Sales person Stack?


Until Sales Mastery X is released…

@Fire & @SaintSovereign, considering the products we have now, what would be the best stack recommendation for a “Commissions Only Salesperson of High Ticket Consulting Services”, who does his own networking/prospecting via referrals & cold calls. (No leads by advertising) ?

I’m 40 with a decade of laziness & no-goals-focus behind me.
Fortunately, I do not have significant emotional baggage either.

In the past, no other company’s subliminals or hypnosis tapes left any noticeable impact on me.

My experience with SubClub yet:

10 Days on ‘Emperor V2 Masked’ made me serious about ALL my goals, drove me towards getting clear about my long term vision, and brought forth to my conscious attention several issues where I had conflicting desires.
… Great, but I felt really pressured. Like “too much to handle”.
… (I could’ve continued without switching, but then I wouldn’t have discovered…)

Now, 3 Days on ‘Mogul V2 Masked’, I am exclusively interested in my Financial Goals, nothing else seems to matter. Not fitness. Not status. Not even cleaning my room, only the table that I work on. :grin:

  1. I understand that Mogul is scripted differently in Mogul, Ascended Mogul and Emperor, hence the question on which makes the best Primary sub for a Sales job.

  2. Sales is a new role for me, and will involve learning the skills of sales, networking, assertiveness, collaboration, etc.
    Will I benefit significantly from standalone Limitless, or it will serve better to use the scripting that’s built into Mogul / AM / Emperor - assuming it is customised like Mogul is?

  3. I do not mind the carefreeness from Status seeking that Mogul is contributing to, but I do mind the dropping out on Strength Training.
    Will Mogul support me in it, if my Fitness Goals were clearer, and/or connected to my Financial Goals?

  4. Between Primal & Ascension (or both), what would serve my building of a business network, with strong rapport & influence?
    I do not mind letting the ladies wait until I have this occupation producing a good income. Thankfully, it won’t take long because of the ticket size.

  1. For sales, you definitely want to run Ascended Mogul or Mogul over Emperor, at least in the early phases. Emperor overwhelmed you because it pushes you VERY HARD to “separate” from society and achieve your goals. Once you have a solid base – both mentally and financially – you’ll find that Emperor is much more palatable, because you aren’t being challenged to do things you actually can’t do yet. For example, if you wanna become a full-time entrepreneur, but you don’t have the funds to quit your job, you may feel overwhelmed on Emperor.

  2. Yes. Limitless will help immensely.

  3. This issue would be mitigated by Ascended Mogul, as the “Ascension” side will motivate you to continue lifting, as long as strength training is part of your mental model of “personal power.”

  4. Ascension. Primal is often a bit too much for business associates, and you’ll still get attention on Ascension.


However, if you are using Primal as your main program but you want to archieve more success (be more focused, work for longer hours, get promoted etc) in your working career, would you recommend Mogul or Ascended Mogul?


Ascended Mogul. Primal has some personal power training, but the goal is a bit different.


Great. Thanks for responding.
I’ll start Ascended Mogul as my primary module, and Limitless as secondary.

Ah. I see now why Emperor worked well for the elder gentlemen (like @SaintSovereign, @Yardbird, @OldChap), but caused problems for the young ones. The pattern was not age or life experience, but “readiness” in terms of skills & resources required for their empire vision.

In that sense, I’m a teenager when compared to the Emperor I’m headed for. :joy:


I don’t feel age has anything to do with Emperor working better for older guys. I feel it’s definitely about being ready for it. I have run Emperor and I know for a fact that almost 51 years old I’m nowhere near ready for it. It is why I am running Ascension V2 . Then run Ascended Mogul before transitioning to Emperor. It’s weird to feel and be at this point considering my age . You definitely have to be ready for something as powerful as Emperor