Elixir of Regeneration


Inspired by Raphael’s journal I decided to start my healing process. I think his approach to subliminal programs is very reasonable. First we need to clear out the rubbish (bad feelings, memories, traumas and limiting beliefs) then build strong foundations (using an alpha program or sth which would make us solid) and only then move to a specific area of development (wealth, sex, status, science, art etc.). I’ve been using subliminal programming (mainly; alpha, sex and status programming) for over five years but avoided using healing programs deeming I didn’t need any emotional healing. That programming did some healing but still I suspect there might be some detrimental stuff in my mind I should get rid off.

I could write a book about my childhood and negative experiences but to put it short I’ll say, I was discriminated due to my hair colour (red) by my father who used to treat me badly whilst he treated my siblings like kings. Of course I had problems related to my hair coulour at school, in the neighborhood… wherever I went. I was raised by my mother who loved me a lot therefore I used to be really sensitive emotionally. So for the lion’s share of my life I was torn between love and hate deep inside. I used to be an introvert and an outcast. I lived like a hermit till I was 32 (now I’m 37), detached from the world. When I was 20 my brother stabbed himself to death and it caused a huge trauma in me and deepened my escapism. His death still pains me… That mind programming changed me a lot, I have my own life now. I left my country (my home) and live in Thailand now. I have a good woman who loves me a lot, some money and my business plan. All seems to go well yet… after reading Raphael’s journal I just convinced myself it’s time to try emotional healing to try to get rid off the burden and then try to go back to Khan. Khan was a great experience but I didn’t run it right, I ran each stage for 30 days instead of measuring my progress and switching the stages accordingly. Well, now I’m a bit smarter and decided to try to do it right. I’ve also run StarkT for almost three months but I suppose it was too much for me since the results were below the average. The Commander changed the game but only for 3 weeks and then it slackened. Ok, let’s go.

I ran my new stack last night:
2 loops of Regenration Q
1 loop of Elixir Ultima

Just before falling asleep I had visions of random eyes appearing and disappearing and then visions of dragons… and at the end a vision of a dragon’s eye. When I woke up early in the morning I felt refreshed and energized. Now, at work I’m calm and solid. I like the feeling. I’ve stopped using The Commander therefore my vibe is softer but still masculine.

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If you ever delve into customs, I suspect that Khan ST1 and Regeneration would be fantastic at whatever build strength you can handle (Q, Terminus, or T-squared).

I came so close to putting Khan ST1 into BILLionaire custom which will be delivered soon, but since it already has EoG ST1 and EoG ST4, I thought that might be a bit much lol.

Looking forward to seeing your healing journey here.


@Voytek - let the healing begin! And I can see that it already has.


Day 2
Last night I increased the number of loops for Regeneration from two to three. I woke up well-rested and energized although I felt as if I had a hangover for the first five minutes.

So now my routine is:
3 loops of Regeneration
1 loop of Elixir

Apart from it my routine is:
5 days on and 2 days 0ff (weekends), only NIGHT listening
1x1h of silence
1x1h of silence
1x1h of silence
1x1h of silence

I’m going to listen to my healing stack for five weeks and then decide what to do next; keep listening to it or switch to another stack.


I feel even more solid than I felt yesterday and all minor anxieties I had been experiencing for over one week before starting the stack have disappeared. I’m a bit carefree which I like a lot, on the other hand that lightheartedness might be related to leaving the job on Friday. OR maybe because I stopped running Stark Terminus three nights ago and it’s kicking in only now.


Day 3
I increased the number of loops for Regeneration from 3 to 4 last night so my routine is like this now:
1x1h of silence
1x1h of silence
1x1h of silence
1x1h of silence

I feel the stack is digging really deep. I still feel good and solid.


This is Elixir Ultima? or pre-Ultima?


And being a hermit is bad how? You were practicing for any necessary social distancing


Yes, I’m using the Ultima version. If I could keep the current results I think I wouldn’t need any additional alpha programming. I’ve also noticed a cognitive boost on top of a general mood boost.


It’s bad if it’s a form of survival rather than a spiritual path of self development. It developed some aspects of my intellect but if it comes to social and life skills…oh well, I learnt a lot during those five years of living by my own… things I should have learnt many years ago.


Day 4
Still running this stack:

Last night I dreamt about my father twice… he was trying to put his usual shit on me but I was detached from it and at some point I just realized he… just couldn’t find the right way of communicating with me. When I woke up in the morning I thought about the dreams and realized that was it, my father didn’t know how to talk to me and oftentimes got angry because of that and treated me badly. When I’m thinking about the past experiences it’s like we both spoke two different languages. I realized he didn’t treat me badly because of me being a worthless shit in his view, not out of hate but out of the frustration he couldn’t communicate with me effectively. Really powerful realization based on those two dreams. Interesting thing… before going to bed I told my gf (when eating an apple) that my father used to like apples and that I knew what kind of food he liked. I was surprised a bit I mentioned him in such a carefree context.
Today in the morning in the bathroom I looked into the mirror and I thought to myself; man, I love you. Wow, that was really big for me.


Bruh, that was effing beautiful.

i’m thinking of this so much now because I’m a dad and I’m in the process—right now—of making those same errors. I try not to and I still fuck up.

I was out walking with my son a few weeks ago and I watched myself in real-time doing the wrong thing. You know? It is so easy to do wrong things. Getting things right is special.

My son was dragging his feet, literally and metaphorically, and I was thinking, ‘I want him to put in work now so that it’s easier for him later’ and that kind of thing. And then it hit me, ‘You’re not honoring him. You NEED to honor him. If you can’t figure that out, that’s on you. and, GO FIGURE IT OUT.’

It’s funny but I started repeating it as a mantra. ‘Honor him.’ ‘Honor him.’ and when words were about to come out of my grill, they had to get past that. If they couldn’t get past that it was like ‘swallow them back down’.

It’s a daily practice. But the pay-off could be so good. To add to his sense of wellbeing rather than to his sense of doubt, and to be able to be in each other’s life as he grows and figures all of this crap out.


really beautiful insight and wisdom moment from you, man.


Thank you for your reply, I like it a lot…

They say it’s a wonderful gift to teach your son on how to be a man and watch him grow but I would say it must be even better to teach him on how to be human and watch him grow into a strong and beautiful human being. My father was disappointed in me since in his view I wasn’t growing towards being a “real” man, he gave up on me and let my mother do the job. I’ve always admired his versatility (cooking, building, repairing, making an excellent wine etc.) but he never bothered to try to teach me (he taught me how to ride a bike only…) and just had me clean up the mess after he was done. He assumed I wasn’t apt to do those things. Too bad, his outstanding knowledge will die with him… the best heritage he could bequeath me with… Give your son the best what you have and the best who you are and it won’t die with you but will live in your son.

Best wishes to you and your SON! :slight_smile:


@Voytek, @Malkuth - yes. My EU and RQ stack too brought out a lot of anger issues with my father (and mother). In vast areas of India, it is considered “correct” to have the sons live in the family house and it is some sort of disobedience to go against the parents’ wishes.

As it is, I have already “dishonored” them by not marrying. Now I guess I will do that twice by having to leave home.

Lots of anger came out yesterday and today morning. Am letting it all go.

I now know that I should have left home way back but I can’t help that now. This is why I need to go to the next step and earn some financial independence before I can do anything about it. Don’t want to depend on my family for my sustenance.


Do you feel/think you’re done with those anger issues after doing your healing stack?


@Voytek - I think it would be too early to say whether am done or not. More like a lot of the issues went out of me as I let them go.

We can spend forever doing emotional healing, I believe. So that is why am opting to take the next step instead of being stuck in one place.


I’ll be doing my stack for 5 weeks in total and after that I’ll decide if I should stick to it or move to Emperor + RebirthU. I shall decide upon the results and my guts.


@Voytek - Excellent! Stay strong, bro :muscle:


I had a lot of positive energy and felt really light today yet now I feel it was a demanding experience. The one I described in the first post for Day 4. I got slithly irritated because of being tired but it’s under control which is unusual for me. Especially since my gf can easilly make me angry when I’m like that.


I used to get super angry on regeneration also especially with my partner…

Have no idea why