The "Billions Mindset" Wealth Journal (Previously Ascended Mogul)

I listened to Ascended Mogul for one month, and as a result, I started my own business and it’s currently doing amazing well. I’m making more money off it than I’ve ever made at a job, and it’s only going to grow. I’ve invested into 22k of coaching to further improve my business, and the fact that I can not only financially afford that BUT ALSO MENTALLY BELIEVE THAT I CAN AFFORD THAT is proof that the subliminals are working

I learned that I get reconciliation from subliminals EXTREMELY EASILY. This is in line with my overall hyper-sensitivity to anything perception shifting or mind altering… I’m a lightweight with liquor, CBD weed gets me HIGH AF in 5 puffs, 1g of mushrooms for me feels like 3.5g for most people, I very easily shift into transcendental states in meditation, and I’m even very sensitive to the benefits of vitamins/supplements when they do work.

So i started listening to Ascended Mogul only once every second day, and I already felt like a weight was lifted off my chest. I decided to keep on reducing the reconciliation load by switching to Mogul instead of AM.

I’ve also been listening to Heartsong 4x a week and it’s been AMAZING. It’s a VERY fast acting subliminal. A friend of mine is listening to it and also says it’s fast acting, and multiple people on the forum have said the same thing. I’ve barely had any anxiety or tension in my relationship since my girlfriend and I started listening to it. It’s made our daily interactions way more enjoyable (but they were already very enjoyable).

Overall, I highly recommend getting Heartsong. Who doesn’t want to heal their pain around relationships??? We’re all driven to a certain extent by the pain/faded memory of an old, early break up that might still subconsciously haunt us.

I think that Heartsong will heal a lot of that pain and as a result, be as healing as Regeneration or even Rebirth, specific to love. Whether it’s a painful breakup you want to heal or it’s the fact that you haven’t had a lot of success with relationships, there’s a lot of pain there that subconsciously drives us all. Healing my wounding-borne belief that I’d never have a successful relationship is the main benefit that I got out of 8 months of living in meditation centers. It’s important.

I’ve only listened to one loop of Mogul so far but I already have felt some enjoyable subtle effects. After listening to it, I was more excited about calling customers. I had a mental loop in my head saying "awesome can’t wait to call someone, who can I help next?!" Amazing stuff. I was also more excited to go grocery shopping for my girlfriend and get her flowers. I like to do that every once in a while but it’s been a while since I have done that. The extra motivation came right after listening to Mogul, and it seemed like I was more comfortable spending money I want to spend, AND more excited to make money, literally having better beliefs around it (it’s not selling, it’s helping)

Looking forward to this combination!

My overall subliminal goal is to start listening to subs until I’m no longer inexperienced around them, and then go for larger wealth-focused subliminal programs like EoG or StarkQ… for now, I’m just sticking to what I’ve got, Mogul and Heartsong, and perhaps I’ll add some sort of productivity track like Limitless. Especially since Limitless/BLU is in StarkQ as well, it seems like a good prep-sub to listen to before taking StarkQ.


Great post, thank you. :slight_smile:

You seem to be quite experienced in subs taking into account your choices and hat you’re planning on to run in the future. If you were more into selling and improving your relationships you could think about stacking Heartsong and House of Medici instead of Stark later on, when “done” with Mogul. Either way, both should be beneficial to you in their own specific way.

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I don’t know why but I have so much resistance to the idea of Emperor, and by extension, House of Medici. It sounds like it makes you cold and calculating.

My friend let me listen to one loop of House of Medici and 20 minutes after listening to it, I was dealing with a potential client. She was coming to me with a concern so I chewed her out for it, and then we got on the phone and I literally almost ripped her head off trying to display that I was the alpha and that she needed to listen to me and submit to her or else I was going to find someone else to take her spot.

Then we came to realize that it was a miscommunication around me not understanding one of the texts she sent me properly, and we made up, literally ended the call by saying “haha so yeah aren’t phones the worst! Still friends right?”

I told my friend about the anger that I displayed towards her and he then said “yeah but I bet she still really wanted to work with you, right?” … “yes, how did you know?”… “because that’s what being on emperor is like!”

I don’t really want that kind of life lol.

I probably have a bunch of totally off beliefs about Emperor but it sounds like it makes you colder rather than warmer.


Probably a timing thing. Later, your system may be perfectly suited for Emperor, but not right now. (Or I may just be wrong.)

One of my mantras is: Spiritual Billionaire, Financial Millionaire

I know that to be happy as a millionaire, I need an inner context that’s a thousand times more than that. It’s just what’s right for my nature.


After writing this out, I’m starting to consider House of Medici. I’m very open minded to what subs I want to be taking later on down the road. The sales page for HOM speaks to me, and it says right on the page that it can stack with StarkQ and EoG beautifully… my two top possibilities.


Yeah, you’re right here. HoM made me a cold calculating machine inside whilst outwardly I was a charming prince. And my relationship was more about leading her and making her a valuable member of the Family rather than someone to connect and spend a good time with. It could be a nice combo with Heartsong though. Either way, Mogul has it all when it comes to selling and if you wanted to escalate, you don’t need to run HoM but as you’re planning, just switch to EoG at the right moment.


Funny, I was reading your other posts and highlighted this specifically and wanted to quote it here. You used the exact same wording again.

This is my main concern. I wonder if it could be combined with StarkQ to give it a softer edge. You mentioned you tried combining them, how did that go?

I think that Heartsong would also give it a softer edge, or even Love Bomb.

Stark (combined with HoM) only made me more carefree outside but still deep inside I was an ice cube with my little schemes. I guess, Heartsong would be much better since it speaks to your “heart” and activates your emotional side.


What else did you feel while combining HOM + StarkQ? How was your drive, focus, and results with others?

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I didn’t run it for a long time it was barely one week in total. I noticed a huge shift in interactions with people straight away (after the very first loop people became much more respectful and wanting to prove themselves to me, I was much more socially aware and shrewd too) and I was much more focused on improving my life and actually was more motivated to do so. I gave up on it since I got overloaded running Stark in Terminus. HoM is one core of my custom I’m planning to run when the time comes.


Thanks for sharing! It could be a strong stack

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@Malkuth @Homerunking

The reason I won’t be doing DR right now is because I’m hypersensitive to reconciliation, and inexperienced with subs. I had to listen to AscMog once a day 4x per week just to limit recon.

I want to increase my “tolerance” first before that.

Before running DR i will run a major program, and do some preliminary healing work with lighter healing subs before jumping into DR.

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In 5 days, me and my girlfriend stopped fighting or having anxious moments almost completely. It started working from the first loop.

Things that used to trigger her like jealousy or insecurity have become almost non-existent. We’re laughing more than ever. We recover from tense moments faster and go back to grace and ease faster. We’ve been having a lot more fun together.

I think this might be in part due to the sub’s tendencies to work more effectively in the very beginning. But it’s very promising. We both listen to the subs together at night. One loop 4x a week.

Mogul is going well too. I’m feeling less “action-oriented” on mogul than I did on Ascended Mogul, but also much less stressed. I think the lack of action might just be because I was confused about what to do in the business for a bit. We’ll see how this week goes. Today is an off day.

@EmperorofFreedom I know you also were considering Heartsong. Have you started it?


I have started my heavy 20 module Heartsong/SM/Wanted custom. Alongside Mogul, Custom Executive and RICH. My executive custom really helps with the motivation. The Heartsong custom has helped with my confidence with who I am which has helped in my side business, and reduces a lot of anxiety that I have surrounding it.


Wow, you’re off to a great start with this one! So happy to hear it was able to kick in that quickly for you

@Prome @Ice @Malkuth @Voytek

Just curious, do you guys think that I might get better results if I make a custom… or is it better to stick to what I’m doing for the time being?

I was thinking I could leave Heartsong on it’s own and listen to it with my girlfriend when we sleep at night… but maybe make a more wealth focused one for myself with Mogul, StarkQ, and some other stuff?

Would it be more effective to make a custom?

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It may change the “flavor” of Heartsong, if that makes sense. Not necessarily in a bad way, but may cause more of a shift towards wealth with those other cores.

It depends a lot too on which modules you choose. There’s certainly a way to balance the social/relationship modules with the wealth modules, and honestly if wealth and improving your relationship with your girlfriend are your top goals combining Stark, Heartsong, and Mogul into a custom seems like a very compelling idea!

@Billions if you’re interested I can provide module recommendations if you want. Just specify exactly what your main goals would be with this custom and I’m happy to help

Yeah that would be really good, I would appreciate some recommendations.

I wouldn’t add heartsong into the module because I listen to it with my girlfriend so I wouldn’t want to have one of our names in it but not the other person’s.

Those are definitely my top goals. Wealth and relationship… but I feel like Heartsong has already taken my relationship from a 8/10 to a 9.5/10, so I don’t need any more subliminals for my relationship right now (except perhaps Diamond, but maybe we’ll listen to that together too).

So my main concern is wealth. To become wealthier, I’ll need to continually improve my energy, my productivity, my ability to relate and persuade people (sales), my entrepreneurship skills, and my money beliefs. Wealth is a BIG topic, with many ways to acquire it…

I run a digital marketing company and in that company my #1 job is to attract new clients. I have someone that takes care of fulfillment, so my daily activities are primarily sales and people based. I would probably do best with some subliminal that made me better at sales, more liked and trusted, better able to persuade, and more comfortable talking to people so that I can talk to more people for longer.

One thing I go through is not really liking most people, so I can sometimes find conversatons boring because I find the person boring. But that’s just a “me” thing and rarely about the person. Maybe it’s me being judgemental… Idk. Is there a sub that might help that?

Overall, what are your top wealth picks?

I’ll start looking at some modules as well

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Wow very cool! And I like the idea of keeping Heartsong separate so you and your gf can listen together - I think that’s very smart.

With those goals in mind here’s some ideas for a sales and wealth sub:

  1. Stark Core

  2. Mogul Core (or Ascended Mogul if you want more of a push to take action)

  3. R.I.C.H. Core (for pure money manifestation)

  4. Sultan

  5. Financial Reality Success Shifter

  6. Instant Business Tactician

  7. Secrets of Akasha - Wealth

  8. Wealth Limit Destroyer

  9. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy

  10. Transcendental Connection -> helps connecting with people/sales

  11. Story Teller -> stories are one of the best ways to connect with people

  12. Dragon Tongue

  13. Productivity Unleashed

  14. Lifeblood Fable -> reputation is everything

  15. Sacred Words -> persuasion through text

  16. Carpe Diem Ascended -> seize the day and be productive

  17. Charisma and Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver -> be more charming to potential clients

  18. Direct Influencing Aura

  19. Yggdrasil -> manifestation module opening pathways to manifestation

  20. Mosaic -> helps improve stack-ability and synergy between custom and other subs you’re listening to