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I purchased Alchemist core late last year and used it for a few weeks, however I felt as though it had no discernible effect on me.Taking a week for each stage, which I know is less than suggested. I was generally looking to have a more of a sense of calm and to see if generally reprogramming my subconscious would have an effect on my reality. After reading Vadim Zeland (Reality transurfing) Dean Radin, Joe Dispenza amongst others I have had varying results. The results I have had with experimenting with their suggestions has led me to believe that something downright strange is going on with our reality and it’s not really something I can discuss with those close to me without thinking I’m crazy.

I decided yesterday to give Alchemist core one more go but with the new Qv2 version. I listened through all the stages in my sleep, probably not the best way of doing this but I’m experimenting.

I thought it might be good to start a journal on here and see if anybody else is having any luck with it also in regards to synchronicities or coincidences So here’s my day one results.

  • I have had a general sense of calm today but not sure if it’s due to it being the programme or just because it’s the weekend.
  • I visited a friend this morning and on the table that I sat at was a newly received Alchemist mug and spoon still in its box
  • Went a restaurant for a birthday and couldn’t decide between a peach tea or a coke. Decided on coke which I received but then a waitress about 10 minutes later brought a peach tea by mistake and said to just keep it.
  • One of the gifts received by my friend was a full metal alchemist pocket watch.
  • It keep being suggested that I should go for bubble tea after the meal and found £40 on the ground just outside the place.

Welcome to the community, Alchemist.

If you only knew :wink: Synchronicities, loops, precognition, the works with that thing.

Oh, man, I used to have one of those

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The last few days I’ve reverted back to stage one and seem to be swinging wildly from a state of calm to one of annoyance with current circumstances. I suppose sometimes I need to be in a state of annoyance otherwise I won’t be driven into action to solve the problem. I’ve had numerous synchronicities over the last two days nothing major just things from conversations coming to pass. Either I have been more conscious of becoming more aware of spotting these coincidences or they are compounding themselves. I am finding that I am generally materially or financially up on the day.

I have noticed that there was a private alchemist forum is this still being used?


Yes, it is.

What you’re experiencing right now is accumulating negative energies through opening all the channels just before transmuting those energies into positive energy. I was experiencing the same when doing Stage 1.


You can request access to it.


Thanks for the replies.
Well it’s definitely doing something. Found that I can more easily reframe negative thoughts as they arise. The most benefit I’ve had so far is a rising sense of euphoria for no apparent reason. Not particularly noticed anything in my outer reality being beneficial to my goals just yet.


Woke up this morning and first thing I saw was a red and black butterfly :butterfly: on my bedside table. I can’t remember that ever happening before. Still getting a sense of rising excitement throughout the day for no apparent reason. Weird that I can’t remember having any negative thoughts today.


This post is like the polar opposite of my previous journal entries. I think I’ve hit some kind of wall the last few days. Have a knot in my stomach that feels like stored up resentment, anger and frustration. Finding things increasing annoying, even with opening up this site it didn’t load up properly and I had to keep pushing the refresh button. This represents quite well how I currently feel. Trying to feel these emotions as much as possible to see if I can let it go without taking it out on the people around me. I hope this doesn’t go on too long, I usually have an agreeable, kind personality but finding I’m swinging from this frustration to a state of pointlessness with nothing in between.
As at the moment it’s making any meditational practice impossible.


To quote Saint:

R E C O N C I L L I A T I O N :stuck_out_tongue:

Time for a mini break and some nutrition, you will be reaching a step up after conciliation

Well done :+1:


can u plse share your experiences?

We wont think you’re crazy, we know the world is not what it seems.

Thanks Phoermes, well I’ve had a days break from the sub and a good night’s sleep and feel like I’m back to where I was a few days ago which is great. May give it a couple more days before starting up again. By keeping this journal I hope this will help me keep up the habit of listening.

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I’ve had really good success with list making in the affirmative. Like I’ve already achieved something and not worrying about it. Conversations moving to particular subjects without me prompting to things earlier thought about. For example I wanted to give acting a go ( I never spoke about wanting to do this with anyone) and was introduced casually by a friend to a director who cast me in a leading role in two plays with a touring Shakespeare company. This then lead me to an acting coach who also ran a manifestation group which then lead to more plays. I’m always cast as the villain, which I think is the most fun. Feelings of reliving the same situations numerous times. Finding money and not small amounts either. Invites to film premieres, meeting famous people I’ve wanted to meet. Even going to a concert and an author I really wanted to meet stood next to me. I was even wearing a t-shirt which referenced his work. Wanting holidays to continue and flights being cancelled and accommodation being paid for. And so so much more, all of which you could just label as coincidence or luck but when things happen so frequently and compound themselves over a short period of time you begin to seriously doubt it.
Oh like your Shelby avatar too, Peakys is filmed about 10 minutes from where I live


fuck man those are phenomenal results… congo!!

can you please list all the resources you’ve used? Books, etc, everything…?


Oh man there’s so much. I started with It works by R. H. Jarrett. Stuff like the secret and many similar books annoy me with there simplicity they forget to mention that you have to actually take action as well (go places, meet people) Vadim Zelands books are good he’s a quantum physicist from Russia but they are very dense. Magick wise look up Grant Morrison (comic book writer) on YouTube his stuff on sigils is interesting. Damien Eccols books are quite inspiring too. E squared by Pam Grout has some good experiments. Real magic by Dean Radin. I could go on and on. My favourite example of synchronicity is something that happened to Anthony Hopkins look up The Girl from Petrovka and finding book.


thank you for this list! Just finished It Works, will do the exercise daily now

some familiar books and authors i see here.

can you please write a bit coherently and in a systematic way?

That’s great to hear :smiley:

And wow, I’m glad that you’re getting such impressive results :smiley:

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