No Nut November


Hi everyone, it’s November soon and you know what that means. Here comes a month-long event that I’m sure many on this forum have heard of by now.

I know that many are dealing with the overall issue throughout the year, but given how this month has come to be dedicated to this cause, let’s really be serious about it. In addition, I open up this topic so that people can honestly discuss stuff of this nature at length in the thread. Be it struggles, thoughts, or ways one is going through the situation at hand.

Healing Subliminals combined with conscious action and introspection, anyone? Anyway, let’s discuss this. Through this thread perhaps we can go through the month together and make the event (and the larger process it can be a part of) much easier on us.


If anyone wants to cheat it, you can fast your libido away … Libido manifests itself on three levels, survival food sex (Fuck/Fighting/Feeding). Anyone wanting to do hard mode, make sure to stay focused on sex (Safety, food in abundance), and sublimate that anxiety into energy for productive/creative things.


Was wondering what No Nut November meant. Initially I thought you would be going on a special nut-free diet. So no walnuts, peanuts, cashew nuts or almond nuts.


For some reason i read Nut November rather then No Nut November thinking that they are letting all the crazies out of the mental hospital.


I heard about No Nut last year. Before that November was dedicated to NaNoWriMo. :smile:

I’ll join. Cause why not? :sweat_smile:

I am pretty sure that since puberty, I’ve never gone without sex or fapping for a whole month.
So this will be an interesting experiment.

I’d strongly recommend Commander Ultima to anyone committed to Rebooting. :+1:t2:


My experience of CmdU is in agreement with these posts…


Conveniently combined to become NaNoNutWriMo


Yeah, for real I think I’m in too!

Usually I don’t masturbate to keep a high sexual energy! I’ve been masturbating like two times per week for the past couple of weeks because I know I am not speaking to girls… But having high sexual energy is good for all life aspects, including fasting.

I should run commander. I’ve been running GLM ultima this week for discipline, I’m interested in commander!


@WhiteTiger do you know that it is healthy to masturbate a few times a week as i believe it helps prevent prostrate cancer.


Yeah it is, but you know love that sexual energy boost, it is probably what will help me get over my vulnerability feeling of my leg. It’s still stiff, a little bit swollen and I am using my cruch as a cane… I don’t feel sexy and I am a little bit more scared of life in general because I don’t feel as solid.

It’s like if my leg situation gives me an overall feeling of vulnerability which transposes into all area of my life. Including while driving, speaking to people, seducing, taking my place in a conversation, debating, general risk taking… Basically every area of my life.

Solitude & growth - Experiences on Terminus Custom

Hey guys, how’s it going today with this?

Me, it was a little irritating at one point. But I’ve used Rebirth to help with it (and a few other things). I’ve run it 8 times during my sleep and 2 times during the day so far—so that’s 10 loops so far today. About to do an 11th.

11th Loop on 11/1, and this is post 11/11 in this thread. The numbers are aligning.


Man, if you over-listen to subs, you’re increasing your chances of failure at NoFap. Don’t tire your brain like that. :+1:t2:

It’s just Day 1. Nobody should be running into problems yet, regardless of their stack. :smile:


I picked up on an unusual ability to do high loop counts for healing type subs (though this is probably not something I’m going to repeat for the rest of the month, or with any sort of regular frequency). I know the experience is different for healing since I once tried running more than two loops for Commander and I experienced insane reconciliation upon doing so (I’ve kept all Ultima titles to 1 loop since). Capitalizing on that to do a shift for November 1.

You’d be surprised. Asked some people yesterday about whether they’d want to do this challenge and they were like “No! I’d mess up 5 times a day if you know what I mean!”


Well, Youtube was showing me Women’s Pole Vaulting videos. Those girls are always hot, but I did ok. :smile:

I didn’t want to mention this, lest some no-nutter ends up searching for something similar. :sweat_smile:


You really decided to click on those?


Sure. 2020 Nationals are going on in a few countries these days, and I watch olympic/athletic stuff all the time. It wasn’t some clickbait or a promoted video.

I only mentioned it because Women’s Pole Vaulting is more of a potential trigger (for me?), than say Women’s Gymnastics or Swimming.



No Nut November

I don’t know if I can do a whole month without cashews or almonds…

:sunglasses:pysche-I’m in.


saw this for the first time a few months back-damn…much hotter than expected.