Zero Point Universe Supplemental Information: Character Bios and More

Rising above time and the universe, a story of chosen souls, united by fate.

Current Reading Order:
Episode 1: Wanted Black: Fate Never Lies
Episode 2: Seductress Dark: Prologue
Episode 3: The Revelation of the Zero Point, Part 1

Character Bios:

John Wingliss:

John Wingliss is an enigmatic figure who exists at the intersection of power and mystery. Publicly known as a philanthropist and a visionary, he possesses an uncanny ability to influence global policies from behind the scenes. With a vast network extending from Wall Street to international government agencies, he is often referred to as a “puppet master” by those who suspect there’s more to him than meets the eye. His aura exudes a magnetic charm, one that captures the attention of everyone he encounters, not least of which is Jessica Dark, the Seraph assassin sent to eliminate him.

Despite his commanding presence, there are moments where glimpses of vulnerability and a yearning for genuine connection shine through. He seems to intuitively recognize the complexities within Jessica, fueling a connection that neither of them can easily break. While John Wingliss may appear to be a master of his universe, he too is a man caught in a web of complexities, a puzzle that is missing a few crucial pieces. Whether savior or manipulator, visionary or heretic, he stands at the crux of multiple lives, his next move invariably sealing not just his fate but also the fates of those entangled with him.

Jessica Dark:

Jessica Dark, socialite by day and assassin by night, is a paradox wrapped in enigma. Heiress to an oil empire and a fixture among New York’s elite, her public persona is that of a glamorous fashion queen, the kind whose every outfit becomes an instant trend. But beyond the glitz and the parties lies a woman trained in the deadly arts, a member of the secretive Seraph organization that breeds assassins to eliminate high-profile targets. Gifted with an arsenal of alternate identities, Jessica is skilled in the art of seduction and manipulation, traits honed to perfection to ensnare her victims at their most vulnerable moments before she strikes.

Yet, under the veneer of her many roles, there’s a growing sense of doubt, a questioning of the life she has led, intensified by her complicated feelings for John Wingliss, her current mark. Jessica finds herself at a crossroads, caught between her lethal profession and the stirring of unfamiliar emotions within her.

As she encounters Benedict “The Revelator” Lockwood, her life takes another inexplicable turn, forcing her to confront the complexities of love, identity, and the harrowing possibility of change.

The Revelator:

The Revelator is a transcendent figure, seemingly unbound by the laws of time and space, whose origins are as mysterious as the knowledge he possesses. Cloaked in an aura of otherworldly wisdom, he appears to select individuals at pivotal moments in their lives, offering them revelations that defy conventional understanding. Neither entirely human nor entirely divine, The Revelator exists in the interstitial spaces between reality and the unimaginable. He operates on frequencies most humans cannot perceive, tapping into subliminal audio technologies to awaken latent potentials within the human psyche.

Though his demeanor is calm, there is an intensity in his eyes that suggests he is perpetually tuned into the undercurrents of the universe. A harbinger of transformation, he initiates individuals like Jessica Dark into higher planes of consciousness, compelling them to question their very nature and purpose.

Is he a guide, a trickster, or a cosmic interloper? The Revelator defies easy categorization. He promises to unveil the secrets of the universe, yet his true motivations remain hidden. Like a prism refracting light into various spectrums, his character casts shades of both enlightenment and enigma. Those who encounter him are left forever changed, yet forever questioning— for The Revelator embodies the eternal riddle of existence itself.


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This is nice, even tho I’m more of a “yo I want new products guy” I have to says those stories are very nice and complement very well the subliminals.

Will there be new characters created further down the line representing different archetypes?

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as an LBFH fan, i want a character based on it too, lol.


Of course. I’ve mapped out potential storylines, characters, etc. for over a year, lol. But, it’s all dependent on the titles we end up working on.


Can I be a character too in your universe :sunglasses:?


Mr. Ego over there trying to sneak into subclub’s storyline :rofl::rofl:


I would give John Wingliss a run for his money :sunglasses:
And steal his girl while I’m at it :joy:


This makes me wonder if Wanted Black has additional features not listed in the official objectives…

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I mean technically all the subs have more objectives or things they do or what you should expect over time…. They can’t list everything out gotta have some secrets lol

Since it’s you saying it, that is how it will go. :joy:

I mean, this IS what Wanted Black is attempting to do, lol.


So will there be a sub to be like the Revelator. Either for ourselves or to cause those transformations in others? Or is he the embodiment of the revelation series…





Does this mean that The revelator is something like RoM+RoS+RoB combined?

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Yes. Here’s my custom ideas for Revelator:

Revelator: Spiritual Mind ZP
Cores: Revelation of Spirit Core + Revelation of Mind Core

Revelator: Dream Body ZP
Cores: Revelation of Dreams Core + Revelation of Body Core

Run Revelation of the Nectar Within main store title with those two customs lol.

Revelator Trinity QTKS
Cores: Revelation of Spirit + Revelation of Mind Core + Revelation of Body Core

Revelator Duality QTKS
Cores: Revelation of Dreams Core + Revelation of the Nectar Within Core

Run those two QTKS
: P

EDIT: usual warnings for not adding too many spiritual modules still apply. See descriptions of those Cores in the Q Store.


I had forgotten about RoD :slightly_smiling_face: :joy:

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Lol! Understandable. Cause Dreams are easy to forget.