The importance of Self Love

Loving yourself is nothing more than showing yourself compassion, acceptance and forgiveness.
That’s what allows you to move forward.

You make a mistake and it doesn’t scar you.

If a child makes a mistake, are you going to criticize them and judge them “-shakes head- you worthless piece of sh*t”.

Or are you going to come from a peaceful place of compassion and understanding “it’s alright, this is part of growth, just learn from it”.

What’s healthier for the child? What’s a more mature way of conducting one’s self?
What’s going to lead to more success and what comes more from a place of emotional and mental stability?

Self-love is not some lovey dovey delusional butterfly shit.
It’s a healthy and mature mindset of operating, manifested through your subconscious beliefs as well as a precursor to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

It’s the default.

The opposite, self-hate, is the distorted crap based on false beliefs.

If you’re constantly criticizing, judging and hating yourself, you sure as hell aren’t going to be happy or fulfilled. I mean, how?

You’re going to box yourself in, never get over your past and get absolutely nowhere.

If you love yourself and your body then you’re going to take care of it = better health

The outer world is a reflection of your internal reality.
Your thoughts and beliefs, create and attract.

What is more likely to create and attract abundance, peace, happiness and prosperity in your life?

Subconscious beliefs based on the realm of self-hate (powerlessness, anger, victimhood, shame, guilt, insecurity, unworthiness, depression),
Subconscious beliefs based on the realm of self-love (empowerment, patience, gratitude, appreciation, acceptance, love, joy).

Notice that I’m talking about subconscious beliefs… I’m not talking about conscious emotional states.
Being all outwardly lovey-dovey and overly joyful is unbalanced and I think you can agree with me on that, lol.

This opens the door for a redpill…

You see…
New age spirituality has created a spectrum of emotions and it’s measured by the term “Vibration”.
Upper end of the spectrum = high vibrations
Lower end of the spectrum = low vibrations


They only have bits and pieces of the puzzle.

If I suddenly decide to act all joyful and extremely optimistic, I would be “vibrating high”, right?
No, see this is complete and utter bullshit lol. There’s more to it than just feeling good/bad.

The spectrum is referring to one thing and one thing only, and that is the awareness of your true self… and how congruent you are with that awareness.
What are you really? What do you identify as?

Are you a mere insignificant and powerless human that is slave to a physical reality perceived as absolutely real which you are to be at the mercy of and limited by in every way imaginable?

Or are you an infinitely powerful being/manifestor that transcends the reality you are currently experiencing?

The more congruent you are with the latter, congruent meaning your subconscious beliefs have to be aligned, then your framework of perception automatically expresses the “high vibrations”.

The Redpill is that this spectrum is typically used in reference to the vibration of your emotions.
But what it’s really referring to is the vibration of your belief systems.

The vibration of your belief systems = awareness of identity (either the powerless monkey or the infinitely powerful metaphysical being).

That is the REAL foundation. It allows you to take responsibility for what you have created.
If you have the power to manifest poverty within your life then you also have the power to manifest complete abundance in your life.

If you know that you’re that powerful, you’re not going to be prone to victimhood and all of the negative emotions that perceptual environment creates.
If you know that you’re that powerful, you’re not going to be easily manipulated by fear, in fact… you’ll see through it.
All of the low vibrations (emotional states) are at their core, based on fear.

If you’re aware of what you truly are, (the infinite true self) then hating yourself is an illusion.
You are obviously Love and are worthy of everything.

Anyways, that might be too much so I’ll get back to why self-love is important, lol.

If you hate yourself, why would you put in any effort for yourself?
Think about someone you love, maybe it’s your partner, your mother or your kid. You love them so much, right… You go out of your way to do things for them because you care about them.

If you don’t have that for yourself on a subconscious level, then you won’t do jack shit for yourself. I’m talking about subconsciously, not consciously.

You’re also going to instantly close down pathways of manifestation because your subconscious mind is going to go “why the f*** do you deserve that?” lol.

When you have a strong sense of self-love, you can reconcile beliefs faster.
You’re able to dismiss them much more easily as they come out of you, because you can remain objective and simply acknowledge/dismiss.
It’s strength and resolve… it’s power. You won’t be as afraid to face dark parts of your shadow self because you accept yourself regardless.
You’ve decided to love and accept yourself regardless of the belief, the emotion, the feeling, the experience, the trial or tribulation etc…
Self-love, is the unstoppable force… It’s the weapon most revered by the demons we fight.
That is why most people’s self-love is completely smothered and shat on by the programming we pick up from society.
They want you to be stuck, lol. They don’t want daring dragons @JCast, they want stagnated sheep.

Self love makes you immune to stuff like negative embarrassment or shame. You’re unable to get triggered.
All the negative voices become drowned out because deep in your heart you pull upon an anchored reservoir of patience, self acceptance, kindness and love.
Allowing you to learn from your mistakes, grow stronger and be the person you want to be.
Thrust forward through any challenge and any failure, without being held back.

If you or anyone responds, give me like a month to reply, lol (extremely busy right now)


Self-love is extremely vital, especially when one realizes we are consumers in a capitalist society (I am pro-capitalism). The reality of capitalism is the emotional state, self-esteem and confidence of consumers has to be manipulated to drive that consumerism and that trickles down to every facet of our life. It’s a magnified status drive in my opinion, where there are daily social defeats over the lack of something. Citizens convinced they are always lacking and need to fill a void…

Self-awareness that we are in a trap and some dignity and pride in self are the best medicines.

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