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In life’s grand dance, transformation isn’t just beneficial — it’s vital. It’s a subtle law of our existence. All things change, like the seasons.

Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter.

Just as organisms must adapt to survive in shifting ecosystems, so too must our perceptions and practices around that most powerful and enigmatic of human constructs: money. It’s served as a reflection of power, status, and cultural values. But, times are changing. The long-standing pillars of wealth and old money doctrines are on shaky ground. They’re being taken apart, one outdated belief at a time.

Stepping up to the plate is a fresh perspective — one that sees money as more than just transactions, and more of a transformative form of energy, locked in physical expression. And sure, digital currencies and decentralized finances have a role, but this shift is deeper — it’s a collective rethinking of what wealth truly means. We’re talking about embracing abundance over mere accumulation, and purpose over possession.

A new age is on the horizon, an age where money is truly understood and used for a greater good, to push humanity toward along collective evolution faster. And like any evolutionary process, the ones ready to grow, adapt, and embrace change will come out on top. People are fed up. The once-accepted trade-off of time and effort for a shot at a secure future now feels like a distant echo.

Too many are stuck in the grind: up at dawn, enduring long commutes, slogging away for hours, only to face the stark reality of limited job security and stagnant pay. This relentless cycle, once deemed noble, now feels like a trap for many. Pay attention. The cracks are forming. For example, the rise of remote work isn’t just tech doing its thing — it’s society’s answer to seeking meaningful work that truly reciprocates value.

It’s not just about the place of work changing; it’s a complete overhaul in how we view work and its role in our life.

In this evolving landscape, the real assets? Purpose, understanding, knowledge and a true sense of value. Dive into the next chapter of monetary evolution.

Welcome to Nouveau R.I.C.H.

Nouveau R.I.C.H. heralds the arrival of the “New Wealth Experience.” This foundational script will be integrated across all our products that deals with wealth, regardless of when they were created.

What is the New Wealth Experience?

It’s the result of a long, intensive research into the nature of wealth and success. We engaged with a range of people, from entrepreneurs to CEOs to entry-level workers and even spiritual leaders. Their insights spanned everything from the power of karma to the importance of mindset.

However, a recurrent theme emerged: Experience is key. Experience serves as a foundation from which subtle, subconscious results manifest. An individual with diverse experiences has a richer tapestry of thoughts to draw upon when internalizing concepts of wealth.

This changed our approach to wealth scripting completely.

The New Wealth Experience helps users manifest positive scenarios daily that evoke their deepest perceptions of wealth. When these realizations move to their conscious actions, their relationship with money evolves quickly, organically, and positively. As such, there’s no more need for “healing” scripting in the traditional sense, as your issues with money will be resolved organically as you simply live.

The methodology of the New Wealth Experience is inspired by the “unfolding” concept, much like our Revelation series. As you use it, results and opportunities will effortlessly present themselves. Yet, you’ll always have a gentle intuitive nudge, indicating that a learning opportunity has just manifested.

Another unique aspect of the New Wealth Experience is its self-guided approach. While it fosters self-exploration related to wealth, it doesn’t impose any fixed healing paths or lessons. This ensures that irrespective of your current relationship with wealth, you’ll always find room to grow and evolve with it. In this way, even if you don’t fit the “archetype” of a particular wealth title, you can still grow and learn.

So, what’s the relationship between the New Wealth Experience (NWE) and the title it’s included in, like Nouveau R.I.C.H.?

Think of NWE as the solid foundation of a building. It’s the bedrock upon which everything else is built. Nouveau R.I.C.H., with its features and objectives, acts like the floors and rooms added onto this foundation, designed specifically using the traditional Zero Point v2 MAX scripting.

While NWE focuses on the core principle of manifesting a positive relationship with wealth through experiences and self-exploration, Nouveau R.I.C.H. extends this by introducing specific scripts targeting various wealth archetypes. It’s akin to having a central theme, and then tailoring it to cater to different personas and their unique journeys with wealth.

Nouveau R.I.C.H. is your compass in the evolving landscape of wealth. In a world that’s racing forward, it’s your blueprint to understanding, managing, and transforming your relationship with money — gearing you up to build modern empires efficiently.

Ever heard of market disruption?

If not, it’s time to get acquainted. It refers to a significant change or innovation introduced in a market, often by a newcomer, that challenges and potentially displaces established products, services, or market leaders. Such waves can redefine what we’ve always known as the “industry standard” and shake up consumer expectations.

Stagnant market?

That’s basically an open invitation for a disruptor. Netflix did it to Blockbuster. Uber gave traditional taxis a reality check. And Amazon? They showed retail behemoths like Sears the door when they hesitated on the e-commerce bandwagon. DoorDash, essentially taking over the food delivery market to the point where new restaurants essentially HAVE to partner with them? Disruption.

Note: These are examples on a large scale. You don’t have to have aspirations of creating a tech behemoth to benefit. Disruption of smaller markets happen every day in your area. You also don’t HAVE to engage in disruption, but rather learn from the insights you receive.

Markets don’t stand still. It’s a dance of adapt or bow out. Enter Nouveau R.I.C.H., armed with insights galore, guiding you to deeply understand the pulse of market disruption and innovation. It sharpens your intuition, enabling you to spot markets ripe for change and lead the charge. And here’s the cherry on top: the scripting from the New Wealth Experience. It’s not just about manifesting growth opportunities; it’s a deep dive into the world of “disruption.” With each manifestation, with each observation, you’re crafting a mindset and habits primed for financial success.

Grasping the concept of disruption is just the start. What’s next? Finding that groundbreaking idea that’s loud enough to set off a chain reaction. With Nouveau R.I.C.H., we’ve included a massive amount of scripting centered around this: igniting your brain’s idea factory. Our scripting is all about pushing through limitations, and this is no exception. The beauty lies in the intertwining of our idea generation scripting with the New Wealth Experience’s “daily manifestations” scripting.

Picture this: as opportunities roll out on your path, your mind becomes an idea storm—encompassing everything from new product concepts to potential collaborations — primed to leverage those moments.

Also—we’ve including scripts that help you zero in on ideas with the most disruptive potential and profitability. And the best part? These are tailored to be actionable, aligning with your current skill set, resources—and most important — how enjoyable it is to execute. More on this in a bit.

With just these tools in the arsenal, we’ve already got a game-changer on our hands. Imagine a product that lets you, simply by living and diving into your thoughts, dissect your bond with money. And as if that’s not enough, it sets the stage daily for golden opportunities, ready for you to seize, armed with a plethora of brilliant ideas you’ll naturally develop.

That being said, how do you take an idea from good to great? The answer is a concept called iterative testing. It’s the process of refining a product or system through repeated cycles of testing and tweaking based on feedback. Instead of a “one-and-done” approach, it’s about continuous improvement, fine-tuning every step of the way until you nail it. Just about every big-shot company you know leans on this clever tactic, letting their audience (or future audience) do the heavy lifting when it comes to making those crucial choices, all while perfectly meeting their demands.

Picture this. You’re in the cookie biz. You hand out 1,000 cookies for free, with one tiny catch: recipients fill out feedback. The verdict? 85% rave about the taste but crave more chocolate chips. And they’re clear – up the chip count, and they’re buying. Suddenly, your “what’s next?” is crystal clear.

We’ve loaded Nouveau R.I.C.H. with a ton of scripting to ensure you don’t just get the gist of iterative testing, but also nail its application for your unique scenario.

No high-end data-crunching software on hand? No worries. Your intuition will start connecting the dots, helping you see the bigger picture. Sure, having some tech to sort your data—say, a straightforward spreadsheet—amplifies the scripting’s magic. But, believe it or not, the insights will flow just by engaging with folks.

Rolling out with a name like Nouveau R.I.C.H., you bet we’re diving deep into the dynamic between its namesake—the nouveau riche (yeah, that’s the new money crowd)—and the old-guard with their legacy cash.

So, what’s the game plan with Nouveau R.I.C.H.? We’re talking about rising above the old vs. new money clash. Spotting those sweet spots where you can merge the best of both worlds to boost your wealth and business ventures. If new money’s about breaking through, old money is the backbone waiting to be reimagined. Remember the golden formula? “Thesis + antithesis = synthesis”. That’s what we’re tapping into here.

Case in point: The American tax system. It’s a towering relic of the “old money” era. But with Nouveau R.I.C.H., you get scripting to decode these age-old structures, unraveling so-called “tax secrets” (they’re not hush-hush, folks either overlook 'em or just can’t believe their ears) to fully juice up your wealth game. Understanding the value in synergizing both the old and the new will help you accomplish something else, something greater — providing maximum value to your potential customers.

When someone shells out money for a product, they’re trading their hard-earned cash—their spent energy in tangible form. So, “manifesting” money isn’t a walk in the park because one’s gain is another’s loss. This is called the “zero sum game”, and trust me, no one’s a fan. So, how do you ace the game of getting folks to part with their money?

One word: Value.

If you’re looking for someone to part with their cash, make sure the deal feels right for them. It’s simple: deliver as much, if not more, value than what they’re handing over to you. Problem is, very often the buyer’s viewpoint of value often doesn’t align with what you, as the maker or seller, anticipate.

Yeah—navigating this can be a tough gig.

Now, we could delve into long-winded explanations of value and its creation. But the real wisdom? It comes from within. Hence, we’ve loaded scripting to guide you. Leveraging the myriad of opportunities from NWE’s scripting, you’ll grasp how to deliver the kind of value that rakes in the riches.

First step on the ladder? Pinpointing your target. That’s your marketing or sales “avatar”. Quick pro tip: Google it. It’s a goldmine of insights. Crafting this avatar can be data-intensive, but you’re here for the upper hand, right? That’s where Nouveau R.I.C.H. jumps in. Our scripting gears you up to instinctively spot your most lucrative avatars, honing your communication skills for boosted sales and a healthier bottom line. We’ve also added up scripting designed to sharpen your copywriting chops. But for an extra punch, you might want to pair it with titles like Ultimate Writer X or True Sell. Plus, we’re tweaking your communication style, giving you that commanding presence people can’t ignore.

But here’s the thing: all this revolves around breaking barriers and stirring the pot. So if your marketing or writing suddenly veers off in an unexpected direction and still nails it? Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

If adapting isn’t your strong suit, brace yourself. This title might challenge you. Change is the only constant, after all. Nouveau R.I.C.H. is here to help you surf the tides of change, not get swamped by them.

In the game of business and wealth, it boils down to this: evolve or step aside.


The moment you radiate that special spark, people will flock. It’s the allure of a movement. But let’s face facts: not every hand extended is genuinely offering help. That’s why our scripting’s dialed in to help you spot the difference—between the genuine allies and the opportunists.

This scripting is like having eyes on the back of your head. Always one move ahead, instantly diffusing any hidden agendas.

We’ve also revamped Inner Circle. Its goal? To magnetically draw in folks offering real value — be it mentorship, golden opportunities, sage advice, funding, or beyond.

Moreover, this scripting is your toolkit for assembling a dream team. Whether they’re on payroll or just rallying behind a cause, it helps you bring together those who resonate with your vision and amplify your message. Just a heads-up: always make it a two-way street. Their dedication? It’s pivotal to your journey to the top. Make them feel valued.

One of the glaring contrasts between “new money” and “old money” is the business avenues they chase. Old money? They stake their claim in foundational businesses – the ones where competition is scarce and barriers? Sky-high. Fancy starting an oil company from scratch? I’d like to see you try.

On the flip side, new money dives into innovative ventures. Sure, it’s risky. You’re essentially peddling something folks didn’t even know they craved. But here’s the catch: that’s the magic of the “new money” approach.

Such ventures are more than just money-makers. They resonate with the creator’s essence, striking a chord with others vibing on the same frequency. So, the real trick to rocking the disruption and “new money” game? Let your wealth echo your deeper beliefs and aspirations, not just chase dollar signs.

Don’t get it twisted. This is a R.I.C.H. journey. We’re gunning for your affluence. But more than that, we’re rooting for mornings where you’re fired up, bursting with belief in your mission, knowing you’re set to leave a stellar imprint on folks.

And we’ve got just the scripting to guide you. This isn’t about pinching pennies. It’s about tuning into your core – understanding your “whys” in business and in spending. If something doesn’t vibe with your core values, you’ve got the tools to rethink.

Tying it all together, this scripting synergizes with our “daily positive manifestations” framework. Your path to peak wealth potential will naturally unfold, one that’s not just a win for you but also serves up a goldmine of value to others.

Now what comes next may seem a bit “spiritual,” but rest assured we’re anchoring these ideas in real-world benefits, not just soulful musings, and the scripting itself remains in the realm of the physical.

To help with all the above, we’ve included all new scripting geared at helping you see the beauty in life and all things, as well as cultivating a strong sense of gratitude. This scripting is exclusive to Nouveau R.I.C.H. (for now).

Here’s the why: It’s all about spotting value. Think about untapped markets ripe for you to shake up. Some might go unnoticed simply because they’re not dressed in ‘beauty’. But beauty equals value. If you’re blind to beauty, you’re missing out on heaps of potential value.

This scripting helps you find those “diamonds in the rough,” even though the only diamond that needed polishing was that within your mind — the one that sees and feels beauty on an intuitive level.

Plus, we’ve also included brand-new scripting aimed at generating gratitude, awe and using your talents in a way to generate “goodness.” Again, this isn’t just feel-good fluff. It’s a ripple effect: you radiate positivity, that positivity spreads, and then boomerangs right back to you. It’s not some mystical theory; it’s about reaping concrete rewards.

Consider this: When someone says, “That’s a good company,” they’re implying, “They exceeded my expectations.”

It all boils down to fairness, which people equate with goodness. And when you’re brimming with gratitude, your decisions are spot-on, leading to wealth for you and immense value for your customers.

Wave goodbye to the zero-sum game. Say hello to a new mindset where everyone gets increased value in all transactions. It’s a win-win.

No need for cold feet, thinking you’ll suddenly morph into Mr. or Ms. Generosity, emptying out your pockets (although, props to charity!). This is about leveling up, meeting today’s gold standard of value, and maybe — just maybe—racking up some good karma along the way.

There’s a lot more scripting in Nouveau R.I.C.H., all of which are listed in the product objectives below. But, given the fact that this title will generate lots of “unfolding,” trust me (or ask someone on our forum who has run any of the titles in the Unfolding Series), the results potential are infinite.

Let’s get a bit “esoteric” for just a moment. Let the wise understand:

Your business, career and current wealth situation are an externalization of your inner life. The ideas, the energy, the dreams that exist inside of you — it’s shaping your external reality.

The more you declutter and refine what’s within, the more smoother your outer life becomes. While Nouveau R.I.C.H. can help you with this, ultimately, your mind is the instrument through which your dreams can become true.

And so, proceed with boldness. Proceed with courage. Proceed with vision, both externally inward, and watch the world simply bend to what you are. Be open to change, be open to adaptation.

The world is waiting for your truth. And deep down, so are you.

Order now.

Current Level of Technology:

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  • 18+

Gender and Sexual Orientation:

  • Anyone.


  • In the same family as R.I.C.H., but while the former focuses on manifestation of just wealth opportunities, Nouveau R.I.C.H. focuses on manifestation of experiences to help the user organically shape their wealth mindset.


  • Easily and automatically cultivate a dynamic wealth mindset daily, allowing internal revelations that guide you to wealth optimization.
  • Manifest continuous positive opportunities for growth in business, financial and wealth.
  • Through conscious action of internal revelation, progressively reshape wealth and financial situation toward abundance.
  • Deeply explore and comprehend your unique mental and emotional relationship with money.
  • Understanding the emotions tied to money and how to navigate them for financial success.
  • Recognize and challenge any self-imposed financial limits, and discover innate strategies to transcend them.
  • Experience regular positive manifestations that enhance your bond with abundance and prosperity that grows over time as you progress.
  • Greatly enhance your skills in idea formulation and brainstorming.
  • Master comprehension of any market, diving into its intricacies to enable pioneering and disruptive innovations.
  • Emphasizing values and purpose over pure material gain.
  • Manifest constant positive individuals who can help you with positive mentorship, opportunities, advice, financing.
  • Distinguish between those genuinely assisting you and those seeking to take advantage of you.
  • Grasp the extreme importance significance of continuous iteration and testing, and learn how to effectively implement them.
  • Gain a deep insight into market disruption and the interplay of diverse ideas.
  • Identify and harness your inherent strengths when designing a marketable product.
  • Learn to leverage your unique strengths in the business world.
  • Strategically use legacy systems, like the tax code, to optimize wealth generation.
  • Understand your business avatar on a deep, intuitive level, able to predict and deliver their wants and needs.
  • Cultivate boldness in your actions, thoughts, and communications.
  • Develop virtues, emphasizing qualities like courage, resilience, tenacity, self-belief, and fortitude.
  • Unravel the essence of value and the subtle rules governing it to better serve your customers.
  • Greatly hone your verbal communication skills.
  • Improve your written communication abilities.
  • Foster a mindset dominated by optimism and constructive thoughts.
  • Cultivate an appreciation for the beauty in every aspect of life.
  • Develop and nurture a supportive and empowering inner circle.
  • Embrace a daily practice of gratitude.


  • Commit to Journaling: Keep a regular journal, whether digital or traditional, to chronicle changes in your mindset and wealth trajectory. This ongoing reflection can spotlight patterns, growth areas, and evolving strategies.
  • Embrace the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Model: Start with a basic version of your product idea and launch it quickly. Gather user feedback and make iterative updates, refining your offering based on real-world insights and demand.
  • Adaptability is Key: In the ever-changing landscape of business, staying nimble and open to new insights is crucial. Adapt and pivot as needed to remain competitive and forward-thinking.
  • Networking is Gold: Engage actively in industry forums or groups. Building relationships with peers and industry frontrunners can offer fresh viewpoints, insights into emerging trends, and foster beneficial collaborations.
  • Start Today, Start Small: Don’t wait for the perfect moment; begin your journey now. Even if it’s just jotting down ideas, conducting preliminary research, or brainstorming potential names – actively engage with the process. Transition from passive consumption, like just watching videos or reading, to tangible actions. Documenting your thoughts can be the catalyst for future growth and clarity.

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