Empire Virtuoso - Making a Positive Difference

After a good break from the forum – over 100 days it looks like – the release of HERO: Origins: Sage and a Blade brought me back to participate in the experiment to Become Legendary (imho, a very cool identity shift there from Advancing Human Potential)…

…and it seems like I missed a good bit of drama playing out here during that time, as far as I can tell from Saint’s journal anyway (there was a mention of my name in there that made me lift an eyebrow, but also, idc to get involved).

It sounds like a huge pain in the ass for the guys behind the scenes here to go through cycles of that crap, so hopefully those matters get cleared up and their energies can focus on creating more awesomeness and beauty in the world…

…like their latest release: Sage and a Blade – sounds exactly in rhythm with another group I’m a part of looking to make a big impact in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously – the timing couldn’t be better for me personally…

…these tools are the bees knees for boosting shifts in mindset.

The last two cycles, I ran Emperor, GLM, and DR: Limit Destroyer (this will be the 4th cycle with DRLD in the stack). So to add in HSB, I’m dropping GLM.

One of the biggest reasons I’m adding in HERO is to dive into the virtues and develop them in my own way (through the archetype of the Emperor)…

And it doesn’t hurt that it’s a kick-ass title for my martial arts practice, which includes studying the blade…


Thinking about moments in the past where you deceived yourself while trying to get to sleep isn’t the way to start off a good night’s rest, fyi…

I ran a full loop of Hero and only 3 minutes of Emperor and DRLD on the next listening day to reduce the load, but I think I’m going to roll back Hero exposure to 3 minutes as well until I acclimate a little better to what I guess is the honesty or wisdom scripting.

Ran 3 minutes of Hero this morning after only 4.5 hours of sleep, then went to morning training…it was rough.

On the way, I read an entry in BoFR that uses carpentry as a metaphor for mastering the martial science, and how a carpenter needs to keep his tools sharpened and whetted…

…then during class, I found out real quick that I’ve been too lax with not sharpening certain skills regularly enough to be used without any hesitation. I’ve relied too heavily on certain strategies and strengths while ignoring things that didn’t come as naturally to me.

It was a humbling experience.

I felt like a terrible student, and that I have no business teaching if I don’t fill these gaps.

So, I’ll fill them.

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Had a hard conversation this morning with someone close, and I’m wondering if Hero’s scripting has anything that would make other people more honest with their thoughts and feelings?

Maybe it’s because she felt safe enough to express them regardless of how uncomfortable it was for her?

Either way, I handled it well as I was more in-the-moment than detached from it…instead of being cool, calm and collected, I was warm, calm and collected (and the fact that that isn’t alliterative bothers me)…

Felt the emotions rise and fluctuate during the conversation, but they seemed to have the volume turned down and I was more focused on taking accountability for my part.

This being the start of the 4th cycle with DRLD, I’m gonna say it had a lotta something to do with how I handled it and is definitely influencing how I’m processing it afterwards, but I imagine the addition of Hero helped me manifest this conversation in the first place so I could take care of it before it blew up in my face.


Did you start the conversation?
I run emp-hosb-kb and I experience similar conversations. But, it’s mostly because I genuinely feel comfortable opening hard topics and looking to have an objective view in all discussions.

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I definitely opened the opportunity to have the conversation. I noticed something subtle and asked what it was.

That random thought I had is the reason I took a break from the forum…

And to be transparent of my personal results with this: money in the bank decreased over the 107 days I spent zero time on the forum. :disappointed: I definitely didn’t “make it”.

But, I gained new insight, and with that I’m coming from a new perspective…a new frame of reference to shape my reality.

I alluded to it in my post on the Hero thread:

Running wealth sub after wealth sub for the last couple years, I focused on what I wanted to achieve…but it basically always felt like I had to grind it out. And still, I didn’t break free.

I told a friend once that it felt like I was stepping on the gas, but the e-brake was still on and I didn’t know how to disengage it. Lots of internal pressure, lots of stress, little movement.

Something shifted when I uncovered the reason my subconscious e-brake was engaged.

Bringing awareness to it allowed me to make a choice, a new commitment on a deeper level than just increasing the number in the bank account.

I got tested immediately the next morning with a mysterious sum of found money that landed in one of my accounts…and I chose to do what kept me in integrity.

No coincidences.

Since then, I’ve felt lighter somehow. And more calm and assured of the future than I’ve been in a long time.

Everything is an offer. Stand in your authority to make a counter-offer or a conditional agreement. Stay in honor.

Trained some groundwork and revisited the minute details of basic submissions…

…a small rotation of the hips here, an adjustment of hand position there…

…and like magic, the submissions came on faster, tighter, and were harder to counter.

You can see it in high level competitors – like Gordon Ryan – where they don’t really do the flashy moves that everyone loves to try in class, they stick to executing the fundamentals at an extremely deep level of understanding of the core princicples.

I still have a ways to go, but it felt like I crossed a threshold. :muscle:

  • Internalize the concept of “Honor,” transforming your actions and essence.

The past few weeks, I’ve been immersed in learning about Commerce and thinking a lot about offers, agreements, contracts, and maintaining honor in all my dealings. It seems like these concepts permeate deeply throughout our everyday lives and have a profound effect on reality once you begin to notice them in action all around. Our words do become law.

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Decided to swap DR: Limit Destroyer mid-cycle for EOG: Nouveau RICH when it drops, so I didn’t run it today like it was scheduled. Swapping mid-cycle isn’t a normal thing for me, but I want to ride the peak of the hype wave with everyone and see if that vibe enhances results somehow…(that’s a great excuse imo…feel free to steal it, reader…lol)

Looking at the spreadsheet, I’ll have 7 days between the last run of DRLD and the first loop of NRICH in a few days…I think that and only running 3-5 minute loops of Emperor and HERO (which is what I’ve been doing the last few loops) will be enough buffer for my brain and I avoid any harsh recon.

Incredible training session this morning…

I’m lucky to have found a mentor on this path who continues to evolve in his training and his understanding to this day…the process truly never ends, until it does. The entire experience was a microcosm for the rest of my life.

Whatever magic is in HERO helped with my speed of perception and really “getting it” today…because the whole experience upgraded my Mind.

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Ran first full loop of Nouveau RICH last night after it dropped – had run ~5 min of Hero in the morning – and the sensations I got in my head and body were noticeably different from when I ran the first full loop of Hero…

I’m not knowledgeable enough (or aware enough?) to know what the differences mean exactly, but I did get obviously strong, persistent sensations in the back of my head and in the center of my brow during the entire loop so I believe there’s significant, new mind’s eye magic in this one for sure…

…because how would you innovate on a disruptive level without powerful IN-sight?

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Noticed a strong sense of processing and load throughout the day yesterday, and even a bit today after running a full loop of NRICH almost two days ago now. Still ran a short loop of Emperor midday today anyway and didn’t feel like it was too much, but I’m getting a sense to take some extra days for processing though, so I’ll cut this cycle short.

No direct wealth manifestations to speak of yet, but I have written a LOT in my offline journal about money that produced a deep insight and led to me setting a stronger intention about it, so I know the NWE is working its magic.

Also – and I don’t know if it has anything to do with the whole “learning the not-secret-secret tax code” scripting – but reading further into contract law today felt good…which is not something I imagined myself capable of saying, ever :laughing:

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I had a “rethink” about what I said about my carrying extra fat on my frame here:

It hit me hard today – maybe Hero influence? – when I thought something to the effect of, “You think carrying this extra fat around is decent? …well, that’s why you keep carrying it around.”

Maybe the boldness scripting from NRICH firing up the honesty in my self-assessment, lol

I think there has to be some next-level boss mode scripting in Nouvea RICH that’s triggering my productivity muscle too…I’m making lists of tasks with assumed time-to-completion and getting joy out of crossing them off and seeing if I can do them faster than expected. Gamification for the win – oh shit, maybe this is some scripting related to the new dopamine module? :open_mouth: :thinking:

If it is, it’s working great after only two loops…

Anyway, wanted to jot this down before I get in a workout and a run because I’ve decided to surpass “decent” in terms of my fitness and physique.

For the record, I don’t “hate” my body now or anything, but I accept that I’ve been weak af in the discipline department in terms of physical training compared to how I used to be…that’s over.

This Emperor + Hero + NRICH combo is shaping up to be a beast if this is the type of early synergy I’m feeling…LFG :muscle:


Today’s day 2 of my 4-5 day break between cycles. I started this cycle with DR: Limit Destroyer then dropped it a week ahead of the Nouveau RICH drop, and finished off this cycle with 2 loops of NRICH in the brain queue…

…all in all, I’d say it’s playing out a lot smoother than I expected. Minimal recon, and my daily behaviors / routines are subtly changing for the better. Discipline, my sense of responsibility (also, my ability to respond to anything), and my honesty in self-assessment and, therefore, in communication with others is more powerful every day.

Dreams were wild last night…

epic elephants
  • two epic, mythological-sized elephants were trumpeting a sort of call-and-response song facing in my direction…I watched in a state of wonder from a mountain top (their heads were level with me, that’s how huge they were)…then one came over, put his front two feet on the side of the mountain I was on and knelt down, revealing a golden throne on top of him…I walked aboard
hidden blade
  • I moved through a crowd like water flowing around rocks while somehow concealing the fact that I had a katana in my hand (or maybe they couldn’t perceive it?), a little kid noticed it with some excitement but wasn’t sure if it was what he thought it was, so I used my thumb to flick it open and reveal a tiny bit of the steel, felt a kind of warm amusement at his eyes lighting up, then snapped it shut and continued on
ski slope
  • I got into a white car at the top of a snowy mountain side completely certain that I could easily guide the slide down the mountain…it went faster than I expected, then caught air…I couldn’t tell if I was in a car flying or in a car falling…there was a momentary fear of death that came up, but just as fast a sense that everything would be ok arose and I looked for a landing spot…which was the roof of what I’m guessing was the ski lodge, and I walked away just fine…the roof was going to need some repair though
mystery friend
  • having a conversation with a friend I’ve never met, he spoke about the Spirit and some of the gifts that seem supernatural and super weird to people but were normal and super cool…I told him that I was onboard with all of it, but I had concerns about the darkness that seems to be a permanent part of me…as I mentioned the darkness within, everything in the dream got shadowy and more black, my voice became more guttural, and a sense of something like cold anger started to come through as I told him that that part of me was ruthless…but I wasn’t overwhelmed by it, I noticed it and let it go, felt peaceful again…then woke up

Ignorance of the law is no excuse

There’s a sense of a daily battle between remembering and forgetting…

…like a lilting lullaby always in play to whisk one away.

Had a business-oriented dream last night that was all about providing massive value instead of maximizing immediate profit per transaction…

…it was about how we did deals in the music industry (which I have all of zero experience in) and how goodwill and reputation would be the real fuel to skyrocket us all to success…

…I laid out a strategy that on it’s face would barely make money, but I could see in my mind all the ways it could exponentially blow up our number of future opportunities…

…and it would feel better to do business that way. Everyone would love it: artists, fans, and more importantly, so would I. I just knew it.

Then I woke up.

That Nouveau new wealth experience hits different. 3 loops in.

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