Upgrading my life with Ascended Mogul & Limitless


I’d like to start a thread to report some of my results with the subliminals so far, and keep reporting as time goes on.

I purchased Limitless and Ascended Mogul in early December, so I’ve been running both around 40 days now. I also purchased Rebirth and Limit Destroyer when they came out,
and just now Beyond Limitless supercharger.

At home my playlist currently consists of Limitless, Ascended Mogul v.2, Limit Destroyer and Rebirth. At work I play the masked versions of Ascended Mogul v.2 and Limitless through headphones. I don’t currently run the subs at night because I’ve noticed it affects the quality of my sleep.

A little bit of background. I’m a 32 year old guy, been a spirituality / self-help junkie for the better part of a decade. I love to read books and listen to podcasts about psychology and self-development and stuff related to my career. However, that’s the level where it has usually stayed: ingesting lots of info, but rarely putting it into practice, at least in a way that would translate into concrete, long-term changes. Sure, I’ve tried out many things, but maintaining positive habits and routines has been sometimes very tricky.

The key issue was that although I was collecting all these techniques, tools and strategies, I didn’t have a big vision or goal I was trying to aim at. I liked the idea of self-development, becoming a better version of myself and improving my performance in all areas of my life, but when it actually came down to taking action, there was always something in the back of my head asking: What for? What is it that I actually want? If I don’t even know what I want, why bother with all this effort?

For a long time, I felt I was floundering in life, even if I have enjoyed moderate success and have many thing to be grateful about. The reason I felt lost was because I didn’t know what I actually wanted. It felt that I was just led to many things. Granted, many of those things were very positive. But I didn’t feel I was in charge of where my life was heading, since I had no defining vision for it or for who I want to become.

There was also the self-doubt from having failed to improve myself in the past and making the same mistakes over and over. I had almost given up the effort, thinking that change is too hard.

And let’s face it: it is hard. But I’m here to tell you that the subs have helped me tremendously to overcome my past inertia. They have introduced clarity in what I want my life to be, and the kind of person I want to be. This is such a key thing. It wasn’t until I clearly defined what success means to me that I started taking action again. Massive action, in fact. I’ve started to actually implement the things that I’ve learned over the years in a consistent way. It’s a work in progress but here are some things that have happened:

  • Started hitting the gym for 3 days a week with a solid program and some actual goals in mind (I’ve worked out on and off for 10 years but it has been hard to stick to it, partly because I couldn’t envision compelling goals for myself)

  • In line with the above, I’ve started to rethink my diet to make it much more healthy than it has generally been. As a result of that, the gym and sleep (see below), I have more consistent energy throughout the day.

  • I’ve started several daily habits which I’ve tried before but have now been able to consistently stick to, like reading, journaling and meditating

  • Instead of staying up until around midnight and waking up at 7-7.30, spending a couple of unproductive hours at home and then going to work, I’ve started to go to bed around 10-10:30 pm, waking up around 6 am and then being at the office at the latest at 7:30 am (we have flexible hours). I actually get better sleep and get to utilize much more of my biological prime time at work, and I’m left with more free time in the afternoon. I sometimes used to stay late at the office, but now I’m getting more important work done early so that I don’t have to. Overall I have much more energy both at work and in my free time.

  • I have increased the amount of money I put into savings and investments each month (from 21 % to 38 %)

  • I dare to set more audacious goals for myself than before, financial and otherwise, and I actually believe I can achieve them if I put in the effort. This wasn’t always the case before.

  • I have drastically cut back on the time I spend on social media and the internet in general. I’ve just lost interest in most things that are not in line with what I want for my life.

As a result of all of this, I feel much more confident in my ability to change and make my life better.

I attribute the above changes to Ascended Mogul. As for Limitless, it has made me more motivated about learning and approaching it in a more structured way. I read a lot, but I knew I wasn’t getting the most out of the books I was reading. Limitless seems to encourage me to take my learning to the next level. It also seems to give me more vivid recall. I have run the Beyond Limitless supercharger only once now, but I plan to listen to it several times a week.

Overall it feels like the software of my mind is being updated, and that’s what helps me to finally take action to become who I want to be. Thanks Subclub for creating such effective technologies and making them so affordable!


A small update. Yesterday I very unexpectedly received a raise at work. It’s a small one, but still something. I didn’t ask for it. Now, this isn’t the first time this has happened. It has happened before a few times prior to starting to use the subs. But in this case I wonder if the subs play a role, because we were explicitly told that no raises would be forthcoming until next summer. I wonder if it’s the extra confidence and initiative that I display at work that made it happen?

One thing I also forgot to mention in the first post is that I procrastinate a lot less than I used to. It isn’t completely gone, but reduced to a degree that makes a difference.


Great job so far man, keep us posted!


I was reflecting on some of the goals I’ve set for myself. It used to be difficult to set goals before. I had done that in the past but usually when I did, I failed. In retrospect I’ve realized that setting a goal is one thing, and having a plan or a system in place to reach that goal is another. So now not only am I setting goals, but I’m making sure I 1) have a path or system in place to get me where I want to go 2) track my progress, so that I know how I’m doing and can adjust if needed.

That said, I was reflecting on the nature of my goals, and on the nature of goals in general. This was partly inspired by listening to Jason Fried, the CEO of Basecamp, on the Tim Ferriss show. What struck me about him is that here’s a successful guy with a business that’s 20 years old, but he doesn’t have any goals, neither for himself personally or for his business. They don’t track any key performance indicators or set yearly revenue targets. Their only focus is on constantly doing the best they can to improve their product.

The reason Fried distrusts goals, especially numbers-based ones, is because he thinks they are artificial. You set up an artificial standard to aspire to and if you fail, you’re disappointed. But according to him, being disappointed is pointless, because you made up the whole thing in the first place. Also, if you set yourself a goal for 5 years from now, who’s to say you’ll still want it then? You’ll be a different person then.

For much of my life, I’ve been pretty goal-averse, if only because I had been disappointed with goals before. It was also hard to come up with attractive enough goals for myself, and so I questioned the whole point of setting them.

After starting to listen to Ascended Mogul, that has changed. I now feel more driven to both set goals and work towards them. I had set a few metric-based goals, like doubling my income, lowering my body fat to a certain level while gaining strength, and reading a certain number of books a year. I have systems and tracking in place that help me to reach those goals - not 100 % perfect, mind you - but enough that I can make progress and adjust.

In light of listening to the interview with Fried, I’ve been wondering if these goals make sense, or if they are just about vanity metrics. For instance, higher income doesn’t necessarily translate to more happiness, lower body fat to more health (beyond a certain point at least), or more books to more wisdom. The danger with all metrics is always that they don’t actually measure what they’re supposed to measure. You might also be incentivized to cheat just to hit your metric. For instance, just read short books as fast as you can, without retaining anything or applying it in your life.

But when I think about it, the metrics are just there to have something to measure and something to work towards. In the end, it’s really even not about the goal itself: it’s about the process of getting there and who you need to become to get there. I remember hearing that once and googled it, and found this saying attributed to Henry David Thoreau (as it’s the internet, I’m not sure the attribution is correct):

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

So I’m sticking to my goals for now, but I realize that if I feel they don’t serve me anymore, I can also alter or discard them. The most important thing for me now is that I’m moving towards something and can feel a sense of progress, which by itself is satisfying. For many years I felt I wasn’t going anywhere, and that has finally changed.


I’ve identified a long-term, overarching goal that all of my other goals are pointing towards.

The other day I was reflecting on my values with the help of Schwartz’s list of universal values and I also took a test.

Freedom and Self-Direction are important to me. The feeling of having my life in my own hands and being able to decide the what, where and how of life. Also, the sense of doing valuable work, making a contribution and being recognized for it.

I want to do high-value work in the world and be amply compensated for it. That means earning a lot more than I do now.

I also want to be able to choose who I work for, where I work and how I work. That means becoming indispensable (a Linchpin in Seth Godin’s words, an excellent book by the way).

Hence, I need to be constantly learning and upgrading my skills. That’s why I’m reading a lot of books and taking online courses in subjects that are both interesting and potentially profitable, Limitless supports me in this.

Ascended Mogul gives me the power to plan according to my vision, act on the plan and see opportunities. When I’m also working out 3 times a week, I gain energy, resilience and self-confidence to keep going.

Part of realizing my vision is building a screw-you-fund so that I have the freedom not to work for a while or to refuse opportunities I don’t care about. While I’ve always been prudent with money and started saving and investing early on, Ascended Mogul has helped me ramp up my savings and investment rate.

What I would probably need a lot more is good connections, and knowing how to build those. I have some, but as an introvert I’m very bad at maintaining them or actively building new ones. That’s something I need to address.

I still don’t know the specifics of what my vision would look like. Would it mean freelancing, consulting, or just working remotely on a payroll? Would it mean starting my own business? I’ve had this desire to pursue my own thing for a very long time. I just don’t know what “my own thing” is. So I’m leaving the specifics open for now, and just focus on upgrading my skills and building the foundations for my future freedom.


I thought I might write an update since a lot has been happening.

Through a combination of subliminals, visualization and action, I was able to leave job of 5 years where I felt somewhat stuck. I was accepted in an accelerated learning program of three months in a lucrative field, with a guaranteed job waiting for me, and very good earning prospects in the future. The program has now been going on for 2 months and I’ve been killing it, earning the respect of my peers and teachers. Ascended Mogul and Limitless have certainly played a role in all of this.

That’s the good news. On another note, there was a phase during spring where I felt I wasn’t making much progress and even had lost some of the gains mentioned in previous posts, like rock-solid good habits I put in place during the first weeks of listening. A lot of this might have been due to decreasing my exposure, because I had moved in with my girlfriend and didn’t want to expose her to the subs. I also suddenly felt less sure about my goals, and experimented with different stacks. There was again the feeling of not really knowing what I wanted. I often even felt resistance to listening to the subs, especially the masked versions, which were almost my only option at the time. This was probably just my subconscious rebelling against the subs after a honeymoon period.

It’s only recently that I’ve amped up exposure again, after having regained my bearings. I now try to max out my exposure while keeping the stack itself limited. It really makes a difference whether you get a just a couple of loops of a program per day vs. a dozen loops or so.

As advice for anyone who might be going through a phase where they suddenly question listening to the subs altogether, or are not sure what they want: figure out the goal. Make it something you feel really excited about. Then pick your stack based on that goal, keep the scope focused, get as much exposure as you can, make any effort you can even if small, and then notice the progress, any progress. I realize now that even in a time when I felt that I wasn’t making any progress, or had even lost some of my previous gains, I actually did make a lot of progress. I was putting lots of time into learning new skills, and I was actually moving towards a future I wanted.

Just recently I felt the inner pull to replace Ascended Mogul with Emperor (v3), and since I want to make more efforts at networking once I start in my new job this month, I’ve added Daredevil to the mix. So right now my stack consists of only Emperor and Daredevil.

It’s been one day since running Emperor, and I’ll share some observations below.


Before I write about my experiences with Emperor so far, I just want to add a couple of words about Ascended Mogul.

It’s a powerful sub. When I was listening to it, especially recently, I got a feeling of euphoria. It makes me feel strong and confident. But the most important effect for me has been the sense that I deserve success, I deserve wealth, and those things are within my reach. This is important because for years I might have desired success and greater wealth, but at some level felt that I wasn’t worthy of them. Now I do feel worthy.


If Ascended Mogul makes you feel like a strong and confident man, Emperor makes you feel like you own the fucking world. It’s beyond confidence. It’s just unshakable belief that you’re the center and the supreme ruler of your own reality.

That sounds extremely egoistic and megalomaniac on paper, but the strangest thing about this feeling is that there’s no ego in it at all. It’s not like you go around thinking that you’re better than anyone else or that you’re entertaining delusions of grandeur. It’s just this feeling of extreme centeredness and ownership of your personal reality.

The following things I feel both on Emperor and Ascended Mogul (ever since I increased my listening time):

  • steady energy and deep sleep, regardless of how many hours I’ve slept
  • energy and motivation to hit the gym several times a week. On Emperor, I was able to hit the gym even after spending previous night drinking and waking up with a slight hangover, even after having exerted myself physically earlier in the day, and then pushing myself harder that usual with my reps. On top of that, I didn’t feel tired in the usual way after I was finished. My body felt tired, but there was a part of me that wasn’t tired.
  • Increased sex drive: I’m having double the amount of sex per week with my gf than usual, which means almost every day. There was also a time when having sex would drain me physically in such a way that I found it hard to go to the gym the same day. That no longer happens. Having sex has no effect on my energy levels.

I’m excited about where things can go with Emperor.


Do you use any superchargers? How many hours of exposure you guess you have now?


I’m really curious to see how the Emperor + Daredevil combo works out for you!


@rising I haven’t used any superchargers regularly. I did use Beyond Limitless and Dreams a few times, but not consistently enough to notice special effects.

As for hours, I would guess I would guess a few hundred, I’ve been bad at keeping track unfortunately.


@HappyHero For sure, let’s see how it goes! :slight_smile:


It’s been a couple of days now with Emperor and Daredevil. The sensation of being in control of my reality continues. It’s a feeling of complete responsibility, like nothing in reality can make me feel a particular way if I don’t let it.

As a practical example, over the weekend there were a couple of incidents at home caused by my girlfriend. Normally I could have reacted in anger and frustration, but this time I was unfazed and just dealt with the situations calmly.

My girlfriend has also been unhappy for a long time with her job situation. I’ve been trying to help her to the best of my ability, as I notice she has a lot of limiting beliefs about both herself and what’s possible for her, which was very much the case for me as well only a year ago. Yesterday I was able to “coach” her much more effectively than usual, spotting and cutting through her limiting beliefs.

I like the fact that Emperor hasn’t at least yet turned me into an uncaring bulldozer, but more like a man who is both strong but also caring and compassionate, which is closer to my ideal. Or maybe that’s the softening effect of Daredevil.:slight_smile:


Have been continuing to listen during the day and throughout the night whenever possible. In the night it’s Emperor + Daredevil, and during the day I try to get as many loops of Emperor in as possible.

Last week there were a couple of nights I couldn’t get enough sleep, and I turned off the subs then just in case they were contributing. I felt that the lack of sleep didn’t affect as much as it usually would. I also need less sleep in general to feel refreshed, as the sleep that I do get seems to be deeper.

I haven’t noticed any special effects after the first “high” I got from listening, other than an ongoing drive to accomplish things and move towards my goals. The feeling of being the owner of my reality is a little more subtle now. It’s a background sense of “If I set my mind to it, I can make it happen.”

Daredevil seems to help me relax a bit more in social situations and come up with topics of conversation, but I haven’t noticed a big difference to how I am normally yet.

On the weekend I was slightly ill, and I believe also hit a short bout of reconciliation. It’s hard to say what was caused by the illness and what was due to reconciliation, but I felt low and listless. A couple of hours later I had motivation to do things again.

Yesterday I had a bit of a fallout with my gf and an emotional issue got triggered. Although it was difficult, I’m glad this issue was brought to the light so that it could be cleared.


Hey @DesertRain, any more updates? It’s been a while. How are things developing?


Thanks for asking @Malkuth!

Things are going well at work. I feel that I’m earning the respect of colleagues and clients.

Still, I’ve been hesitant to post any updates here because of a pattern I’m observing in myself.

I start using a subliminal, observe initial good results, but then progress flatlines, which leads me to reduce exposure because of “things not working”, which in turn leads to a halt in progress. Then, something (usually something I read on these forums) inspires me to pick up things again, which again leads to results starting to show up again.

The optimal solution would be just to push through the plateau by constant, almost automatic exposure, but I’m unable to do that right now because of living with someone. So I have to work with what I have.

I also might have to experiment with different volume levels, and whether ultrasonic or masked works better for me.

For the last month or so, I’ve been listening to Emperor & Limitless (because of needing to learn things quickly at my job), but I may switch to Emperor now full time for more concentrated exposure, and because it also contains Limitless.


I have the same pattern too, my frame about it is different.

I start using a subliminal…

  1. My subconscious immediately demonstrates to me what this audio will do for me
    (like I get to see a movie trailer),
  2. My subconscious starts calibrating towards a more mature & viable expression
    (instead of the full version),
  3. The process of Conscious Reconciliation begins
    (meaning: Ideas/Options are brought to my conscious attention about which effects are to be increased or decreased, and to what purpose/goal am I going to use them).

This pattern is a feature, not a bug. :slight_smile:

SubClub subliminals do not override my will, and simply force great effects.
They work with me to produce whatever I choose.

Hope this helps you, @DesertRain. Great journal. :+1:

Early Quantum Limitless Thread

Thank you @Simon for your input! That does help to understand what’s going on.

One thing I neglected to mention above was that whenever it feels like I’m falling off track, it’s because I’ve lost sight of the goal. It’s like I’m yet to find a goal that would consistently inspire me and drive me forward. The fact is, my situation is pretty good now, a big improvement from a year ago, and it’s easy to get complacent about progress. But where there is no development, there is degradation. I find that the inertia of old habits is strong unless there is a constant reason to push forward.

As has been said so many times emphasized on this forum, goals seem to really be the spark that ignites the subliminal fuel, and taking action towards goals is what keeps the fire burning. Or like someone here put it, the subliminal is the engine and you’re the driver. Even if you have Lamborghini under you, you still have to have a destination, and you still have to drive it there. You just get there a lot faster than with that old rusty van.


Since Emperor v4 came out I’m obviously switching to that. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen several people recommending handwritten journals so I bought myself a new one just yesterday. I’ve sometimes written an electronic journal but a handwritten one has a completely different feel to it.

I’ve also seen manifestation and specific teachers like Neville Goddard being mentioned here more and more, so that makes me want to share my experiences on that arena.

The thing is, my current job is almost exactly like what I visualized my ideal job to be back in February. I recently had a look at the statements I had written about my ideal job, and the current one ticks almost all the boxes.

Back in February, I visualized this job using Neville’s method, which is basically picturing the scene of the wish fulfilled vividly in the first person. The standard instruction is to do this while you’re falling to sleep, but I don’t remember doing that, I just did my session before I was about to go to bed for a few nights in a row.

Then a couple of months later an opportunity manifested and I had to jump through some hoops, undergo a three month intensive training, and now I’m where I am. I’m bringing this up just to highlight that even though I feel that visualization helped to bring the current situation about, there was still work involved In fact, I was quite close to missing the opportunity when it presented itself!

Back in February, what got me to explore Neville was Joseph Alai’s blog that someone shared a link to on this very forum. Just yesterday I revisited it and read this article about removing and creating assumptions. What struck me was this:

In order to remove an old assumption, you do not need to find out what the old assumption is, you only need to spot the pattern, then create a new pattern and imagine you are experiencing it now . This is the most freeing thing that one I figured out during my studies, as the world tells us that we need to do deep psychological work and remove blocks in order for us to have the life we desire.”

Personally I’ve been aware of the assumption that I’m unable to make new friends easily or maintain existing friendships, or that I don’t have much to contribute in a social situation. This has at times made me feel lonely and inhibited, and it’s one reason why I tried out Daredevil at some point. To be honest, I’m also an introvert and being alone is typically a preference,

I’m now however deciding to insert new assumptions opposite to these and see what happens. I think the subs do help with rewriting assumptions (for instance AM originally helped me with assumptions related to myself and money), but it doesn’t hurt to consciously direct this process. I wrote all the assumptions I wish to be true in my journal and followed the procedure described in the article above.

Hope this inspires someone to try to consciously manifest things in their life!


I think I was the one who shared the link to Joseph Alai’s blog so I am happy to have helped somebody.


@King If so, thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:
It was back in February and I needed the reminder about these teachings, and Joseph’s work inspired me to try them again.