Do these subliminals inevitably affect the chakras and their energy too?

Like if someone wants to clear their root chakra, can that be achieved with Dragon Reborn?

The root chakra is associated with survival, fight-flight, feeling of general safety and security.

I’d assume these things become tainted (chakra damaged) with trauma and limiting beliefs installed partly in our childhood and intense experience as adults.

I recently bought a product called Kundalini Activator from an unnamed creator.

There are subs for each chakra that we’re supposed to listen one by one.

They also provide list of affirmations used. I saw that they had listed positive affirmations relevant to each chakra. The word “chakra” was nowhere in the affirmations.

I was subsequently wondering if all subclub subs unintentionally manipulate our chakras to be more healthy so to speak.

Like DR and Khan ST1 are root chakra healers because they deal with clearing trauma and limiting belifs.
Love Bomb is heart chakra healer.
Sex subs are sacral chakra healers.
Alchemist and minds eye are third eye and crown chakra healers/openers.

I think they arent specifically targeted towards chakras but I’m asking if in the process of using subs for our goals, are we kinda sorta manipulating the chakras as well?

@Hermit @AlexSQ are you doing anything with/for chakras. You talked about it in the past.



Heartsong definitely opens your heart chakra. Like wide open which is lovely.

So yeah I think the subs do open the chakras, but I don’t think this is intentionally in the subs.

I think it’s just a natural progress.

If anything, the chakras are “just” energy centers. If you have traumas or beliefs, they are blocked. Removing those, opens the chakras.

So yeah.

To answer your question, yes I do specific vibratory chakra meditation with a bunch of Youtube clips.

I think Hermit practices these things more intensely.


Yeah, my sis said she felt heat in her chest the first time she used Heartong

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Alchemist could heal all of your chakra needs. It even has the potential to take you further than all the candies that Maya has to offer at each stage, and be-rid you of that cycle.

DR also has the potential to do so, but I feel that Alchemist takes it further and does it in a whole different way

And yes, those title could do that unintentionally, or maybe Fire uses that road map and the other maps from other traditions when developing a title.


can u plse share ur complete experience with alchemist?

I wanted to use the Alchemist to experience those spiritual states, that reality that the sages and teachers talked about. I wanted to heal my shadow, gain control over the egocentric mind in this phenomenal plane - all in all, I sought peace of mind. I had asked many older men from all directions of life, its castes and its paths, they all agreed that peace of mind is one of the most valuable things. No matter how much materials you’ve accumulated, how many panties you’ve adorned your stash with, how many books you’ve read and degrees you’ve decorated your wall’s with; All the accolade, they never bring true peace, tranquility, or satisfaction, and that is the nature of that plagued mind - The Alchemist did not fail to bring this precious gift to fruition. When I am not experiencing it, I am able to return to my senses and enter that state again. As if there’s an intuitive reminder that taps on your shoulder and tells you that you are not this “it”, this narrative, story line, or character that’s running amuck in your head, or you’re pretending to be, quickly bringing back your awareness to the truth of the matter.

Whatever form of spiritual practice you are following, whether it is ceremonial magick, Wicca, left hand/right hand, devotional prayers, Taoist yoga, Buddhist yoga, Judaic, Christian, Sufi traditional practices, and whatever did not make the list, will start to making more sense, you’ll live it, realize it, and amplify it, and the amount of teacher and knowledge that’s popped up my way wass insane.

It helped with shedding off the confusion that I was in, in terms of the many available beliefs about the nature of the world and the correct path that one must take for reaching the higher truths and liberation.

Of course I got many other benefits such as:

  • Accelerated energy levels,
  • An indomitable sense of well being and that everything will be and is going to be better than I may be believing at any moment,
  • Annihilation of the negative thoughts, behaviors and beliefs
  • Compassion and love, I am unable to feel hate as I used to, and its taking quite an effort to do so, even then, its more of a temporarily kind of thing
  • Intuition
  • Effortless observations of the trains of thought and a strong will to not buy a ticket for a ride
  • Deeper understanding of reality.
  • Better control over emotions, especially anger in its extreme colors
  • Fantastic awareness of the world and the illusions that I had clanged on to
  • A sense of sadness over other souls strictly abiding in bondage (no the fun kind)
  • Elimination of all that was ailing my advancement, on all levels
  • Dissociation with the false self and realization of the absolute light within

That’s what’s coming up at this moment. This is not the full experience as it would take me hours to write everything up from the past ~6 months, and it would turn into one of them spiritual lectures lol.

P.S: I had The Alchemist in a custom that included DR4+Alch4+Mind’s eye in terminus, however, I was able to discern the effects from either to a degree; and shall be creating a new custom with Alch only once Q+ is out.

Please do follow the traditionally laid path of climbing from St1 if you do choose to take the Alchemist on. I have seen a great improvement in my friends and loved ones from stage 1 (their energy’s insanely positive, overwhelmingly beautiful and pure - a childlike purity)

I hope this helps out a bit


This is quite literally the only account of Alchemist that makes me want to drop everything and go with my original intentions of enhancing my own personal path.

It definitely reminded me that Alchemist is going to be my first multi stage.


Here are some other journals that I could find with The Alchemist:



Not that big of a speculation, but if you look at the fact that there are the “As Above, So Below” Superchargers, which is something Isaac Newton said, but has been mentioned MANY years prior by the Hermetics, as well as Saint once mentioning that he read the Kybalion and that it is a powerful book, I could imagine the only “ideas, axioms, methods” used from any sort of belief could be from Hermeticism.

Before anyone gets his pants riled up, as @SaintSovereign always says, the subconscious denies anything that is forced into it and if it doesn’t believe it. So I highly doubt they are straight using Hermetic Principles in the subs.

If anything, for example, Alchemist could use the first of the seven Principles. The Principle of Mentalism that everything is mind to reshape your understanding of reality and help you cultivate the energy of it.

Again, all of this is massive speculation.

Where can I sign up for your spiritual lectures? (I am serious btw :wink: )

After I’ve run DR, Alchemist is definitely on the list. Seems like an absolute core sub to run if you want to enjoy this life!

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I totally agree its something natural, if you’ve resolved all blockages within

The chakras will open naturally its your normal state to have your chakras open

Its your true state of being, when theres blockages thats not normal

these are fantastic benefits… but tell me something else… As Within, So Without, right?

You’ve mentioned all these internal changes… I’m interested in how your external reality changed based on these internal benefits/changes.

Can you go into that?


Imagine that there’s no anxiety whatever the situation is, whether you’re stopped by a police officer, or having to talk to a judge. Whether your bank hits the negative, or not knowing where you’ll be tomorrow. Imagine being able to get into the flow whenever, be at peace wherever. No longer having that need to compete with everyone, or having to prove yourself. Imagine being all alone without your toys and you’re still at peace. Imagine being in a state of non-reactivity. The monkey in your mind settling on one branch instead of playing Tarzan all the time. I don’t have to imagine with Alchemist and a proper practice.

I would say that the changes to my external reality haven’t had a major, radical shift in the common sense, I didn’t manifest a Victorian castle and a personal Blimp, yet; but I would also propose that I did not seek such changes even though they feel quite effortless to obtain; however, there’s an undeniable sense of mastering of my reality. My main goal was and still is to be at peace even if I were thrown in solitary confinement.

Your mile will vary, especially if you take a different approach. No two paths are alike, although they might intertwine at some point in the distance


I forgot to mention the innumerable synchronicity that’s coming my way and psychic abilities - granted they probably need more conscious training, but its undeniable that they’re innately developing from the alchemist by just listening; we all have those I am guessing, just undeveloped.


You almost got me to switch to alchemist right away.

But nope, DR is first :sunglasses:

Then again, awesome to read, especially the complete non reactive Ness to external influences.

True freedom.

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The Ashram’s not done yet because of the pandemic :stuck_out_tongue:

I could offer an insightful book or two if you’re interested.

I had a difficult time maintaining that state prior to the alchemist, its really worth it.

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You mean DR first or Alchemist to help with DR?

DR first’s better in my opinion, it will make everything else afterwards smoother and faster

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Wow, I’d like that non-reactivity and non-attachment.

But I believe since our souls inhabit a material body in this material universe, we should also strive to conquer this material realm but not be enslaved and blinded by it.

I believe being a materialist w/ eyes closed leads to spiritual slavery.

I want material things with my eyes open. I want to travel and meet different and interesting people, travel and live comfortably in strange lands and for that, I need money and resources. God has made this earth beautiful and I want to witness it first hand.

I am working on chakras and spirituality, but I don’t want to be deficient in the material realm.

I want to be OSHO like.

Can someone share such experiences? I don’t want cave monk spirituality.


Can I just say comparing to the last time I saw you here you made a massive, huge jump in your development.

A new person.

Did you fo anything special or did Khan ST1 finally process? :sunglasses:


thank you!

I’ve my chakra subs on the front seat rn. I’m doing one 1Hr loop per day of root chakra rn. Its been 7 days.

I’m also doing hair subs and fields from YT.

I do DR ST1 and AM one loop per day, every few days. I know subclub says dont mix stuff.

I’ve dont have much expectations from subclub rn. I’m just going thru the motions. I’m treating it like hit or miss. I’m glad it worked noticeably for other people.

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