R.I.C.H. made me over $6,000 in 15 loops! - Review

You can have 2 ZP stacks (3 titles each). Play Stack1 for 45 days (including rest days) and then switch to Stack2 for the next 45 days and return to Stack1.

While you run Stack2, you still have the benefits of Stack1 blooming and you can reap the benefits of both.

So basically you are running 6 titles within 3 months (45 + 45 = 90) instead of running 4 Qv2 titles for 3 months.

All this is in the Zero Point Listening Instructions. Am only repeating the same thing to you.

Do read up on the Zero Point thread to understand more or if that is difficult, submit a support ticket to ask “why is running a 3 title ZP stack better than running 4 Qv2 titles?”. You will get a better official answer compared to mine.

Anyways, whatever you choose, all the best :+1:


How would the results of each stack affect each other?

That analogy is flawed because updates on SC towards ZP are free.
An equivalent would be if Apple gave you a new phone for free to work with the new tech.

You focus on the negative.
You see “only” 3 subs and COMPLETELY neglected how FUCKING powerful ZP truly is. It works much faster and better than Qv2.

You just need to overcome your fear of change and adapt. Results will be better and quicker.
Plus, if 3 still isnt enough, you can rotate your stacks every 21 or 45 days just fine.


Three subs is a lot. Remember that the more subs you have in your stack the more you have to process and the slower the results. Thinking about it, most people are capable of covering everything they need with only two subs if they really wanted to. If you’re really clear with your goals three subs can get you there.


@Light-hearted-sith : I apologize if I sound like I’m belaboring this. If I had my way my stack would be : Emperor + House of Medici + Wanted + Heartsong + Love Bomb + Godlike Masculinity + The commander + Limitless. Which is 8 subs!!! :rofl:

Until last month my stack was Emperor + House Of Medici + Wanted. Which covered everything I was trying to do. I barely would sometimes throw an ultima in there but 3 subs covered everything I wanted. Before that, I was running Emperor (solo most of the time). And it still covered everything I could have done with 8 subs if that was allowed. Trust me when I say that 3 subs is a lot.


This question is the essence of everything you’ve typed.

Zero Point is leaner, lighter, and more agile. It interfaces with your mind more effortlessly and organically.

The saying “it pushes reality through you” means that it generates change at the level of your perceptions.

Everyone’s mind generates the perceptions that we experience. You see a screen in front of you right now that you are reading; but even though you see it in front of you, the sensations of ‘screen’ and ‘in front of me’ are generated within your mind.

If an animal has its brain’s parietal lobe removed or damaged, for example, the mind will no longer be able to create a sensation of touch. In this case, texture, ‘feel’, and pain will just seem to ‘stop existing’.

(Now what might happen if that same animal instead of having its brain injured, has its brain functionality enhanced?)

The conscious experience of reality is generated and constructed. This happens unconsciously, so we don’t think of it very much. But it is the case.

ZP has an enhanced ability to ‘shake hands’ and interface with the mind. It is ‘absorbed’ and ‘integrated’ more smoothly and effortlessly than previous versions. It seems to enhance and support your mind’s reality-generation function at a deeper level than was previously possible. That is the meaning of an "UPGRADE".

As a result, you will find the results happening even more effectively, even faster, even more naturally than they did before.

Remember the Terminator movies?

Qv2 is like the T800. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bad-ass. Powerful. Packing major firepower.


ZP is like the T1000. Just as strong as the T800. But it can flow and reform and shape itself like water. It could blast through if it chose, but it’s much more effective, sometimes, to flow.

terminator 2

Well, that metaphor’s a bit more violent than I’d prefer, but it’s pretty good.

Because of how smoothly it flows, ZP integrates more effectively with your mind’s Reality Generation function. As a result of this smooth, organic shift in perception, there is a subjective sensation of Effortlessness. Reality seems to simply ‘morph’. Rather than needing to be forced into shape.

So reality is ‘moved through you’, rather than you forcing your way through reality.

But this very functionality makes each ZP title much more concentrated and potent. Less room for messing about.

When you have a bow and arrow that never misses, you’d better consider well before you aim and shoot. (That is hyperbole, but hopefully you get the point.) The potency of ZP leaves less room for careless errors.

Hence the listening guidelines and the prescribed limits on number of programs.

It may seem ‘slower’ or ‘frustrating’ to you when you try to imagine it now, but 6 months from now? When you’ve smoothly integrated up to a possible 12 different programs? You’ll realize you’ve been on the express train the whole time, thinking you were riding the local.


I appreciate the break down, it seems more like we’re in a lab or magitek forge the way you put everything, plus the terminator thing ( I mean frfr who hasn’t watched it😂) but yeah I can see everyone’s point, I don’t think I’m afraid of change, I think I’m just annoyed that I’ve been for the last week or tryna self reflect the best I could when I had time and when my emotions or productivity wasn’t in the gutter to really nail what actions I need to take for certain things to happen, and what subs do I need to switch and sacrifice to get more acute results for what’s needed for the next month and a half, along with tryna not sacrifice too much of what I want( which tbh are just things I need but need slightly less at this very moment).

It seems like like every day I follow the same routine, I go to sleep late as hell, staying up till like 5-7 am, get up, sometimes I wake up early enough to not completely hate life, other times I’m already saying fuck it, then head into work which while the area I have isn’t hard as long as the people don’t fuck with me, it still reminds me of how management royally fucked me over especially the director. Then I have idea after idea about how to create billion dollar franchises, some I write down others I don’t but for the most are still in my head waiting for me to write them down, then I sit procrastinate hoping to figure out a way to properly eliminate the procrastination since it’s the main cause of my stunted growth along with lack of focus. Then I come back home repeating the process ( of course there’s a lot more, like the cookie girl, Magick ect, and everything has gotten better with subs, but not much, but I’m not bout to include everything cause I’m not gonna talk ya ear off brother)

Then goals, so many goals, mainly huge as fuck ones. Most I want keep to myself and manifest people, a personal army of people for that way I won’t go truly insane

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Also 12 programs, smoothly integrated in just 6 months? Like permanently in your head? That is an upgrade, especially if there’s both inner and outer results.

Also is it cool if I tag you in my reflections? I’m hoping to write everything down and then type it up tomorrow, I mean I got the whole week off so it’s getting down one way or the other


I really enjoyed reading that.

Like a spontaneous freestyle post.

But yeah, I relate. It can be a challenge to try to get a handle on these things (and on everything else). Especially when your mind has a free-form intuitive creative process. I’ve been working with mine for a long time now, and we’re gradually moving along.

Remember sometimes to let it all go and just look at the ground beneath your feet. (and then raise your head and be blown away once again by all of the vistas and possibilities.)

Indeed, please do tag me in your reflections. Will be good to watch your journey.


:sweat_smile:, far point, though the only way I can see I could cover all my goals is if were to put 3 cores in two customs, alongside a couple heavily optimized Ultimas,

and shit like gaming mastery ( for Tekken and gaming in general, so I can actually have fun in games and hopefully be so good that I could start YouTube and streaming)

sex and seduction ( which from @Simon says is like the ultimate sub for persuasion, and knowing what to do and say regardless of who it is your talking to, basically reading body language and straight up seeing the equation to how to seduce which I’m hoping can after i see progress when I do get it will allow me to just go ahead seduce Cookie girl along with well, anybody else :rofl:. Plus add in pcc which @Luther24 himself in his Luther Wayne journal said it made interactions to easy like man’s was on some fr Junko enoshima level of analysis when it came to interactions he basically was like " yeah naw, imma need not to leave on shonen protagonist mode again cuz it’s too boring" and life would be on easy street Negan reference fully intended)

Ultimate artist ( which I have so many character designs, anime ideas, music from every genre, video game ideas all rolled up in my head or some on paper in written form but I can’t do any of it cuz I just don’t have that innate talent to draw or animate or music production or software, I could sing somewhat some years ago, could play the piano at like 12, and throughout the years to been asked to write stories by the teachers and I just fumbled most of it relying solely on raw talent. Not too mention there’s waaaaaaay too many skills that UA could help me learn that could help me make 5 to 6 figures a month per skill, and since I already have the mind and passion for it ain’t no way imma pass on it like that fam)

And subs like minds eye, and inner circle ( since I’m always day dreaming and I’d love the idea of consciously deciding what to manifest, and I need a lot of partners/subordinates for my ambitions,)

Then we have something like emperor or HOM or Stark, all of which seems like they could do everything you ever want as long as you had the proper diet and had nootropics on had and had a proper sleep schedule. Especially something like Stark is tantalizing since who the hell wouldn’t want to be an unrivaled prodigy in anything they were interested in, especially since it seems, to me at least , to be begging to be stacked or customed up with my current stack which is Renaissance man, wanted, quantum limitless and AM and LB and LEU, though I doubt Ultimas count since they are boosters unless used like a major , though I was planning to drop AM, and maybe replace QL with regular limitless for the time being and renaissance man for HOM since though I’m experiencing results from this stack( hell I’m still getting healing from my last stack) I need even more sharper results for the time being particularly making money, learning things about stocks, as well as other things im learning about to make money, plus the benefits of having that aura of a friendly emperor who can also see the social game and decide how loyal you want someone to be on command is just…oh my Lord. As for keeping wanted instead of RM, well I want to get bigger, in the pants, height and physique, in the next month and a half ( in all my vision guided and not, I’m always slightly buffer with pecs, and a bigger Johnson whenever I’m with my main girl or other people like cookie girl or shooting my shot on IG or Reddit w.e and in each case it’s a flawless victory)

Last note I say all this demonstrate some of my ideas and a few surface to mid level goals that will affect my life and way of thinking for the next some years. How can I not want a gargantuan stack when I myself want literally everything anyone could imagine.


Thank you, and Im glad you liked my style of typing/talking. I didn’t know it would be well received since it’s not that organized it’s just rumblings from a mad men fainting coherence or at least tries to. I might just do an exercise where I write general what I want to talk about and just freestyle from when I make the topic/thread. I’ve kinda did that or started to do that with Listing subs and why I want and making list of people to tag from various that concern my goals ( like Magick, money, height and make enhancement though I can barely find anything concrete on those if at all ect)

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A small history lesson for everyone who thinks Qv2 allowed a 4 subs stack.

Yes, it’s long. And there’s no TLDR.


Chapter 1: Boosters

Since 2018, the hard limit for Subliminal Stacking has always been 3 Major Programs.

Then to help us boost results – via Healing, State management, Aura generation, etc. – SC created 2 new product lines: Stack Modules and Superchargers.

These “booster products” were sold at less than half the price of Major programs.

Stack Modules were short 30-min subliminal files, to be added to your stack for just a few days, so as to break through any sticking points.
These were Rebirth, Limit Destroyer, GLM, Aura, and Sanguine.

Superchargers were even shorter 10-min guided visualisations, to be played right before taking aligned action.
These included Beyond Limitless, Libertine, True Social, and more.
You can get them all for FREE now, with the LifeCharger App.

From late 2018 to mid 2020, you could run as many as 6 of the above booster products in addition to your upto 3 Majors Stack in the same week.


Chapter 2: Revolution

In 2020, SC created a whole new build (just like they’re doing now with ZP), that would make both the above product lines WAY more effective. This was Ultima.

Just like ZP, there was an Ultima Research Project – with private and public tests. Including 2 entire products given away for FREE at the launch.

The capabilities of this Ultima technology however, were way beyond those of Stack Modules and Superchargers. This opened the doors for powerful manifestation tools like RICH and physical shifters like Paragon.

By late 2020, it became clear that an Ultima title needs to be given as much respect as a Q-Major, and you can’t run them just whenever you feel like. Anyone using 2+ Ultimas with a 2+ Stack was in hard recon.

This is when the guidelines became “Stack of 3 Majors + an Optional Booster.”
Or an Ultima could be treated as a Major. Hence, “Stack of 2 Majors + 1 Ultima + an Optional Booster.”

Important point to be noted
– It was still 3 Majors. You were NOT allowed a “Stack of 4 Q files.”


Chapter 3: The Limits of Stacking

Like mentioned before, ever since the beginning, the hard limit for Subliminal Stacking has always been 3 Major Programs.

The original Ultima line of products was allowed to be used as Boosters – in addition to your 3 Majors Stack – because they were upgraded versions of the original Boosters (Stack Modules & Superchargers.)

Now with the Zero Point build, @Fire & @SaintSovereign have created a way to combine the best of both technologies – Q and U – and go beyond where either of those two builds could ever go.

The Ultima line is going away. The Q line is going away.
They are all coming together under the QZP build.


There are no more “boosters.”

Everything is a ZP Major Program now.

And what’s the limit for stacking MPs?

– That’s right. THREE.

– Always. THREE.


Chapter 4: Over the Horizon

Copycats will now (because of this post) realize that SubClub, even back in 2018, was innovating on how to help their customers maximize results – by creating targeted boosters.

The founders still hold the same intentions. They have not forgotten what they had themselves created.

Booster files will return.

These will be new titles and upgrades in the LifeCharger line.

If you play nice, you will have your 4th file to play along with your upto 3 Majors Stack, by end of Q2 2022.

Have Patience. Have Faith.

Have Focus.

Take Action.


– Simon, the Unofficial Speculator –




Excellent explanation. Do you mind if I post this as a support article (attributed to you, of course)?


I’d be honored. Thanks, @SaintSovereign.


This timeline layout needs to be in the official support page or something. Thanks for. Though I didn’t know whether or not they would make boosters after ZP

Also where does weapon x programs fit into all this

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Also sorry to the person that started this thread didn’t mean to derail it😇

I relapsed some days ago and yesterday plus I stayed up till 6, so I slept till like 5 or 6 pm , the rest of today has been sluggish with me having ideas here and there, and liking some of the responses. Also I didn’t listen to my subs today cuz I thought Id be able to power through today and listen to them later, so I’ll just do it after we pick up dad. As for the post ect I’ll probably post it 2mor, I still gotta write stuff down.

Incredible post, thank you for this recap.


12 programs in 6 months, you mean by rotation?
Which would be an efficient method to rotate? Have you used rotation?

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I, myself, am not going to run 12 programs within 6 months. haha.

Personally, I’ve got my 3 customs and I’ll probably be working with them for 1-3 years.

But the above statement was imagining someone who runs one stack (of 3 programs) for 2 play periods. (1 play period is 21 days plus 5 processing days, so 26 days) Then switches to another stack for 2 more play periods. And so on.

If that were repeated 4 times, and if the programs were chosen wisely (e.g., subliminals that are more integrated with your daily life activities will integrate more quickly), then by the time all of that were done, it would be 8 play periods, or 208 days. A bit more than 6 months. Closer to 7.

There’s no need to run that many programs in such rapid succession. But my intention was to illustrate the outer limits of what could be possible while still adhering to the recommended listening guidelines.

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Very clear. Thank you very much @Malkuth

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