Season 2: NFTW (which one are you?) [11.11.23]

Does this mean there will be a release tonight?

I’ve never been so excited to see a new title release before. :sweat_smile:

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I was curious about that too but I would be surprised if it wasn’t next week or so

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I’ll just keep being patient!

Enjoying this long washout experience. Getting results anyways. :slight_smile: Taking action.

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I don’t think it’s gonna happen today.
It’s just that the hiatus is over today.

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Am I loosing it or is the list at the top of this page just not updated with all the new titles. I’m not seeing the new Phoenix title or the will to power.

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10.09: Nouveau R.I.C.H.
10.24: Sex & Seduction X


11.11: Genesis: Mogul
11.11: Gaming Mastery X: AIMBOT
11.15: The NEW Emperor
11.16: The NEW Quantum Limitless
11.16: Wanted Black Updated with NSE
11.16: Index Gate Updated with NSE
11.16: BDLM Updated with NSE
11.20: Module Pack #14: NSE
11.25: Love Bomb for Humanity Updated with NSE
12.03: Revelation of the Nectar Within Updated with NSE
12.08: Emperor: The Will To Power
12.08: Dragon Reborn: Phoenix
12.24: The NEW Primal Seduction
12.24: The NEW Primal
01.18: The NEW Heartsong
01.18: Primal Nights
01.18: The NEW Khan
01.18: A Stark Black Reality


Doing Gods work 🫡

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Hiatus ended today with confirmation of new Heartsong

Hope it gets released soon :pray:


:grin: weekend is coming…which means new releases are coming…oh man…heartsong just comes in the right time…I just realize something is blocking and heartsong could really help with that…. :joy: changing stack plan again……

Everything mentioned in your post sounds incredible. Although not the intended purpose, I wonder how it would effect work/business relationships.

Putting it on my list for 2025. Still mapping out my stacks for the rest of 2024.

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Okay, so I’m not losing it. @unusualfellow did you just type this up? Thank you, I appreciate it.

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Yes, I put it together. I like to know what’s upgraded myself.

Very quiet

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There probably wont be a counter since most drops were guessed correctly. Either they will be dropped randomly or announced when

I keep thinking its Friday

For purely selfish reasons I hope Genesis is updated soon


You have a whole title dedicated to you. Your hopes are in good hands either way :rofl: @James


It’s so new though? :thinking:

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I do???

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There’s no rhyme or reason we can figure to the releasing of titles… so long as they aren’t rendered in NSE… they’re fair game…

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