New Support Article: What Is Solace?

Read it here: What Is Solace?



“early observations have shown that Solace produces significantly better results”

Are there any plans to move all Main Store titles to Solace?


Thought that was always the plan?

We still have v2 and another mask to test first though so dont think will be finalized for awhile yet


Thank you for clearing that up, @Meng123

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Solace has been exceptional. Completely slipped my mind that it’s a prototype

This mask also isn’t final, but it’s an idea of what we’re attempting to accomplish.

@SaintSovereign, what subs have Solace, at the moment?

Yes, of course.


I can’t remember all of them. Renaissance Man, Heartsong… a few others. Love Bomb.


Executive Ultima, RICH, RICH Crypto and WANTED have Solace versions too.


wouldnt that make it super hard and taxing ? Qv2 seems light in terms of rec idk solace hit me in the head

but ill test later running solace with my stack, maybe what i was feeling was just new scripting and that solace isnt that hrd

That probably wont happen till q+.At that point,it will probably be ran only once a week/month anyway.

that will feel weird running 1 loop a month bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Has this been released? I just looked and it isn’t in my account.

I love Solace so much :weary:
I can’t wait to upgrade all my titles to it.

Very good article.

Maybe it would be good to add how Solace (prototype) is handled right now in Q-customs?

We just write it in the notes, that we want Solace?

Is there an extra cost? (There’s no option to choose Solace for an extra fee at the Build Option.)

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There will be within the next day or two. We’ve been doing it as a courtesy (when we can) for now.


What do you mean? Did you order it?

Yeah, I bought Heartsong but I don’t have a solace version is what I meant to say, sorry.

Oh, no Solace version yet, but we’re thinking of working on one. Lots of Q orders coming in and we have both machines – including my research one – pumping them out.

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Yeah you have been very kind with that. Thank you very much <3

Have you considered a DR ST4 solace? There’s a lot of healing that needs to be done!