higher priority as dictated by the intricate interplay between your conscious guidance, your situation, your subconscious mind and the subliminal. Finally, there are countless more benefits and features to discover with each subliminal – each subliminal is so much more than a simple list. It is an invaluable companion on your journey that grows with you – indeed, our subliminals can be used indefinitely and throughout your whole life, they will always help you develop in new ways you never expected. Have patience, listen wisely, always be taking action in line with the subliminal and don’t let the list limit you, the subliminal or the experiences you will go through.

Current Level of Technology:

Standard Current (ZP) Listening Schedule:
See included instructions or the following support article: Zero Point Listening Instructions - Subliminal Club Support Hub


  • 18+
  • Individuals under the age of 18 should NOT run this title.

Gender and Sexual Orientation:

  • This product was created specifically for men and designed to enhance masculine traits, though the product can technically be used by anyone who desires the development of masculine traits.

Similarities/Differences: None.


  • Cultivate an inherent sense of authority and confidence that others find irresistibly attractive, ensuring your presence is both felt and respected, making you a natural leader and a focal point in any social setting.
  • Amplify your natural charm and appeal, making every interaction memorable and impactful. Draw others towards you with effortless magnetism, making you the person everyone wants to know and be around.
  • Attract women naturally, finding yourself surrounded by those who are deeply drawn to your energy. Create connections that are both meaningful and exciting, establishing a romantic life that feels both fulfilling and thrilling.
  • Develop a disposition that is at once highly sexual, sensual, and carefree, making interactions with women charged with an undeniable electricity. Cultivate an attitude that is playful and engaging, making you an irresistible and sought-after companion.
  • Eradicate social and approach anxiety by building confidence and strategies to overcome nervousness. Transform every social interaction from a potential stressor into an opportunity for growth and connection.
  • Embrace complete nonchalance and enjoyment in all activities, especially social ones. Cultivate an attitude of ease and pleasure in everything you do, making your life a series of enjoyable moments.
  • Remove mental and emotional blockages that prevent you from becoming a highly sexual and sensual man. Unlock your full potential for intimacy and connection, making you a more fulfilled and satisfying partner.
  • Foster relaxed optimism and a sense that all is well, creating a life characterized by positivity and hope. Approach every situation with a mindset that sees opportunities for happiness and success.
  • Increase your capacity for fun and become a person who others associate with enjoyment and light-heartedness. Make your life and the lives of those around you more joyful and spirited.
  • Achieve masterful, automatic calibration in social situations, allowing you to read and respond to social cues with precision and grace. Become someone who navigates complex social landscapes with ease and confidence.
  • Create a mental shield against any perceived rejection, developing resilience and a positive outlook that keeps you undeterred and moving forward in your social and romantic endeavors.
  • Simplify physical and verbal escalation by understanding and mastering the art of subtle yet clear communication, making your intentions known and well-received.
  • Maintain physical and mental relaxation at any moment, cultivating a calm and centered presence that draws others in and makes you a stable and comforting figure in any situation.
  • Automatically pass social tests with extreme social intuition, demonstrating a deep understanding of social dynamics that allows you to navigate and influence any group or conversation.
  • Elevate your social status and perceived strength by building a reputation of competence, reliability, and charisma, making you a respected and admired figure in your community.
  • Enhance your wit, speed of wit, and creativity, making you a captivating conversationalist and a source of entertainment and insight for those around you.
  • Cultivate a sexy walk and swagger, exuding raw animal magnetism in every movement, making your physical presence something that captures attention and admiration.
  • NSE scripting to rapidly deepen your understanding of social dynamics and personal influence on all levels, further enhancing your ability to navigate and shape the world around you.
  • Embrace and effectively take risks, stepping out of your comfort zone to seize opportunities for growth, adventure, and success, making your life a thrilling journey of discovery and achievement.
  • … and much more.


  • Live to Your Own Sky-High Standards: Embrace PRIMAL’s ethos of rejecting imposed rules and living by the high standards you set for yourself, defining your own path of authenticity.
  • Craft Your Reality, Seize Life: PRIMAL empowers you to shape your reality, encouraging you to take life into your own hands and mold it to your deepest desires.
  • Embrace the Art of Seduction: PRIMAL hones your seductive prowess, ensuring your presence shifts the atmosphere of any room, making seduction an art form you masterfully orchestrate.
  • Turn Challenges into Opportunities for Growth: With PRIMAL, approach life’s challenges with dominance and fearlessness, transforming every risk into a step towards your triumph and seduction into your empire.

Holy shit the pic looks like James Bond,Clint Eastwood or Al Pacino it’s looks and sounds bad ass. All the new box arts look amazing


we don’t only get the new PS but also Primal??






Amazing description

Omg, the fun aspects, the having fun, enjoying life is so enticing for me. I’m not interested so much directly in seduction. :sweat_smile:


Always had a bit of difficulties to pinpoint the difference between Primal and PS, it seems PS is just Primal with added elements of seduction.

Or is primal now becoming a completely new archetype?

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How would this part of new Primal be like with Emperor?
I recently ordered an Emperor + Chosen custom specifically to make emperor a bit more light hearted and “happy feet”, but I feel like Primal suits that role better.

@SaintSovereign I sent u a PM with the order number, cause the new Primal objectives feel that it would be better with emperor compared to Chosen for the purpose I want, which is specifically related to objective I quoted.


The having fun focus is huge man!
Also the IDGAF attitude, not to dominate others, but to live your life and enjoy it.

This. I. Want.

NFE - New Fun Experience!
Probably a bunch of new fun Q’s coming out.

Nvm, I answered my own question after reading



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The layers of your deception know no bounds lmao

These hints go deep af. So deep we didn’t even know they were hints

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Yeah same, I was running Khan partly for this calm nonchalance and sexual part, mixed with money making, for me it’s the best of both worlds.

Primal archetype + Money would be my perfect mix


Compare both copies. In my opinion, they are incredibly different titles, with Primal focusing more on the development of internal and external dominance more so than Primal Seduction. PS is VERY focused on it’s goal of seduction and doesn’t contain as much dominance as Primal, given the fact that most of PS’s script is incorporating the knowledge from our experiment – as mentioned in the copy.

Both can help you get laid, one is just more focused on that goal than the other, and Primal has more skills that would translate over to things like the business world.


Both would work in your case, but let’s be real. You’d probably enjoy Primal more, because @Invictus


I can’t claim that clue. That was all @Fire .


Yes, this ones very interesting for me too.
I want to create an adventures and fun and enjoyable life and thought about running genesis as a fourth title every now and then, but this one could help me very much in my quest

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Well now that you convinced me, please look at the PM cause I sent you the order number :eyes:

I’m gonna try this when I wake up and see how it goes (maybe solo for the first day)

Dude my thoughts exactly! This is exactly the type of vibe I want to have, even in the entreperneur world. Especially in the online space which I’m in, so much is putting your personality out there, having fun, being playful while building your brand etc. The other wealth titles (minus stark) have a tendancy to take anything related to having fun/enjoying life out of the picture for me. Really hoping this could mix well with a wealth sub, def going to give it a shot. Now… which one to stack with. :thinking:


My hypothesis. What do you think @AnswerGroup ?

Primal + Stark = Sex Symbol


Sure, would work well.