Le Journal de Palpatine™ (2022)

I’m considering pausing Emperor for the time being. sticking with Mogul and Libertine/Love Bomb. just to lighten my stack up a bit.

EDIT: Actually, I want to see what Mogul and Love Bomb can do. I suspect my money manifestations in regards to “work” have been from Love Bomb infusing me with a sort of loving/gratitude vibe.


Ran just Mogul and Love Bomb today. As my stack going forward is just Mogul and Love Bome every other day. To test out my thinking about if Love Bomb is introducing some later of self-love/gratitude to the Mogul manifestations.

It was shopping day for the wife today…where she does Instacart and I drive her and deliver the goods, so no testing scripting today for me.

I will say I felt less “Alpha” and “in charge of myself” today…but that happens on Instacart days anyway. Since I don’t do much and I can’t listen to my “@alpha” playlist on volume setting LOUD AF like I do when alone.

No subs tomorrow, so I’ll see if the subs from today can express with just my alpha playlist tomorrow.

I really wish ZP customs were here so maybe I could squeeze a few of them together into one nice 15-minute life-boosting sub.


I’m definitely not feeling the same “drive” as before. Still at home. Eating my ramen before I leave.

Feels like one of those days that could swing either direction, but harder to swing in the direction of productivity.

I’ll run my @alpha playlist in the car. Alone today so I can blare it whilst driving

If you meet the requirements you can apply to the ZP custom test:

I’m just ready for ZP customs to be the norm


This could be bloom from not running Libertine any more. Or the other stuff I’m doing apart from SC subs. Or both. But Moonbeam is definitely responding already.

I just picked up food at the restaurant.
And she asked if I’m picking up a delivery or dining in.
I said picking up.
“Are you coming BACK?”
The way she said it seemed…hopeful.
I said I might later tonight.
She looked a bit disappointed and said “I’m not sure if I’ll be here tonight or not.”
Definitely seemed like an IOI to me, but I’m still a bit of an idiot with such things. Felt like it to me though.

My response was instantaneous and just came out naturally: “You should.”

She then smiled and seemed to light up.



After today’s result with Moonbeam…I really wish I were on Wanted still haha.
Even this Mogul and Love Bomb thing…not sure how that is yet. Today was a rest day…so I’m going back on Mogul+LB tomorrow…then my Alpha music playlist.

Since I was on no SubClub subs today, I just listened to the Alpha playlist. Felt mopey and sluggish as noted above when I first left.

But “Hammer” by Dirtphonics, among my other “Alpha” songs, really get me going.
Ended up doing $56.25 today with 5 deliveries before I decided to call it a day.

Then went home and read. For some reason, I felt compelled yesterday to pick up “Red Dragon” and read that again. I forgot how amazing Will Graham is as a character.


I was finally able to run my stack for today about an hour or two ago (around 9pm my time) due to wife deciding to go out with me again to do more Instacart shops since Thursday was so slow.

I feel “less alive” on just Mogul and Love Bomb than I did when alternating Mogul and Emperor on days and having Libertine and Love Bomb.

Kinda wondering if Libertine was the secret sauce in the Moonbeam stuff so far.
Wife has been more responsive, too. Sex this morning. Totally unplanned.

I kinda wanna run Wanted, Primal Seduction and Libertine soon. This seems like it would be powerful as hell.

As for money/wealth, my Ultima I’ve got planned will cover that as it will have modules to cover M1, M2 and M3 regardless of what my ZP stack is.

I just had a beer tonight as my way of honoring Meat Moaf’s memory. The partnership between him and Jim Steinman reminds me somewhat of that between Saint and Fire.

Saint said they occasionally have blowout arguments since they’re both passionate about this company and the subliminal industry as a whole.

Jim Steinman was Meat’s primary songwriter for Bat Out of Hell, volumes 1 and 2…among many others of course. They disagreed so much at one point, they didn’t talk for a few YEARS. Then they came back together, and put out some more amazing music.

Dunno why…but their working partnership always fascinated me. If ever I were to model a core songwriter to learn that ability, it would be Steinman.

fun fact: He originally wrote “Total Eclipse of the Heart” about vampires. Check out the lyrics through that lens and it’s kinda creepycoolawesome.


I forgot about an experience that happened the other day. I was reminded by something in @HansLanda’s journal

I made a delivery to a middle school here in the area. they have a weird pull-around driveway in front for pickup. I didn’t see any signage when I went it, so just picked the side of it closest to the parking lot, as I was delivering to an employee in the office.

This guy in his pickup truck, when I got out of the car, got out…walking toward me…and I figured he was the guy I was delivering to (as the instructions said to meet outside)

He gets closer, and his demeanor seems very submissive or something.

And he says “Not to be a KAREN, because I hate KARENs. Just wanted to let you know for future reference that the traffic flow is the other direction. They haven’t repainted the arrow yet. Don’t want to offend, just letting you know.”

The whole time, he was doing that gesture of hands raised out in front of him, palms outward, pushing toward me.

This is the first and only time I’ve noticed any sort of “respect” reaction from men.
I’d have to say, if it’s subs, possibly bloom from EmperorZP or from running LoveBomb with Mogul. Not sure that Libertine would do that haha.




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I would say Emperor probably…you didn’t experienced anything similar on Wanted? Because I am very certain that Wanted ZP is the reason I am getting that effect on random people.

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Wanted got someone to send me nudes and talk about wanting to have sex. Nothing “respect-wise” from men, though.

To be honest, however, I’d rather get the women results anyway. I couldn’t careless if guys “respect” me if I’m too busy getting women to notice me. haha.


Well you got a good point! I would trade effects with you haha. I am yet to experience something like that on Wanted.

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Also remember, that stuff happened with the private-testing version of Wanted stacked with Diamond. I don’t remember which versions of each it was without digging into the private journal.

Just clarifying since I haven’t run Wanted really since the private tests. And that girl and I don’t talk as much because I’m not all that interested.


Taking a break from my stack so I can take care of something. I’ll be back next week.


Still not running any SubClubSubs this week (because of the other stuff I’m doing).

Just wanted to post here that I just got the green light from Saint regarding that Ultima custom I have planned.

So here is what I’ll be building.

The Ultima/Modules


  1. Mind’s Eye Core

M1 Support:

  1. Alexander’s Play
  2. Gorgeous Manifestor
  3. Sexual Manifestation

M2 Support:

  1. Seducer’s Gaze
  2. Temptation
  3. Long-Range Seduction
  4. Instant Seducing Tactician
  5. Focused Arousal
  6. Male Enhancement
  7. Prevent Premature Ejaculation

M3 Support:

  1. Debt Annihilator
  2. Sultan
  3. True Sell
  4. Furious Ascent
  5. The Way of ROI

Overall Sub Support:

  1. Yggdrsil
  2. Submodel Alpha
  3. Furious Ascent
  4. Mosaic
The Rationale

Mind’s Eye is the only core I could think of that I would likely NOT run in ZP regularly.

I probed a bit before about doing just modules in this Ultima and no cores. Saint said the only way that would be really effective is to run it right after Zero Point, as the modules with no cores likely wouldn’t “hook in” as well or something.

I’d honestly run an hour sub on its own day than cram it after 2 or 3 ZPs. That’s my biggest deciding factor on including one Q store core.

Mind’s Eye as a core will basically enhance ANY other sub I run, regardless of the build method.
The Modules were picked (as well as I could…Had to give up several to get this down to 20 haha) so that this sub will ALWAYS be hitting on my idea for M1, M2, M3.

No matter what subs I run in ZP, this will only enhance them as well as ALWAYS enhance those areas. So even if I run a fully wealth-focused ZP stack, I’ll still get some in about manifesting amazing sex and relationships with my wife and/or other women.

EDIT: Forgot that I didn’t end up getting Intuition Enhancer…went with Furious Ascent since I have Submodel Alpha already. Was short money to license Intuition Enhancer if I recall. And Furious Ascent should work nicely.


Continuing this from my post on the Heartsong thread somewhat

I talked to my dad tonight, and he said that he feels like he failed as a father, since I seem to have “forgotten” all he taught me. He’s basically bummed that I don’t call him daily (sometimes more than once a day). Also pissed that I moved to the PACNORWEST instead of staying in boring-ass Kansas.

He legit said tonight “I always imagined you’d take care of me in my old age. I don’t expect you to, but I always thought you might.”

One time years ago, he told me one of the worst inventions is the (his words) “dependable fucking automobile. Because kids can just up and leave home now instead of staying home and keeping family strong. Kids should stay home”

Back to tonight:

He says “You’ve changed as you’ve gotten older and you just aren’t the same anymore”

And when I casually said “Everybody changes over time” he said “Other than being more vocal MAYBE, I’m still the same person I was at 13 years old.” Yet somehow I’M the one with the problems? Anyway yeah. I’m done caring about decorum and bullshit. All around.


EDIT: For time perspective , he was 13 in 1965.


There have been studies done about the mental age of most adults, and I remember seeing one as low as 12 years old. But at least hes has some awareness to actually see that, but as most, not the will to change it.

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He thinks he’s actually a “whole” person. Not that he feels 13. He honestly thinks the world is “going to shit” and he blames it on whoever the sitting Democratic president is. When a Republican is in office, they can do no wrong and “deserve the benefit of the doubt”.

It’s a mess.

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Yep, learned helplessness, the biggest epidemic in the world :+1: