Q Custom planning - Mosaic & duplicate modules?

Calling @SaintSovereign or @DarkPhilosopher or anyone else who can give an authoritative answer.

Many thanks in advance!

I’ve spent ~30 minutes searching and haven’t found the specific answer I’m looking for, so here’s a new thread!

I’m currently planning 2 custom subs, one focused on wealth & productivity, and the other focused solely on emotional healing and cultivating a positive mindset.

I’ve got many of the same modules in each one, including

Carpe Diem Ascended - Essential
DEUS - Essential
Informaticon - Essential
Lion IV - Essential
Naturalizer - Essential
Omnidimensional - Essential
Pragya - Essential
Deep Sleep - Essential
Joie de Vivre - Essential
Gratitude Embodiment - Essential
Yggdrasil - May replace this one with Jupiter

My questions are:

  1. Do I need the same results enhancers in each sub to boost the goals of their respective cores, or is having them anywhere in my stack sufficient for enhancing everything?

  2. If I use Mosaic to help the 2 subs play better together, do I need Mosaic in both, or is it ok just in 1?

I’ll likely be running these together, 1-2x per week each, at Terminus strength. I will also be running Sanguine Ultima and Beyond Limitless Ultima on days with their respective customs.

Full proposed module list in my journal post: Building Stark 2.0 - BLACKICE'S Q Custom Journal


Having result enhancers in each subliminal will make their effects more immediate in the subliminal in question. However, they will have an effect on all subliminals in the stack. So, ultimately, it depends on you, since both approaches can work.

If you don’t have space anymore for modules, one custom with Mosaic is good. If you have the space, feel free to add it to both.


Does the standard scripting that goes into every Q custom have Mosaic or a variant in it? If Mosaic is important enough to want it for stacking, and because nearly everyone stacks, could it be made part of the standard Q script?


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Yeah I guess this counts as an authoritative answer. :laughing: Thanks @Fire!

Perfect, thanks!

I’m maxed out at 20 modules for both, I’ll do some shuffling and see what I come up with.

It might be helpful for others if some variant of this response could go in the FAQ on the Q shop site, I know others have asked about it before but this is the clearest answer I’ve seen.

Thanks again for the insight! :+1: