Humanity Reborn [Dragon Reborn A Love Bomb for Humanity]


I want to run Dragon Reborn (st4) for three more cycles pairing it up with A Love Bomb for Humanity since I do need more healing, especially, in the area where LBfH offers its gentle healing that is the area of self-love, self-care, and self-appreciation. Brushing away the residue of negativity that’s left in me is also something I’m looking forward to as well. On top of that, I didn’t love myself as a kid and as a teenager, and I didn’t also take good care of myself till I was in my mid-30s (I’m 39 y.o.) so there must be still some residue of that in me that needs to get resolved as well. I believe LBfH will smooth out all the cracks that are left in my psyche since love is the best balm as my mom used to say. It may be that I’ll be running LBfH for a longer time since I need to work on those cracks I mentioned above, which stem, I think, from the lack of self-love, self-care, and self-appreciation I suffered from for many, many years. Besides, I’m going back to teaching so LBfH is the perfect fit for me anyway. I’m starting my journal today since I ran one loop of LBfH in the morning despite the fact that I’m on my washout. LBfH has already made me calmer yet more energetic. I really like that.


Awesome decision, bro. I had recommended this stack when someone asked whether he could pair DR ST1 with LBH in the LBH thread (and I said yes). The explanation was good enough for SaintSovereign to like it which I always take as a good confirmation of any theory no matter who says it. My explanation dealt only with LBH helping deal with the reconciliation from DR ST1 though.

But going even farther than what I have said, you make very good points on how LBH can go beyond just solving recon and go at the heart of the matter in terms of using Love as a healing tool along with DR which is built to heal.

While DR BURNS your limits with fire, LBH DISSOLVES them with water. A worthy yin and yang stack that will go far in reclaiming our SELF in both masculine (DR) and feminine (LBH) ways.

Happy to see people doing this stack (I think so far am counting 3 journals including yours) doing this and it reminds me of the time when people were doing DR left and right at the time of its release.

A new dawn is rising when it is not just Dragons who are being born with DR but Dragons on a higher plane due to LBH + DR.

I call them the Arch Dragons.

images (3)

All the best, my friend!


Thank you, Lion. :slight_smile:

I’m also very curious about how the Arch Dragons are going to evolve on this magnificent stack as love is an excellent catalyst of any change, and, especially, internal ones that usually require of us a lot of healing, and love do heal. Another great thing is, LBfH is going to get improved even further since it’s still an experimental title so I’m also excited about being a part of that subliminal technology evolution that will serve Humanity in the future.

Peace! :heart_eyes:

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It’s only going to get better but yes you are right it’s going to be exciting to see things fly high. Like a soaring dragon flying sky high and even higher to planes of existence which we can’t even imagine.

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Day 1
So it has begun. I was pretty calm and relaxed today and I had that energy that attracts people’s attention as well.

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That totally resonate with me. I remember receiving compliments for whatever reson and silently thinking “I’m not so special”, “he/she says this just to be gentle” etc…
Obviously (like is always the case) there were two polarities fighting, the more active/conscious was the above one. Then there was the more silent one, pride, that came out when I perceived something as an offense

Anyway, I’m following your journal. I will surely add LBFH to my stack, or in place of CWON.

Will you listen to the full 15min or?

Yes, I always do.

LBfH is a great replacement for CWoN when you need a bit more healing related to self-love, self-care, and self-appreciation. As far as I can see you would benefit from it a lot.

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Day 3
I’m in a great mood today. I got some realizations related to humanity that made me aware of some psychological inclinations that make humanity such a ridiculous species… in my eyes, naturally. I’m still laughing at humanity as a whole due to those realizations. :blush:

It seems to me that LBfH helps me understand human nature and psychology better.


Day 5
I’m in a good mood almost all the time apart from some foreboding feeling I used to get when testing the ZP prototype Mk.II and Mk.III. It’s like feeling not really comfortable with loving myself and my life, enjoying simple things, and just feeling good.

My sister called me by my nickname which had never happened before and we, Poles, do that only when someone is dear to us or is our little child. My sister has no love for me… nor to anyone, I suppose.

I met my cousin, and when he left my mother told me I had much more love in me and much more smile than he did. She had never told me anything like that before.

Cool :blush:


Day 7
I’m too relaxed and in a nice mood and not really eager to ponder upon the changes that are taking place in my psyche right now, let alone log them in my journal. I just want to enjoy the ride. :blush:

I don’t know why but I miss my dad (who died of Covid-19 last December).


Yesterday I booked a flight ticket with some airlines that are scammers, as it occurred later on. They often cancel their flights and don’t honor their refund policy. But here’s the thing, when I confirmed the payment I got a message that said my payment couldn’t get accepted and I should try to use another debit card. However, I got the ticket to my email address one or two minutes later. It’s valid since today I got another email from those airlines and they said I got covered with baggage insurance. I don’t really need that ticket, it’s only about showing the Thais that I have a departure ticket to get my visa-exempt stamp at the airport. LBfH at work, I suppose. :blush:

Feeling good… :heart_eyes:

I’m waiting for my flight to Bangkok in Doha and even though I took a 40-minute nap only I can manage to stay up still at 5 am of local time. I have the flight in 3 hours and then 7 hours till I reach BKK.


Travel safe!

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Day 11
LBfH has helped me define my very core archetype or it may be that it tackles the same source in all of us that is - sanctity. I literally feel as if was changing into a Jesus of some sort or it may be that it’s unlocking my very core archetype it helped me discover that is Divine Empath or something like that. My empathy and the ability to read and understand people have been really high all my life but now it feels really divine and brought me to many interesting conclusions and to something that seems to be the first step towards total immunity to evil. Literally. It also feels as if some ancient demon who has been marauding around the sanctuary of my soul for ages got challenged and was getting fought off pretty hard although the fight is almost effortless and the victory is certain.

I’m really forgiving when it comes to people’s flaws and I finally accepted the fact that people are weak and corrupted and they have the right to be this way and it’s me who has no right to blame them for that.

I also understood that I don’t actually have fights with my fiancée but we just brainstorm and it gets emotional from time to time. I also discovered how much we love one another. We’ll be getting married soon and that’s the only thing in this log I don’t attribute to LBfH. :blush:

The only recon I got was about becoming “a saint amongst monsters” whilst I was thinking I shouldn’t be that way and that I should be more like “a monster to fight off the monsters”. But who needs that fight?
I was thinking how much I hate LBfH for changing me that way and I was determined to give up on it… I was.


Proceed Brother Proceed


Day 13
I’ve never in my entire life heard as many compliments about my looks as I’ve heard recently. Women say I’m handsome and some say I’m cute. My fiancée is delighted knowing that women admire her would-be husband.

I’ve got really emotional meaning all my feelings are way more intensive and I’m much more sensitive but in a way that doesn’t take the power over them away from me. I’m experiencing and expressing my feelings and emotions way more powerfully. I got a much better insight into how my emotional world works and I’m learning how to manage it in a more “efficient” way.

The only “drawback” now is I’m not really willing to take control over my emotions and feelings and I just want to let them flow the way they want as I feel that’s the best course of action, and that may alter my emotional state pretty fast.

I don’t know if it’s recon but being so emotional makes me doubt what the rational mind has to say but questioning its voice doesn’t feel bad as it used to in the past.

It also looks like my stack hasn’t been so taxing on me since I switched to listening to it in the evening (I listened to it in the morning before).


Day 14
I’ve just read what Fire wrote and that’s exactly what LBfH is doing for me at its core:


Day 15
I’ve been getting recon in the form of negative thoughts towards random people showing up only in my mind and it may be that it’s been occurring since I’ve been staying at home recently. It tends to fade away every time I’m out and interacting with people.

I feel that LBfH is filling up the “holes” or diminishing the void in my psyche but the thing is those holes, that void is a part of my “old” identity and they’re like scars on a warrior’s body that mark the battles he’s fought and they are a part of who he is, his honor, his pride, his power, and will. It’s like a part of me wants to cling to them and wants them to stick with me and that’s why I’m considering giving up on LFfH for now as I feel those “scars”, that pain of the past determines my growth… that hate, that darkness which helped me survive and go through hell. It’s totally irrational… yet I realized that I must be some kind of emotional berserker that inflicts wounds to his psyche to fill it up with rage which is his only real fuel. I don’t even know if it makes any sense but I don’t care as long as I keep going.

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I’m finding as I’m just not resisting my feelings anymore when I can’t hold on to the junk even when I want to, that I’m seeing more clearly and the insights still happen. The last few days I’m really, or at least think I am, seeing or knowing the place the sage/master’s anger comes from.

There are these enlightened beings who teach to give up anger etc, also that it’s very difficult to do so, maybe even a lost cause, and yet there are times when they come in contact with people and they just berate them and yell at them. But it’s not from a place of hate or even identification.

It’s just for whatever reason that’s what’s appropriate for that particular person in that particular time. There are many stories where people came to see them but they got yelled at by the master and sent away and it’s tough to explain things sometimes. Like to know something is one thing but to then attempt to convey it isn’t always easy.



It’s the principle of nonattachment.

Some of those ‘enlightened’ beings can express anger much more intensely and effectively than the average person. But then when it’s finished, it’s finished.


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Day 16
I was out and got a lot of positive vibes today. I did the shopping and I got five discounts which had never happened to me before. I got a discount at all the four shops I went to. Cool. :blush: