The importance of Self Love

Loving yourself is nothing more than showing yourself compassion, acceptance and forgiveness.
That’s what allows you to move forward.

You make a mistake and it doesn’t scar you.

If a child makes a mistake, are you going to criticize them and judge them “-shakes head- you worthless piece of sh*t”.

Or are you going to come from a peaceful place of compassion and understanding “it’s alright, this is part of growth, just learn from it”.

What’s healthier for the child? What’s a more mature way of conducting one’s self?
What’s going to lead to more success and what comes more from a place of emotional and mental stability?

Self-love is not some lovey dovey delusional butterfly shit.
It’s a healthy and mature mindset of operating, manifested through your subconscious beliefs as well as a precursor to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

It’s the default.

The opposite, self-hate, is the distorted crap based on false beliefs.

If you’re constantly criticizing, judging and hating yourself, you sure as hell aren’t going to be happy or fulfilled. I mean, how?

You’re going to box yourself in, never get over your past and get absolutely nowhere.

If you love yourself and your body then you’re going to take care of it = better health

The outer world is a reflection of your internal reality.
Your thoughts and beliefs, create and attract.

What is more likely to create and attract abundance, peace, happiness and prosperity in your life?

Subconscious beliefs based on the realm of self-hate (powerlessness, anger, victimhood, shame, guilt, insecurity, unworthiness, depression),
Subconscious beliefs based on the realm of self-love (empowerment, patience, gratitude, appreciation, acceptance, love, joy).

Notice that I’m talking about subconscious beliefs… I’m not talking about conscious emotional states.
Being all outwardly lovey-dovey and overly joyful is unbalanced and I think you can agree with me on that, lol.

This opens the door for a redpill…

You see…
New age spirituality has created a spectrum of emotions and it’s measured by the term “Vibration”.
Upper end of the spectrum = high vibrations
Lower end of the spectrum = low vibrations


They only have bits and pieces of the puzzle.

If I suddenly decide to act all joyful and extremely optimistic, I would be “vibrating high”, right?
No, see this is complete and utter bullshit lol. There’s more to it than just feeling good/bad.

The spectrum is referring to one thing and one thing only, and that is the awareness of your true self… and how congruent you are with that awareness.
What are you really? What do you identify as?

Are you a mere insignificant and powerless human that is slave to a physical reality perceived as absolutely real which you are to be at the mercy of and limited by in every way imaginable?

Or are you an infinitely powerful being/manifestor that transcends the reality you are currently experiencing?

The more congruent you are with the latter, congruent meaning your subconscious beliefs have to be aligned, then your framework of perception automatically expresses the “high vibrations”.

The Redpill is that this spectrum is typically used in reference to the vibration of your emotions.
But what it’s really referring to is the vibration of your belief systems.

The vibration of your belief systems = awareness of identity (either the powerless monkey or the infinitely powerful metaphysical being).

That is the REAL foundation. It allows you to take responsibility for what you have created.
If you have the power to manifest poverty within your life then you also have the power to manifest complete abundance in your life.

If you know that you’re that powerful, you’re not going to be prone to victimhood and all of the negative emotions that perceptual environment creates.
If you know that you’re that powerful, you’re not going to be easily manipulated by fear, in fact… you’ll see through it.
All of the low vibrations (emotional states) are at their core, based on fear.

If you’re aware of what you truly are, (the infinite true self) then hating yourself is an illusion.
You are obviously Love and are worthy of everything.

Anyways, that might be too much so I’ll get back to why self-love is important, lol.

If you hate yourself, why would you put in any effort for yourself?
Think about someone you love, maybe it’s your partner, your mother or your kid. You love them so much, right… You go out of your way to do things for them because you care about them.

If you don’t have that for yourself on a subconscious level, then you won’t do jack shit for yourself. I’m talking about subconsciously, not consciously.

You’re also going to instantly close down pathways of manifestation because your subconscious mind is going to go “why the f*** do you deserve that?” lol.

When you have a strong sense of self-love, you can reconcile beliefs faster.
You’re able to dismiss them much more easily as they come out of you, because you can remain objective and simply acknowledge/dismiss.
It’s strength and resolve… it’s power. You won’t be as afraid to face dark parts of your shadow self because you accept yourself regardless.
You’ve decided to love and accept yourself regardless of the belief, the emotion, the feeling, the experience, the trial or tribulation etc…
Self-love, is the unstoppable force… It’s the weapon most revered by the demons we fight.
That is why most people’s self-love is completely smothered and shat on by the programming we pick up from society.
They want you to be stuck, lol. They don’t want daring dragons @James, they want stagnated sheep.

Self love makes you immune to stuff like negative embarrassment or shame. You’re unable to get triggered.
All the negative voices become drowned out because deep in your heart you pull upon an anchored reservoir of patience, self acceptance, kindness and love.
Allowing you to learn from your mistakes, grow stronger and be the person you want to be.
Thrust forward through any challenge and any failure, without being held back.

If you or anyone responds, give me like a month to reply, lol (extremely busy right now)


Self-love is extremely vital, especially when one realizes we are consumers in a capitalist society (I am pro-capitalism). The reality of capitalism is the emotional state, self-esteem and confidence of consumers has to be manipulated to drive that consumerism and that trickles down to every facet of our life. It’s a magnified status drive in my opinion, where there are daily social defeats over the lack of something. Citizens convinced they are always lacking and need to fill a void…

Self-awareness that we are in a trap and some dignity and pride in self are the best medicines.


I enjoyed reading this a lot! (the whole thing )
Thank you for taking the time to write it.

Im currently wanting to see how I can as an individual learn to be happy on my own so that I can let others breathe more. I suspect it is related to self love and self worth ad what we do in our free time alone and how we think in our minds.

Any advice on any practices I could try to be able to let people go about their day and enjoy myself alone in the meantime? ( mentally wise )


My advice is don’t be afraid of negative self talk.

When you have negative self talk, it’s a lie.

You know that, I know that, the world knows that.

Everybody knows that it’s a lie.

Anchoring yourself to that understanding is the first step, but it’s not enough.

You see, the thing about lies… is that the only way they lose their power, is by being overshadowed by truth.

If I believe that the sky is purple (lie), then the only way I’ll stop believing it is if I start believing that the sky is blue (truth). See, you have to believe in something about the sky, otherwise there would be no sky.

This is the thing about negative self-talk.

Very often, you will see people have negative thoughts and then try to defeat it or overwrite it.

“That’s not true”.
“This is just a lie”.
/laugh at it

/overwrite (affirmations)

Voices in head: You are trash.

Person: I am worthy and deserving.

Overwriting is the right direction, but you need to go further. Deeper.

“I am worthy and deserving” is indeed the truth, but to make that truth more powerful… it must be explored. It must be expanded. It must be given deeper contexts, that vibrate and shift. Things that are tangible to your psyche. Things that cannot be refuted no matter how much effort is given in doing so.

Think in the realm of philosophizing. Deep-thinking. Exploration of world, nature and fundamentals. That which is around you and always has been.

Bring it back a bit. Bring it back from this artificial shit hole we call modern day society. Where everything is comparison, inadequacy and narcissism.

One thing that helps me is being in nature. When you tune into nature, you detach from the narrow artificial world and automatically start expanding in perception. It becomes easier to see truth.

Truth is in nature, it’s in art, it’s in creativity, it’s in individuality. Get to the roots of what it means to be human. Think beyond the scope of the first 20 or so years of your life where you are pretty much indoctrinated into a system and taught by everyone to hate yourself.

Generational trauma + sent straight into the education system.

Nature this, nature that. Is it not human nature to be narcissistic and compare yourself to others? To perhaps in that process feel inadequate or less than?

Of course it is. But you want to know what’s also human nature?

The capacity to Grow. Evolve. Transcend. Create.

The power to bend reality like a fucking ruler.

Oh, I’ll indulge you in “human nature.”

We are wolves in sheeps clothing. Human nature is the sheep’s clothing and the instinctive urge to see beyond it in the mirror. The wolf is you. The creator of your reality.

That is what we are.

There are stages, there are levels. This is a video game.

Level 1 might be self-hatred or worthlessness.
Level 2 might be self-love and self-worth.


Level 1 is not human nature and neither is level 2.

Human nature is the moving from level 1 to level 2.

Easier said than done. Life is like a video game, but not without its challenge.

Dark Souls doesn’t have shit on this.

When I play a video game like WoW and meet a horde of enemies or a raid a boss… I don’t get emotionally invested in why I’m struggling. I understand the game through patience, reassess my strategies and see what I can learn to grow better.

The practice I would recommend, is self-exploration. Without judgement. Then exploration of truth.

  1. Where do these thoughts come from? Where does this negative self talk come from?

  2. “Okay, cool I understand.” Compassion to yourself and those involved in playing a part in creating it (very important because you don’t want to hold onto things. Move forward into your ideal reality because when you’re in heaven, you won’t care about the past anyways).

Yes, we grow up with all sorts of traumas. I grew up in a low income household living off of canned soup, where I was constantly criticized and told I was “useless”. I was berated for not meeting high expectations like getting straight A’s on my report card. I was constantly compared to other more successful kids and had it ingrained in my mind that I was not good enough. I was constantly put under pressure to look a certain way and the lack of self-care and self-esteem created a self-fulfilling loop to where I didn’t eat properly and people would then comment on my weight making me even more insecure. This spiraled over time cultivating a weak and inadequate sense of self into my teenage years and I ended up hating myself. I spent a good 2 years working on nothing but self-love… much of that being me scrambling in the dark trying to identify the core issue within myself.

This is why when I see people downplay fundamental things to mental well-being such as your self-worth or self-love as being “hippy” or whatever the fuck… you can imagine how pissed off I get.

These people quite frankly haven’t developed, or they’ve never had it rough. I’m one of those rare cases that as been on all sides of the coin, and that’s where I gain a lot of my confidence from. I am the definition of growth. In all areas of life, I’ve been at the “lowest” end. I’ve had life threatening health issues, zero success with women while being the pinnacle beta male, super nice guy with no boundaries, treated like a door matt shit rag for other people to take advantage of, completely out of shape, no job and financially dependent, etc.

The list goes on. I’m not resentful, angry or regretful about my past, the hands I was dealt, the people who treated me poorly, or the “unfairness” of life. They’re all growth stimulators telling me what I need to change in my perception to have a better experience.

Without those kind of struggles, I would have never found subliminals and learned how to actualize my power.

Now I’m kicking ass in all areas of life, in a way that is sometimes surreal. When you’re in that heaven on earth state of mind, it’s really just joy, gratitude and happiness. You look at the past and it’s just love for everything.

  1. Exploration of truth.

Society teaches us to either sedate or escape from these negative thoughts. People don’t often like to be alone because the demons come knocking on the door.

When in fact they are not demons… they are a growth mechanism.

You’re supposed to open the door, have a chat over tea, and whip out the shotgun full of 12 gauge truth shells.

The more you explore the Truth, is when the Lie loses its power.

Truth is like the 11/10 smoking hot beautiful goddess (or god), and the Lie is the nasty old resentful witch. The witch gets her attention and power through distraction. Through deception.

When Truth is in the room, the witch becomes invisible. Her existence becomes nothing.

“Poor witch”, you would think. But no.

She’s important too, because without her you don’t go through the growth necessary to embrace Truth.

And for that, the witch is also appreciated. Also loved, and accepted for the important role that she played.

Cheers lol. Keep kicking ass.


wow!!! Thank you!

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Still coming back to this. Self-love, self-confidence.


My experiences and many people say the same thing- When you start loving yourself life just gets better, things start working out for you. The guy who wrote a book on loving yourself like your life depends on it said it’s effortless and yea things still happen, life still has it’s things to deal with but instead of it being like the man pushing the boulder up the hill, things just work out and they happen almost like magic many times. He says like with his book, he wrote it so his friends would leave him alone. He wrote the book put it up on amazon and it became a bestseller without any effort on his part.


Is it your experience?
Thanks to the book?

The book is basically meditate and say I love myself as your mantra in your mind all the time. Also you can say it in the mirror while looking yourself in the eyes as you get ready. He also recommends you meditate every day.

Yes. it is my experience and no I don’t do the practice of I love myself in my mind all day. I do releasing and that naturally releases everything that isn’t love. So I experience more harmony and happy surprises and there are times where I can see after the fact that things that used to bother me I didn’t even notice at the time and I didn’t react in a non helpful way with negativity.

Many manifestations and moments where I think something and the next day like multiple things just sort of fall into my lap. finding money, just many things that I even forget about them because it’s about being in the flow rather than being the past or future. It’s not even about the stories anymore either. Definitely that power of now kind of thing.


@Luther24 you should write a book

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like EFT tapping?

It’s more like eufeeling or sedona method.

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Never heard of it :slight_smile:
This one ?

Yea. That’s the one.

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Cool thanks!

For sure hahaha.

I notice that a little bit of self-compassion goes a long way.

Next time you’re in recon, try sending love to everyone (yes, everyone) and to yourself.

When you glimpse beyond the ego, you might bear witness to a surprising rate of growth.

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Interesting video, lol. :+1:

There is so much weird misunderstanding against self-love.

Everything from “becoming soft” to “self-love is narcissism”, etc.

People are so traumatized that when they start develop healthy emotional openness or empathy, they think they’re becoming weak, soft and sensitive.

It’s absolutely insane, lol… but that’s how deep some people’s trauma goes.