The journey continues

Goals :

  1. using rich to the moment I can have money manifestations without using it (rich is awesome in manifestating sales out of the blue)

  2. to achieve the above goal I need to enhance my visualisation abilities using mind eye

  3. increase my meditation abilities and Caring more for my body and level of energy

  4. be an embodiment of love a true desire as I write it I have tears coming out of my eyes (thanks to rom ) about rom later

  5. marry a women that I love and she loves me and create a beautiful family together ( this where I will close this thread and open a new one )

  6. have a big circle of friends that I love them and they love me . (Daredevil may help here ) but I will try to do that through visualisation .

*** I will keep adding to these goals later

  • amount of self love and self appreciation that comes from ROM is incredible . To the degree I thought I ran LBFh in that cycle . Actually what I feel with rom is what I was looking for with LBFH .

  • positive self talk and feeling toward the self . And whenever that happens . I milk the moment using hicks expression . And I engulf myself in these thoughts and feeling .

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  • as I moved to a more successful version of reality , my desire to live and be youthful and energetic becomes more potent . The will to live and enjoy life to the fullest , still coupled with depressive episodes . And now days I read and use David Hawkins method "surrender procedure " mentioned in his book
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This post will be an archive for all dreams in the journey

Dreams in the journey

  1. I dreamt I was in luxurious city near me around 15 Km but it’s more luxurious than its current reality version . And I was living rich and abundant life in it with rich people like me . I was one of them living like them . How , I experiencing my dream life morning routine . … Awesome dream 19/3/2023

  2. a narrower visual screen with black and white dream . And a little bit darker from an emotional stand point , includes these elements . Hospital , young children , young girl , brothers kicking each other … 21/3/2023

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