Just New To Subliminal Club

Hi to all.

I am new here. Just found out about Sub Club yesterday. I read much as i can and decided to download the free subs, AC and Love bomb. I have not listened to them as of yet, but i decided today to go ahead and just bought the Dragon Reborn, as i received a notification email with 20% discount using it with this next purchase.

Before i had some results using Paul Scheele Paraliminals and Rex Sikes. Though that was like more than a decade ago, and recently been looking for a truly life changing subliminals. I was hoping I made the right decision, anyway there is a 30 day money back guarantee, so…

if the Dragon Reborn works, I intend to buy Quantum Limitless, Emperor etc.


Hey and welcome to the club.
It’s going to be an exciting journey but, please, bear in mind that Dragon Reborn is the toughest program to run and that’s why our club recommends going with “less demanding” subs like Ascension or Regeneration and Elixir first. You can go straight ahead with Dragon Reborn but it’ll be, most certainly, a rough ride. Don’t get discouraged though. Start with A Love Bomb for Humanity to get a feel of what Subliminal Club’s programs are like.


I know you mean A Love Bomb for Humanity (LBH or LBfH in short form). Love Bomb is another product.

Anyways, you came in at a good time to get 2 products for free. Try them out.

Ascension Chamber should only be run one loop once a week. And LBH one loop every alternate day

DR is recommended after a while. Not an ideal first SC subliminal.

Welcome to Subliminal Club. Here is the support page where you can find more info:


thank you Varuna to liking and replying to my post, I earned a Welcome Badge via notification.

I made it through my deathbed with many difficult situations I had, so I am hoping that I can handle DR :innocent:


If you’re sure you want to go with Dragon Reborn I suggest you should start with LBfH first and run it for one cycle solo and then pair it up with DR. It’s an excellent stack, me and many other people are running it getting great results.

Here’s DR discussion thread:

And here’s my journal (DR+LBfH):


Hello Lion, thank you for additional information. I will continue reading.


awesome! those links will make my reading easier! <3


Here are two more journals (DR+LBfH):


Hi @PowerSource Welcome to the forum! Good luck in your subliminal journey.


Oh it does :slight_smile:


Welcome, this club is the best. If you start Dragon Reborn, commit to it. I’m on stage 2 myself and it’s been quite an experience so far. Life changing.

You got this!


thanks Pat. i do sure feel welcome and accepted here.


Nice! looking forward to reading all your contributions.


I just did a year on Dragon Reborn myself. I have one thing to say. Don’t start with it. It can be really rough on an experienced user and worse on a news sub user.
Ascension is the best place to start for most people.


Thanks for concern, but if i don’t start with DR, then how will i know it’s effectiveness? also considering my 30-day-back guarantee is on the line. Should i get a refund rightaway?

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It can be taxing. Make you feel low, angry, emotional. I ran cfw, regeneration and Elixir as my first subs so I can’t speak to it being my first sub.

However since you bought it, why not start stage 1 and see how you feel on it. We share caution but shouldn’t scare new users. (I joined in February, so I’m pretty new myself)

I always ran 1 loop. I listen Mon, Wed, Fri. Weekends off. Skip Every 3rd Fri. Don’t listen for 4 days(washout) then start again. That = 21 days total. Easy schedule.



You can even start with 3 minutes of the audio and the gradually move to the full 15 minutes.
Monitor yourself and see how you respond

As other said DR can be taxing mentally, emotionally and even physically (well… what you expect from a dragon anyway :grin:), so your decision should take into account also your daily responsabilities and duties.

And of course read the forum and ask for suggestions if you have doubts (dont do like me in my first cycle of DR :innocent:)


oh those, i believe i can go through them, I did make it through my deathbed as i had said, so what else could be worse?

i totally agree. :blush:


Thanks for your welcoming me.

sounds good strategy.

okay okay :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@PowerSource Welcome and Rock n Roll