The Eden's Gift - The poetic existence of Invictus


To be someone who basks in all, is nothing but a poetic expression of the person’s ethereal existence, something that just can’t be earned merely by imitating them.

While those themes and the expression is commonly found in fiction, people have always wanted to live a life like that, even if just for a day, and here in this journal, you will read another story, a story of the same expression, just not fictional :wink:

Ladies & Gentlemen,
I present to you… Eden’s Gift

What is Eden's Gift you wonder?
  • WANTED core
  • EF st4 core
  • True social core
  • Physical shifter sexiness
  • Apollon
  • Entranced
  • Direct influencing aura
  • The spotlight
  • Ethereal presence
  • Earthshaker sexuality
  • Lifeblood fable
  • Carpe diem ascended
  • Fearsome
  • Machine: Action
  • Inner Gasoline
  • APS: Head
  • Epigenetic & DNA modulator
  • Fusion optimized
  • Deep sleep
  • Serum X

Eden’s Gift is not just a subliminal, it’s a way of being.
An embodiment of the most primal desires of the human species, personified.

Some might ask “but what makes you think you think others won’t feel the same if they used this same exact sub?

To them, I say: “Try it…if you can.

And with that said, this marks the start of my new journal.


Did you just choose that amazing picture and add it manually or did you make the request?

Because it’s damn fitting

Can’t wait to hear back from that amazing sub of yours :star_struck:

Because it’s an expression of your more authentic self, not everyone has that deep real desire to incarantes those qualities by the same meaning/modules as you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am not sure if the world is prepared for that kind of sexy man :slight_smile:


We can request a name and image for a custom???


I don’t knowwww???



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Hahaha I added it myself.
Even the name.

I have this belief that even the name of a sub can make it much more powerful for yourself, as it becomes more personal.

Well they better be prepared :wink:

And now it’s time to take that expression and expand it :sunglasses::call_me_hand:t4:


So I ran a loop at around 8:30pm
It’s now 3:10am, and as the day is coming to an end, here are today’s notes, observations and results:

  • more socially active, while being extremely calm, grounded and tranquil.
  • Instant change in voice, which multiple of my friends from the forum, my girlfriend, mom, and sister, all noticed and commented on.
  • Better time management and task allocation, doing everything I need to on time, while not getting distracted (used to get distracted when socializing).
  • Got insanely motivated to get a haircut and dye my hair.
  • From the first few mins of listening, my facial muscles started to feel like they were shifting, and now my both my cheekbones and jaw feel sore.
  • Digestion feels better.
  • Feeling much more sexy and handsome than ever before.
  • Both hunger and motivation levels are increased dramatically.
  • Doing things feels much more satisfying, even gaming (which I kinda had to stop due to it feeling distracting).
  • Around 20 to 25 percent increase in weights at the gym, with more endurance (less rest time between sets).
  • Face looks somewhat different, can’t really tell what it is (I think cheeks), but there’s definitely a change already + skin feels smoother.
  • Music taste is leaning towards to more “anime”-related music (OSTs + “character” raps), with some hardstyle mixed in.
  • Much better pump at the gym, which led to compliments from one of the gym trainers.

Pretty good start, and @SaintSovereign i honestly feel like this sub is even stronger than everything I’ve used in the ZP private testing period :heart_eyes:

And as a bonus, enjoy this soundtrack that fits the vibe of this sub:


So I decided that there will be 2 types of updates in this journal;

  • a brief summary of observations at the end of the day, in the shape of bullet points (like last night).

  • other posts that don’t necessarily lay out all my results, but the ones I’m not gonna list in my bullet points (like dreams and deep stuff).

So yesterday before bed, I thought to myself “I have seen almost every module in action already, but not inner gasoline”,

I haven’t had a wet dream since the start of Ramadan, but I did today :sweat_smile:
The dream was very “different” to say the least.

I was at a supermarket, in line to buy some snacks, and comes in this hot girl, who looked extremely similar to a girl I fancied back in university, but never did anything with because all she had was looks (my biggest factor of attraction is intelligence, not physical beauty), anyways, so this girl comes and stands behind me in the cashier line and strikes up a conversation:

Her: “Hey there, do I know you?

Me: “do you? Or is that your way of hitting on me?

Her: “damn you’re hot AND smart?!*”

Me: “guilty as always

Her: “I’m X by the way” (put an X cause I don’t remember what she said :rofl:)

Me: “I won’t tell you my name

Her: “why not?

Me: “impress me, and I might tell you*”

Her: “where’s your car?

Me: “what for?

I then paid for my snacks, took what she had and paid for them as well cause it wasn’t a big deal, and then she jumped in my car, and long story short, I woke up having to change my boxers AND my sweatpants :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Too much leakage

Inner gasoline pretty wild :eyes:


So, I kept today as an off day, but it almost feels like I just finished a washout because of how smooth the loop was yesterday, especially considering the fact that I sometimes used to use up to 5 subs a day, so I’m thinking about bumping it up to 2 loops tomorrow :eyes:

Anyways, here are today’s observations:

  • slept longer than 6 hours without any headaches.

  • Woke up with absolutely no soreness whatsoever, even though last night’s workout was extremely intense, and with heavier weights.

  • Slept more, and still no signs of migraines.

  • Sleep is much deeper, and I’m falling asleep in minutes.

  • Was 69kg the day before yesterday, now I’m 72kg.

  • An increased amount of body heat coming out of my body today (probably auras).

  • Harder erections (inner gasoline :eyes:?)

  • Girlfriend said my arms are already bigger :muscle:t3:

  • Once I wanna eat, I finish everything regardless of how much food is there.

  • Pleasure sensitivity is definitely higher, more than Diamond ZP from the private testing time.

  • I feel so chill and calm, that it’s actually frightening :rofl:

  • Time management isn’t the only thing Machine: Action is improving, as I’m finding myself becoming more efficient at multi-tasking as well.

  • Noticed that since yesterday, I haven’t had a single “junk” meal, everything has been healthy and clean.

  • People are much nicer and have been talking to me much more, like something is compelling them to come and talk.

  • Stares have been a “normal” thing for me for quite some time now (I mean come on, it’s me), but the look people have now when staring has changed somewhat.


random thought:

I’m happy that I didn’t add Sultan as a module in my custom.

I’ve spent more than 15k QAR in the last 24-48 hours, just for my own enjoyment.
That shows how Sultan is pretty much built in to my system :rofl:

On a side note, just finished 2 loops of the custom :eyes:


Yup, just wait until you start waking up in the middle of the night with sexual energy coursing through you


I’m scared for my girl, man :rofl::rofl::rofl:
She’s the one who will have to deal with the wrath of Invictus jr. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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So just to be clear, I won’t be doing 2 loops of my custom for now, as I feel like it made the non physical modules more “dominant”, and here are the updates:

  • The combination of Serum X, Deep sleep and APS: Head is working so well for my sleep quality and post sleep wakefulness, that I’m getting addicted to napping :rofl:.
  • The number of notifications I’m getting per day is increasing, like I woke up to 72 today (in total; all social medias), seems like I need to take some action for The Spotlight and start posting more often :eyes:.
  • Opposite expression of the cores today; I’m feeling more like a party monster (TS core), while my behavior is mysterious, contrary to the previous days.
  • People want to engage more with me, and a friend’s girlfriend seemed more interested in me than him.
  • Cheekbones are definitely more prominent.
  • Boners are much harder nowadays, to the point I think it might hurt my girl :rofl:.
  • Voice isn’t as calm today, but very “lively” instead.
  • Music taste is leaning towards EDM and upbeat music today.
  • My diet has completely changed for the better, I couldn’t even eat fast food earlier today.
  • Talking much less today, but listening way more.
  • Feeling the effect of each module on a much deeper level internally today.
  • Eyes seem a bit darker and more intense.
  • 2 loops has definitely reduced my strength in the gym.
  • Been talking a bit too much with others to the point I’m losing focus on what needs to be done.
  • Appetite is lower.

Have you posted what cores and modules you have in the new custom yet? Or are you going to share?


i did actually



The amount of sexual energy that the IG module helps you generate is insane and it doesn’t take long at all for it to build up


Now that Ramadan is over, that sexual energy will be doubled :rofl:


I wanted to write this in a post of its own:

I almost caused an accident.


Girls being too focused on you?
Fighting for you or being distracted by you?


long story short,
driving with windows down, reached a traffic light, girl in the car next to me was staring, traffic light went green, i left, she wanted to keep up with me and almost caused the guy in front of her to crash into the guy next to him.