State of SubClub and 2019 Roadmap


State of SubClub:
Mood music at SubClub HQ:

2019 has and will continue to be the year of SubliminalClub. We’re exceptionally profitable, and we’ve been reinvesting those profits back into the company. We’ve brought on new staff which has drastically decreased myself and @Fire’s workload, improved customer service (we’ve cut down response times to less than 24 hours), and allowed us to focus solely on research, development and innovation (which we’ll get to in a minute).

Yesterday was the highest revenue day in SubClub history. Revenue projections are surpassing that even of Khan, which currently holds the title of the best performing title, with Emperor close behind. We’ve sold much more copies of Alchemist Supreme than anticipated – which validates our policy of raising prices ONLY when you add value rather than jacking up the price to an exorbitant amount due to “new technology.”

Interestingly enough, right in the middle of the Alchemist release, a customer sent us a message that a competitor was claiming that other subliminal producers were harvesting his technology to include in their own products. First, we were accused of using their products to make our company more successful – because clearly, a broad spectrum subliminal from a competitor would perform better than the completely custom tailored subliminal that @Fire built for both us that literally causes us to complement each other perfectly. :eyes:

Well, ya’ll keep on conspiring and complaining instead of innovating, because we’re about to do the latter. And when we’re done, we’re going to remove ALL doubt, because there’s no one else on the market doing what we’re about to do, starting with Alchemist. Here’s the current roadmap. It’s a living post, meaning I’ll update it as new titles are announced and will put a notification in the thread.


First things first – we’re rebranding the Superchargers line. For the past two months, I’ve been meeting with various experts and consultants, discussing the role of the conscious mind and its relationship with the subconscious. Out of those convos, we’ve concluded that neglecting the conscious mind is a BIG MISTAKE, and its role in manifestation is just as important as the subconscious. The superchargers began as a quick way to get better results. Now, we’re going to make longer, more involved titles that will help you develop abilities that can change your life. We’re calling these “Mental Superchargers.” We’ll still make the short, tightly focused tracks that correspond with a subliminal.

The first mental supercharger is MIND’S EYE:
A three stage guided audio program that will help you train, enhance and cultivate your ability to visualize in your mind. Visualization is an extremely powerful and important tool, and it’s one that I personally attribute to a lot of my success in various ventures. I naturally possess strong visualization skills, and wrongly assumed that it was something everyone could do easily and naturally. However, after getting multiple messages about visualization and seeing people struggle here, I began to wonder if it was a skill that could be taught and/or developed. We built an MVP and sent it out for testing. The tester, a martial artist, said their ability to visualize enhanced within three weeks, which translated to their fighting ability because they could now break down each step of an individual technique in their mind and then execute it easily because they now understood the fine details involved.

The Commander will focus on creating an internal sense of dominance and power over oneself and reactions, impressing your will upon the world, etc. It can be used standalone, or paired with Emperor and Khan.

We’re also going to expand rvX: The Gateway Experience with two more guided sessions expanding on what you can accomplish with the program. As always, those expansions will be FREE upgrades to those who have Alchemist Explorer, Alchemist Supreme, or rvX.

More to come on Mental Superchargers… there’s a lot of ideas bouncing around the lab that we know you’ll love.

On the subliminal front…

Emperor Fitness is a four stage subliminal that will expand upon what we achieved with Spartan, but focus it on traditional exercise – bodybuilding, running, sports, etc. Spartan had a strong martial arts / fighting vibe to it. It worked well in the gym, but we want to create a sub that gave people more of a choice (since choice is one of our core values). We’re actively seeking out personal trainers, bodybuilders and other professionals to build this one.

Then, the tried and true QUANTUM LIMITLESS:
@Fire is playing this one close to the chest. It’s four stages and early tests have been interesting. Those of you that were part of the NDDK test contributed to this one. There will also be an associated mental supercharger.

Next up, MONARCH:
To the ladies, we’re listening to the numerous support requests we’ve received. Our line of women’s products are coming. First up – MONARCH. We don’t want to call it “Emperor for Women” because it’s more than that. It’s a brand new title with a similar goal as Emperor, but we’re not just gender swapping the script. Think of it as Ascended Mogul + Emperor, balanced in a way that will achieve stellar results.

We’ve got two more subliminal titles we’re not quite ready to announce yet, as we’re still formulating ideas on how it could fit ya’ll best. But, here’s the summary:

Mental Superchargers:

  • Mind’s Eye
  • The Commander
  • Beyond Quantum Limitless (working title)


  • Emperor Fitness
  • Quantum Limitless
  • Monarch
  • Power Can Corrupt
  • Inner Circle (Stacking Module)

Thanks to ALL our customers and supporters. We really appreciate the opportunity to create these amazing products. That being said, I forgot… We’re remastering ALL superchargers and upgrading the underlying subliminal to the latest technologies.

Post all thoughts, questions and comments in the thread!

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May i ask why the quantum limitless is 4 stages ?


Quantum Limitless is too ambitious for a single stage.


Will there be anything for Luck or Gambling or even Law of Attraction?


I’ve been running Regeneration. Now that we are six months on from its introduction is an update planned for it?


yeah are you gonna upgrade any of the older programs?


I’d like to see a general purpose take on the Total Breakdown concept.


Any updates on the multi stage ultimate artist and any plans for a sleep sub and a weight loss and healthy eating habits sub


Pretty sure that is on the road map even if it isn’t stated. They tend to do that in between big titles.


Updates to older titles have to be done at the right time. We need to completely lock in a certain technology before we can do the update, otherwise we have to turn around and rebuild it from scratch again and again. New technology updates aren’t like a software patch, especially with the new tech. It literally requires a rewrite and rebuild from scratch. If we do that now, we won’t be doing it again for awhile. It’s best if we finish up all the R&D on the tech we introduced in Khan, EoG, Alchemist before updating.

Suggestions Thread for future Subs/Updates/Superchargers 🔥

We’re on the fence regarding UA four stage. You guys asked for UA, but it didn’t sell well at all. With limited resources, we have to make strategic decisions about what titles to make.

Emperor Fitness.

Suggestions Thread for future Subs/Updates/Superchargers 🔥

I am really looking forward to Emperor Fitness. I just hope that it won’t be super dense as I would love to stack it with Khan


Just got an idea. How about you include a fifth stage (or could be one of the four) that is a “light sub”. Just like Iron Throne. A super focused one you can stack with other titles easier.


@SaintSovereign just to clarify, if the current tech (Khan, EoG, Alchemist) is still in R & D will they all be refined when the tech is tweaked to your liking?


A bit hard to explain, but…

Considering Spartan is single-stage, Could it theoretically be used in place of one of the Emperor Fitness stages?

I’m thinking that EF would have one or two “foundation” stages and one or two body sculpting stages. So it would be nice if we could use the warrior vibe of Spartan on top of the foundation of EF.


i am really interested in beauty type subs… could you make one for becoming world class beauty/sexy … that will be really fun…


I bought Ultimate Artist and have it playing all the time in the area where I make art.


Kinda. The thing is, we’re ALWAYS in a state of R&D. I can’t give away our entire process, but we’re constantly adding, modifying, testing, improving and optimizing our titles. Not only that, but part of the process is removing things that aren’t working as intended and focusing on the stuff that is. At a certain point, we’ll declare a certain build “stable,” and THAT’S when we update everything. It’s less “refining” and more standardization. We’re not at that point yet, but when we reach “stable,” we’ll update.


someone suggested a strength sub. Will EF help out with that? That would be amazing.


Quantum Limitless is on my list of goodies to buy. What are the time frames for its release ?.