Which are the NSE Titles?

What are the titles with the New Subliminal Experience?

Does ASBR & Khan L&W have NSE?

11.11: Genesis: Mogul
11.11: Gaming Mastery X: AIMBOT
11.15: The NEW Emperor
11.16: The NEW Quantum Limitless
11.16: Wanted Black Updated with NSE
11.16: Index Gate Updated with NSE
11.16: BDLM Updated with NSE
11.20: Module Pack #14: NSE
11.25: Love Bomb for Humanity Updated with NSE
12.03: Revelation of the Nectar Within Updated with NSE
12.08: Emperor: The Will To Power
12.08: Dragon Reborn: Phoenix
12.24: The NEW Primal Seduction
12.24: The NEW Primal
01.18: The NEW Heartsong
01.18: Primal Nights
01.18: The NEW Khan
01.18: A Stark Black Reality
02.22: The NEW Sanguine
03.12: The NEW Love Bomb

These Ones + Daredevil + Limitless + Nouveau R.I.C.H.


For clarification, you can find the list posted above in the very first post of the NTFW thread.

It gets updated from time to time, so the latest titles are missing.

And Nouveau RICH was the first title with NSE, published in between seasons, so it’s not on the seasons list.


Thank you!!

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