AlchemistQ + LimitlessQ


I bought Alchemist when it first released, waiting patiently for that moment when I’ll have to focus more on my magickal practices. Today’s the day.
Thanks to @SaintSovereign for offering free upgrades, which makes it possible to hold on their subliminals and wait for a proper time to use without losing any value.

I am working on a long term project and I’ll have to perform several “rituals” along the journey. That’s the perfect time to run Alchemist, and maybe benefit from a boost, however small it can be.
I decided to also run Limitless to help my mind adopt and adapt with the changes I’m going to request. I’d have for example to work on my leadership skills, and that’s something I’ll target on both fronts: the “woo-woo” side, and the practical, down-to-earth side. So I expect Alchemist and Limitless to play quite well together.

I decided to start with the 2nd stage of alchemist (Refinery), I believe it is a better fit for the momentum I have right now.

I’m thankful that we can freely talk about magickal and spiritual experiences here. I won’t go into detail but that’s something I’m going to mention in that journal. I have also a daily practice which is close to energy manipulation, and I wonder how the effects will change during this journey with Alchemist. Because I don’t want to go into detail about that practice, I’ll refer to it as “my daily practice” throughout the journal.

The night of April 26th, is when it begins.


Day 1 -

So, last night I ran AlchemistQ ST2 on loops.
Interestingly, I woke up today with a “feeling” at the area commonly know as the root chakra. I’m not a chakra expert but it’s just that I felt something heavy, and almost burning in that area. Note that my “daily practice” often leads to such effects. However, I didn’t have any of that sort for the past several weeks, or even months.
So I find it interesting that this area “activated” after a night listening to Alchemist.

I’m going now to switch to LimitlessQ.


Day 2 -

Had a dream last night, or rather, I could remember vaguely the dream.
I have been having a headache today so I wonder if I’ll listen to tonight loops.


If you’re having a headache, that’s generally reconciliation. Might want to take a night off – that won’t cause any issues, espcially with Q-Powered subs.


Alright, thanks for the input.


Day 4 -

I have the impression that I am picking up better foreign languages.


Day 5 -

I’m a programmer, and right now I’m working on a really creative project. Creative in the sense that it’s a website with a lot of animations and where UI/UX design is involved.
I got an idea about how to improve some sequences in the animations I have been working on, and it’s quite a challenging problem, given the technical limitations and the performances to consider. Make something too flashy, and your user won’t even be able to run the site.

So I was thinking about how to tackle this problem, and…I did something I found incredible. I only realized after I “snapped” out of it.
I stood up, and started to walk in aimlessly in my room, then I closed my eyes and instinctively I started to visualize the end result of the animation I wanted, step by step, layer by layer. I could quite clearly “see” the result in my mind, dissects it, play with it, and so on.
Here’s the thing: that’s not something I usually do when I tackle a problem. In fact, I’ve always considered that I was not very good a picturing things. So, usually I sketch something on a paper instead.
I’m kinda blown away and really proud of myself for not only finding a solution, but also picturing it all in my mind, with such accuracy, control, stability and concentration. It was such a great feeling. It’s like experiencing perfect focus and clarity.

Now, I know a lot of people picture things in their minds before acting, it’s normal for a lot of artists, for examples. But I believe it was a first for me. People with aphantasia would understand.

So…I guess I have to thanks the subs for that.


Not sure what #day it is now.

I have a offline journal so this one got kinda neglected.
Here’s the highlight of what has been going on.

I definitely feel more effects from my daily practice. Specifically, I now feel a almost constant burning sensation on my chest. I have been wondering if I should take a break from the sub because it’s actually kind of annoying now. It’s like energy is always radiating from there. And by radiating I really mean radiating. Although I am familiar with magick, I am no expert about energy. I will try to see if I can manipulate it.

About a week ago I started running only one loop of either Alchemist or Limitless, at night.
I believe Limitless played a role in my recent motivation and breakthrough in my leadership training. I have figured out the way I want to present myself to others.


Just noticed your journal for the first time today. So interesting. Thanks for sharing.