Sid : The journey continues

Goals :

  1. using rich to the moment I can have money manifestations without using it (rich is awesome in manifestating sales out of the blue)

  2. to achieve the above goal I need to enhance my visualisation abilities using mind eye

  3. increase my meditation abilities and Caring more for my body and level of energy

  4. be an embodiment of love a true desire as I write it I have tears coming out of my eyes (thanks to rom ) about rom later

  5. marry a women that I love and she loves me and create a beautiful family together ( this where I will close this thread and open a new one )

  6. have a big circle of friends that I love them and they love me . (Daredevil may help here ) but I will try to do that through visualisation .

*** I will keep adding to these goals later

  • amount of self love and self appreciation that comes from ROM is incredible . To the degree I thought I ran LBFh in that cycle . Actually what I feel with rom is what I was looking for with LBFH .

  • positive self talk and feeling toward the self . And whenever that happens . I milk the moment using hicks expression . And I engulf myself in these thoughts and feeling .

  • as I moved to a more successful version of reality , my desire to live and be youthful and energetic becomes more potent . The will to live and enjoy life to the fullest , still coupled with depressive episodes . And now days I read and use David Hawkins method "surrender procedure " mentioned in his book

This post will be an archive for all dreams in the journey

Dreams in the journey

  1. I dreamt I was in luxurious city near me around 15 Km but it’s more luxurious than its current reality version . And I was living rich and abundant life in it with rich people like me . I was one of them living like them . How , I experiencing my dream life morning routine . … Awesome dream 19/3/2023

  2. a narrower visual screen with black and white dream . And a little bit darker from an emotional stand point , includes these elements . Hospital , young children , young girl , brothers kicking each other … 21/3/2023

  3. dreamt of a friend and his wife having a lovely slow dance smiling and they were happy together … 22/3/2023 Waked up thinking about a woman in my life that I can have a beautiful relationship with only if i take the first step

  4. a killing scene with a funny plot (I was reading action novel before sleep included a serious desire to kill from a not skillful one ) 22/3/2023

  5. Getting up the stairs of one of the properties owned by my uncles and the feeling was a feeling of neutral . Instead of conscious resentment feeling toward my family . 24/3/2023

  6. Soldiers get in there tank after a war battle there was some injured ones , the injured ones were afraid to go into another battle in there way to hospital . 24/3/2023

  7. was in a luxurious bank and I was dealt with like a vip customer 24/3/2023 by the way I don’t like banks especially the current fraud system and I am looking forward enthusiastically for the coming crash

  8. I was in a huge building with a friend I didn’t see or hear from him for above 9 years , the building was having an uneven surface and I was afraid how was that building holding itself . With these conditions . My friend was working as a chef in that building . While going out he sneak into the kitchen and brought to me huge amount of food . I take this food while getting out of the building . Meeting him was a friendly and lovely one . 25/3/2023

  9. dreamt that I was with the factory owner discussing our business together and the current situation . 30/3/2023 I was in deep thinking the night before about him and the current business situation . And in the real world I have a phone call with him and we decided on a meeting next week .

  10. dream or thought in adream some one was saying to me " the progress and expansion you did in the business usually takes 1 or 2 years and you did it in 6 months .31/3/2023

  11. I was in a city with long streets or that was a hotel in front of the sea :sailboat: the feeling was leaning more towards negative or blue feeling … 2/4/2023

  12. calling the police to …13/4 emperor related dream

  13. dreamt a bout a real woman in my life and she tell me about her love … This is a third dream first one was around one month ago and it was so emotional I dreamt about her 14/4


Week 1 from 18/March 2023 to 24 March

  • doing a face mask as a body caring routine .

  • decided to hire a store keeper . This decision take much tought . And I am afraid about the step . But it’s much needed decision that will resolve a lot of issues

  • my focus is to slow down . To regain my energy .

  • looking two months back about my relationship to money , I was going on my way trusting that money will manifest no matter what . And it was so . (Rich)

  • my life experience now days (when recon subsides ) reminded me of my first weeks on my spiritual journey at the time I was listening to Eckhart Tolle . And I have that sense of awe and gratefulness for everything mundane or grandiose doesn’t matter .

  • I think rich and rom will continue together at least for another cycle or two maybe .

  • to keep the momentum of rich I will focus all my cycles toward two titles only only only . Rich and another title . (This focus comes from rom )

  • D6 23 March tough recon day / I should have used TFT / why I forgot that ?!

  • I have a theory regarding recon , if I played my stack in the morning I don’t experience recon in my day … If I played my stack before the sleep I experience recon in the next day … I will need to observe more …

D 1 rich rom 18
D 2 19
D 3 rich rom 20
D 4 21
D5 22 rich rom 22 March
D6 23 tough recon / I should have used TFT / why I forgot that ?!
D7 rich rom 24


Week 2 from 25/March 2023 to 31 March

  • meeting someone today and within the talk he focused on an aspect of my life that is not on place . according to society … I felt bad f*** bad … Is this part of the unfolding experience I should TFT for that topic (is age related)

  • yesterday at the night I did TFT for recon and it helped .

  • although rich is awesome alone but should be stacked with another wealth personality title (stark,HOM , AM ) because when I play rich alone my focus drift to trying find other ways to generate money that is not related to my current path of manifestation . I know that this is part of rich goals . But just an observation .

  • Sanguine elixer stirred the pole of emotions and j am not ready now for that title . In my case because I want my focus to be completely focused on money making I can play SE only two times maximum in a cycle .

  • scarcity mindset when coupled with depression and frustrations (one business is not enough , one more sale is not enough ) but when coupled with curiosity , enthusiasm is a healthy mindset .

  • if following ones highest excitement is easy every one will be doing it and we will be living in a great life , I have this because my coming steps bring to me fear and I remembered Bashar words that fear is the same energy as excitement but with negative belief (filter)

  • I decided to succeed I decided to succeed more , success for me now or this the same concept I have years back is to reach my highest potential

  • part of my focus now days is to increase my level of concentration to the highest level possible , this is from ROM .
    Practices I used before and now I am planning to include them in my life again . Counting words , looking at my eyes in the mirror for 20 minutes sessions , breathe awareness , being in the centre screen (Vadim Zealand concept )

  • I am awesome and I will be more awesome (sanguine elixer) maybe 🤷 . Every thing is working out well for me .

  • two steps and if everything goes well , I will make a huge and radical step in my life …

  • was speaking with someone (details don’t Matter ) but he compared me with another 2 people in my country who . Have the same agency and he told me you are the third one in the number of sales although I started this agency from 7 months or so and they are known in there cities from 20years + ago . His statement irritated me . Because of smth financial not needed to get into now . Although his statement is right I didn’t have joy of that success and as I write this I am crying . I want to break my current wealth ceiling on a mental and outer reality level . For the sake of all the life experiences I want to live .

  • sales machine rolled up in its full power (according to my wealth ceiling , looking to increase it ) and as I review my subliminal schedule I find that I played AC yesterday . No wonder . Iam grateful I AM looking for more successful sales . Part of it helped since I played AC I found out that I was focusing my mind in a certain scene related to work that happens usually after doing good number of sales. :pray:

  • as I reviewed the past 6 months sales report , there was increasing in number of sales monthly. I am grateful :pray: interesting to see the number of sales after six months of using EOG and rich together and stark . This will be my stack for coming 2 years I guess . (Stark have everything regarding personally That suits me and rich and EOG suits my current goals ) I don’t have the luxury to play other titles (this is important , FOCUS is THE KEY )

  • today I have an important call and discussions .

  • reading book “secret power of negotiating” although I have That book from above 8 years but now I am reading it because I want to reach a satisfying deal for both parties .

- part of my focus now days is to find a new path of manifestation of money . I need to make more money . It will be awesome if I created more money out of my current paths …

  • grateful for that week for all that I learned . And looking forward for a more Successful week , successful in terms of focus , love , joy , peaceful resolution joy .

  • learned that week the importance of having higher stress tolerance .

  • that month number of sales of the main product are the highest in terms of the number not the cost of product .

  • questions I am looking for answer to with results mostly . Is can I manifest specific amount of money using rich and Ascension chamber together + using the what do you want and why you wanted technique ?! Let’s see what the answer will be

D9 rich sanguine the elixer 26
D10 Ascension chamber 27
D11 rich EOG st1 28/3
D12 29,3 important call / important discussion
D13 rich EOG st1 30/3
D14 31/3


Week 3 from 1 April to 7 April

  • new week , new opportunities for growth expansion and love , let’s proceed …

  • smth strange happened to me , I have that automatic thought I will succeed recured in my mind around 5 times then a question aroused within my mind and recured repeatedly " what’s your sign /evidence that you will succeed ?! " I don’t know what to answer but the feeling of assurance confidence in my body was the only answer available .

any one who declares their right is given it. You literally need to say: I declare my right. I return my power. I acquire the power of all my previous incarnations.
Words, however, are not enough. Words are so often empty talk. There is one subtle detail here. For your words to be heard, you have to use that archaic rudiment of which you are already aware: the plait.
Make your declaration using the plait just as you did when you were composing your own reality and Power will hear you. Do this, whenever you feel it is necessary. From the book tufti the priestess

  • did a lot of cleaning and organising files . Didn’t do That much since 2 month’s ago . And I am planning my next business steps .

  • today instead of eog st1 inserted stark with rich.

  • I feel so much energy although it’s 3am but I am energetic . Part of that maybe that I rested well this day after busy week .

  • my mode of visualisation : I am able visualise well if I am talkative in the scene . This will help me to build the scene well in my mind .

D15 rich EOG st1 1/4
D16 Ascension chamber 2/4
D17 rich EOG st1 3/4
D19 rich stark 5/4
D21 rich EOG st1 7/4


Week 4 from 8 April to 15 /April

  • the start of this week also is the start of the washout period… I don’t feel good in particular I am not satisfied with different life aspects .

  • tried scenario writing … but I was in low mood . Didn’t work out well .

  • I have a deep focused long rebirthing practice .

  • passion needs to be rejuvenated .

  • I was in continuous praying in the past 4 days for a solution to particular proplem …

  • is drinking coffee aleivates recon.. I didn’t drink coffee from around 4 days . Every now and then I restrain myself from drinking coffee . Today I found it hard and recon was as hell … so I have my coffee and here I am . Writing in the forum and imagining beautiful scenarios in my mind .

  • telepathy I know I have a connection with a woman on my radar as a potential wife . Meeting her was a syncronicity that emperor HOM helped in it . That’s why I am not interested to play HOM because it will push me to take the initiative toward this women . And I feel I am not ready . Although I wish that I am ready to be with her and get to know her more .

  • find myself listening to a lot of tarot reading on YouTube lately … I love the storyline aspects of tarot reading .

  • there was a change in my voice in the past two days . I don’t know how to describe it but it was powerful …(related to stark I guess let’s see that in stark thread)

  • when night comes and when I am in a certain places with definitive vibe … My mind goes on automatic positive thoughts while feeling it on my body for example … I am awesome and I know that … I am powerful beyond measure , I feel power within me
    … I feel power building up within me … I have an infinite reservoir of power… I am awessssome .I love that feeling of power …

  • the anxiety for the coming meeting disappeared … I know that everything will go well …

  • that pain I feel I release it and melt it within my Power That is building up … it disappeared I did this around 5 times as i was sitting … lets see when ever this pain happens I will say the same thing … Let the pain I feel melt in my own power :sparkles:

  • as I was driving back home , I found myself looking at these properties , villas ,3 star motels & caffes and restaurants nearly everything my eyes fall on and I ask " what it feels like to own this and that ?! Sometimes I feel tingling and sometimes I just keep asking the question unstoppable , And other question also keep arising " what it looks like to own That ?! This answer comes as me imagining the paper that proof of me owning these things available in my home office … I think this is EOG St 1 …

  • my business thinking and focus is scattered. Because my loneliness challenge … I need to solve it asap because this is hindering me a lot …

  • astrology in my natal chart Pluto is in second house with scorpion :scorpion: . The key area of the second house are possessions and assets … and Scorpion known about secrets … a lot of my friends don’t know everything about the properties owned by the family if one knows one property he doesn’t know about the others … And I don’t like to talk about it … Even with Governmental authorities like what I wrote here but calling it rebellious personality maybe scorpion traits in the second house with Pluto
    Continuing the discussion from Expand beyond measure:

The house of Pluto and it’s aspects are more important. It’s house shows where you seek power … And here we are with direct quotes from my past journal

Continuing the discussion from Expand beyond measure:

Hey @Malkuth & @AlexanderGraves , what’s your opinion about the Pluto second house with scorpion :scorpion:

  • two high energy encounters while sleeping 1)one entity and my body felt immovable but the vibe looked like my brother vibe loving and caring , the other one is 2) out of body experience and I was moving in high speed to different places known and unknown

  • I will put my mind and beliefs in a tough experience which is thinking about all the things I own . Why tough because I learned from a young age that when you say I own or I have smth you make it smaller little and disappear from your life . But as I read that quote from quantum warrior I decided to think deeply and througly at every thing I already own especially wealth and money related . Because I don’t have that negative belief when I think about my abundance of health and friends I can easily Focus on that .


I’m slowly making my way to explore and understand the Outer Planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). These planets move more slowly, and so they are held in common by much larger groups of people. They are less personal.

Pluto in Scorpio for example. Everyone born within a 12 year period has Pluto in Scorpio; though the particular House placements for those individuals will still be different depending on the time of birth.

Pluto is about power, and the sense of cosmic significance (and, relatedly, insignificance). The Cosmic, Grand Scale of things. But again, it’s about how an entire generation relates to, perceives, and experiences power. Not just you personally.

So the people born in your generation will have a tendency to experience POWER in terms of the deep, instinctual, human realities. The powerful, secret, underlying truths.

And you, in particular, will find that this way of relating to power seems to really impact how you establish Substantial, Material, Tangible Presence, Value, and Self-Esteem in your life (the domain of life activites that is comprised by the 2nd House).

Scorpio is the Sorcerer, the Psychoanalyst, the Therapist, The Detective/Investigator, The Sexologist. The one who faces the secrets and truths that ‘polite’ people will try to ignore or hide under the rug. There’s a courageous brazenness to Scorpio. “Let’s just dig it up and face it.” And this will be how you relate to both power and Value.

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I didn’t understand that fully if possible please give an example .

What is that way relating to power

For example QL will help me become powerful more than Khan or emperor , because it focuses on learning underlining truths .

Another example Inner circle and power can corrupt will help be to be or feel more powerful than godlike masculinity for example because iC and PCC Focus more on human realities .

Will that mean that survival instinct will increase my feeling of invincibility better and directly than Khan . Because I relate to power in terms of " deep instinctual"

It means if I want to enhance the realities of the second house where possessions and assets and financial situation I use subs like and related to power indirectly like I mentioned above and not Focus solely on eog and rich am I getting it right … thats actually my way of thinking because I see a lot of rich people and they focus mostly on values rather than money itself . Or like law if attraction literature focus on the goal it self and the money will come to support you .

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I think you may be looking at it backwards. Your own judgment, experiences, and self-awareness come first, and then you use astrology to gain clarity or to open up additional insights.

So let’s start from this:

How do you define power? Who do you feel is powerful and why? And when you think of being powerful yourself, what do you imagine that might look like?

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I am totally new to astrology and Natal chart analysis all I know and focused on before is the sun sign . And when I read about Pluto and found It’s related to power

I shared what I wrote before because I was astonished

That’s why I looking it backward

The ability to be independent in making your own decisions without outer influence or being obliged to do smth you don’t want .

Basic power is any one who can use and focus his mind toward what he wants and goes for it .

Any one who is capable of being in highest physical vitality is so powerfullllll

After long walk I feel the most powerful , after doing my breathing sessions and my body feels tingling and full of vitality I feel powerful .

When I am able to benefit and help another no Matter how that help looks like I feel powerful

Large circle of influencers (not social media influencer) of society who are working on every layer of society governmtal employees , business owners , etc . Who I can contact and achieve smth with and through them .

Is to be able to satisfy all my needs . Without lag

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Well, maybe I am the one who is backwards.

So you equate power with money and with physical vitality. Also with societal influence on every layer of society.

My questions need to be a little clearer.

Let’s try this one:

What do you think is very IMPORTANT in life. And who are some of the most important people you can think of?

What are some thinks that make you feel that a person or a situation is very important and meaningful?

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Important questions I need to think about them carefully

Reputation …

I was going to answer health but I found that I am carless and not discipline about my health . But I am always careful about my reputation and not put myself in subsecting situations . Also I am restraining from everything that affect my reputation either in business practice or my personal life .

I don’t know in particular … but people who are always available and can answer my calls without delay

If it affects the health of the people (very important)
If it have a long term effect (meaningful)

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Based on your responses, it does not look like you are fixated or stuck with regard to issues of power. You have a relatively natural and relaxed sense of what power and importance mean in your life; and that sense seems to be more or less based on and aligned with what you are trying to do and build in your life. You don’t seem to be bothered about power right now.

So this may not be a time where you see the Pluto in Scorpio in the 2nd House effects in a very crystal-clear or extreme way. This does not seem to be a time in which you need to do anything particuarly pressing or urgent about this area.

On the other hand, it can always be valuable to reflect on what these symbols might mean for you in your life.

Here are some reflections from the great Steven Forrest. These are screen grabs from my heavily highlighted copy of his book, The Inner Sky.

If you want to learn more about Pluto, I’d recommend him as one very solid source.

Firstly, the general picture of Pluto:

Secondly, here’s a paragraph that captures the essence of Pluto:

As with all things astrological, cultivate wisdom, balance, and discernment, and these ‘astrological’ forces will tend to take care of themselves; even if you don’t study them.

This is similar to how if you exercise, eat well, live well, and get enough sleep, most of the time your blood and internal organs will benefit and function well, even if you don’t specifically study them or think about them.

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Week 5 from 16 April to 22 /April

  • brain wash your self into success … A thought is happening to me and I know how to do that .

  • busy week and sales started rolling again powerfully . It was held a bit . Due to some celebration in the country and people Focus There buying power to other things .

  • as I write the above the word " buying power " made me think that when people made purchase they are using the power they have . Power loves power . I just think loudly in this cycle I use Emperor and eog St 3 .

  • big sale happened today . Eog St 3 manifested around 4 opportunities of sales one of them with big amount . And beautiful review about the business . When I compare to rich I found that the number of opportunities are higher on eog St 3 . Let’s keep noticing that .

  • was down in certain times this day … I still need and looking for huge number of sales … To take my life to a next step … but with this pace I think I am 5 months to another radical change in my life .

  • Vadim Zealand technique positive slides using it . It’s awesome .

  • this is important and I think it’s related to emperor , I am excited or looking forward to see the numbers of my business and I am excited to the process of accounting because it shows me the situation daily . Not just this I am looking forward to more sales more work . (This doesn’t happen with stark ) with stark I usually (can see my numbers and what is the sales situation by the end of the month procrastinating the accounting work I am responsible for )

  • there is increase in risk taking ( I will not say how I discovered and noticed that because will cause unnecessary chaos )

  • with the current numbers I think that in this month we can surpass the past month numbers and have another high . Will be awesome this happens .


15 - first time I dreamt with fast cars and being on yacht and having my family sitting on what seems to be rich restaurant near the sea . I was carefree . 23/4

Week 6 from 23 April to 30 /April

  • let’s hope to have more sales in that week . I was thinking to share my real numbers in the past 6 months and take the community opinion on the best way to triple these numbers .

  • yesterday and today we’re very hard regarding relationship aspect . My attachment to this women is unbearable . I should tell her about my feelings toward her and not be on the fence.

  • ahh what the fu**** is this syncronicity . Awesome . I live near the beach and hotels . I have that dream to be in the entertainment industry disco , animation team and such things . Today I found a one looking for a partner for an established animation team and have deals with hotels and discos . First discussion was awesome . We will soon have a face to face meeting were we discuss everything in great detail…

I will share an eye opening post soon it’s all related to numbers . Rich and eog St 3 fans stay tuned … It takes me time to write it because I will share my real business numbers and it’s relationship to the stacks I played …

Hey guys let’s have some fun there is one who I wished he was here in the forum to see the results he was asking about concrete results from rich and eog … As I said before my journey was rich is above 1 year and half and results with it included a lot of episodes of crying crying and I still cry if you want to see about you will find it in expand beyond measure thread … So here we are the real business numbers from 9 months ago till May …
I share this because I want to have the perspective of everyone about my stack where I think of listening to rich and eog sta 3 only …


Let’s start with the basics … This is a new brand in the town never opened before and they didn’t have tv adv like other brands that operate over 15 years in the town … It’s considered a luxurious item … Not every day use …

Opportunity manifeted through HOM and rich … So the following subs are the operation time listening

Sept : was half month only because we started operation in the second half . My stack was stark , mogul and rich … Stark was helpful in people loving me especially employers and other businesses owners near me and having good impression …

October : 14 rich and 3 HOm 1 stark and 2 lovebomv … if we compared the results of October and Feb were I played 14 rich and eog St 1 5 times we found increase in the numbers …

Nov : from this month we increased the marketing budget .

March and April number increase because of opening the second branch .

May numbers because we are still in the first 10 days on the month so no worry

So what do you think of the following … Rich EOG st 3 and 1 will increase sales … What are the other things you notice that I may didn’t see . If continued that stack for 1 year what do you think the results look like …

And can I achieve these predictions with the mentioned stack (eog st1 rich EOG st3