Burn Me Break Me To Achieve Freedom (2nd Cycle)

Welcome To My Multiverse Sub Journey

As you already got it by my title…I will be using a multi-stage sub at this time

Day 1 Dragon Reborn ST1 & Khan ST1
Day 2 Rest Day
Day 3 Escatasy Of Gold ST1

Since 3 of these titles are mainly based on healing only…So it will be interesting to see how much healing I will take this time…

I am 31 and I know I have fucked up so many times in life & there are lots of garbage that needed to be resolved…So no emperor, Wanted, PS, chosen…I just want to get healed first…

I will run this stack only for 21 days…then I will move to ST2
So it will take me a total of 15 weeks (12 weeks and washout 3 weeks (approx)…)roughly 4 months to complete these subs…So it will take lots of time…But I know…Good things will take time…& there are other people in this community…who are more committed & dedicated than me…

So let’s see how well I perform

I will continue to use bullet form of journaling…Just like my previous journal…I will definitely bold out a sentence If I find goody on that day…

Seriously guys I am slowly upgrading my journaling style too…So just hold on to me…I don’t want to prove to anybody here…I just want to log how I am doing good for myself

Day 1 Sub Day

Listening to STAGE 1 – DRAGON FIRE while writing this


What a stack! Good luck!


Yep…Good luck!!!



I am very curious about this combo.


me too…


has listened to both ST1 in 6 hours gap…Just had dreamed of some priest which I was having some cold war :slight_smile:

More details When I will paste logs here

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I must say, a very ambitious stack. A go big or go home type of stack in terms of sub density (multi-stagers), time commitment and cost.

I will watch this journal in interest.

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Run both st1 today…and i felt lot calmer and relax…i can’t tell you about healing just right now…
But feeling like there’s calmness all alround me

In gym performance was very focused…i am feeling soreness now

Getting new ideas to shoot my videos…

I know st1 will not bring robust results…but I am ready to sacrifice these 21 days…to lay right foundation for my future

I am thinking of adding quantum limitless and emperor fitness stack too

  • Slept earlier than usual :slight_smile:
  • No dream recall
  • On 6 am listen to Khan ST1 while sleeping
  • Had a dream of priest…some fight…I had some cold war with him in past
  • Woke up earlier than usual & 3 times wakeup in the middle of sleep
  • Listening to alpha affirmations
  • Day started earlier today

Day 3 Sub Day

  • Listened to EoG at the night while sleeping
  • No dreams remembered
  • Too much gaseous issue
  • Despite sleeping earlier than usual woke up late because too many times wakes up in between
  • Started day at 11 am…now I need to reduce it to 6 am compulsory
  • Wrote 15 goals…it’s basically for sleeping early & woke up early
  • Wrote down 3 gratitude list
  • I need to work my libido…libido is very low
  • I need to perform s… Whenever I feel & stop suppressing it…though I am getting healthy morning wood…It’s just some mental block I need to work on
  • Need to focus on my employer work…I am seriously lagging behind
  • Need to work on my video style & content idea editing etc
  • Need to earn money now…& stop procrastinating
  • Start dieting & I just need to maintain it & learn more about gaining muscle while taking protein rich food
  • Need to stop looking at phone unnecessarily & seeking validation from others
  • Haven’t gone out after waking up…I need to go outside & find the motivation outside of the gym too
  • For sleep issue…I got another idea…Just grabbing my notebook & writing issues my mind talking
  • Feeling lots of motivation to finish tasks
  • Finished task per task & now I need to prioritize important tasks & less important tasks hmm
  • Felt great at gym…One of the best chest days I ever had
  • Also did Zumba but not that great :slight_smile:
  • Wasted time afterward :frowning:

Day 4 Rest Day

  • Yesterday I took a sleeping pill for better sleep but did not sleep well…if the problem is in mind we can’t do anything :frowning:
  • Wasted money time since waking up
  • Feeling too much hungry & eating too much…these subs demanding more energy or other issues
  • Very bad sunday…zero productivity and lots of laziness
  • No diet today :frowning:
  • Watched P :frowning:
  • Meet zero new girl or talk

Sub Day 5

  • Slept earlier yesterday while listening to DR ST1
  • Had vivid dreams & and DR definitely working on worst fears…which I wasn’t aware it was sitting on my mind
  • Bowels are good thanks to psyllium husk
  • At 8 am listened to Khan ST1
  • Slept for while then finally woke up
  • Day stated 12 but need to prioritize task to achieve things in life
  • Wrote 15 goals & 3 gratitude list
  • On bf didn’t eat diet food because I have not to shop for eggs & chicken yet
  • In the morning while eating bf…wasted time watching youtube now I will replace it with something useful or mindful eat from next time
  • Still didn’t go outside & also done skincare routine
  • I today goal I wrote about problem-solving of the report which I am lagging behind…made it micro so that I can be stress-free
  • Important things move above the task list
  • Got a hint from a friend on SC…I am maybe wrong or right…but similar hint related to it I got last night…she is beautiful but very religious
  • Deleting P…I hope I will never go back…Though I was watching by skipping it …but is bad addiction
  • Reading about procrastination & all things are perfectly fitting on me

Rest Day 6

  • Yesterday in the gym I was a little jerk or brave I don’t know…I call out one general trainer on his face for his lack of attention towards me…I usually was a very nice guy who don’t react when someone do unjust with me… especially outside of home…but yesterday was very strange for me…Khan working or recon? Whatever…he came back to me apologize & paying attention to me but after that too I didn’t give him any validation

  • After gym 0 productivity because I was very tired & also slept early & woke up early too but again went to sleep because my band said…I have slept very little…

  • Recorded good video in the gym…it was long but I edited with very good shots only…unlike other times where my judgment was fucked up…it turned out to be a good video without any equipment

  • Wrote 15 goals…I noticed my goals are changing every day depending upon the situation

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I am too busy on productivity and unable to get free time to write journal

But let me tell you ef st1 is total different…if you are new to sub and want to see if sub work or not then start ef…you will see visible changes in gym with only 1 loop…fucking amazing

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Cool stack dude :ok_hand: mind sharing some of your goals?

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I have too many goals

finish procrastination from life
achieve ultimate productivity up to 12 hours a day
good physics
i want to become a wanted man where girl approach me
making money lots of it
etc etc


Good luck dude!


Day 9
Sub Day

I am very happy today that finally, I got a chance of writing a journal after a few days.
It’s maybe because of the magic of subs who knows :wink:

of course we know :slight_smile:

last few days were extreme productive except yesterday when I have hit by extreme recon because of overexposure to sub

It doesn’t mean that I didn’t write anything…I did indeed but not here on their respective sub whenever I was getting time from my mobile

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Sub Day 9

Listened to DR1 last night & I had my biggest trauma came up in my dream…that were tough life of my years…I don’t know what else will came up in next few loops before I end DR ST1 on this cycle

Also listened to Khan ST1 on at morning & again I slept to complete my sleep…got another vivid dream which was chaotic than previous one…though i didn’t remember that much

Though I didn’t had much productivity today but it was different day altogether for me
Calm Relaxation…right now even while writing this I am feeling much energetic like I drank too many cup of coffee

Though last cup is on 12 noon

Today was leg day & I perform good & in CrossFit gym too

The seduction stage has now gone but I still have amazing confidence but not witty & charm which I felt on PS & wanted

Maybe that thing will be complete in the second cycle because of Khan ST2…let’s hope for the best

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Here’s my experience with today’s released ac

I am having little cold :cold_face: maybe that’s why or sub effect i don’t know

After listening ac i ran eof st1…and in 5 minutes i had immediate recon

I felt desperate and done some annoying behaviour…after 1 hour i went to gym… despite amazing effects of eof st1 in past…today i was struggling to perform basic set with same weight in gym…i even thought to go home in middle

But as time pass i felt normal & eof start to showing its magic rest half workout was good and even today i note down my weight for each set on app

My situation improves as time pass and now i am feeling great… feeling full euphoria while i am writing this

Next week i will read my goals while listening to sub

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  • Started checking weight & announce I will lose weight lol
  • But did not started diet just started to avoid junk food at all cost
  • Saw lil pornography but immedetly closed it
  • Spoke with a crush but that spark was not there :frowning:

Rest Day 10

  • I am sleeping earlier than previous which is tremendous progress
  • Woke up only 2 times last night
  • I have activated Digital Detox on my 2 devices specially in night
  • I am also activating Digital Detox if I am stalking or seeking validation from girls
  • Losing weight but didn’t yet started protein based diet
  • Yesterday I got creative with one solution…I like what i did & learn
  • My today’s 15 goals all are based on seduction lol…looks like I have to do something about not interfere these things with my regular life
  • Today I decided to listen audio book Sex genius pleasure her as much as I can…lets see how much I can able to listen
  • Listen upto 3 hours but after book turn out be more visual…which I cant imagine…I will rather watch than forcing my imagination

Rest Day 11

Sub Day 12

Yesterday I slept well & didn’t even remember whether I listen to sub or not

Listen to AC at morning & also EoF after that

Rest Day 13


Sub Day 14

  • Listen to Khan ST1 at night while sleeping
  • had various vivid dreams & symbols
  • woke up 2 times
  • saw phone after waking up…need Digital Detox on phone for not wasting time…in middle of the night
  • slept again & again Had a marathon of various vivid dreams
  • slept well without antidepressant
  • anxiety is there…negative thinking is there
  • listen to DR st1 after breakfast
  • Doing some morning routine now

Rest Day 18

Really sad I haven’t written a journal for the last 4 days…because I was very hurt
I had a huge fight with my family & in the anger, I broke my smartphone which was very expensive :frowning: