Please stop using these words and phrases

@SaintSovereign and @Fire have already authorized the following as a permanent rule change. Repeat offenses will result in account suspension.

This isn’t about being “woke” or “PC” or “appeasing some group” or “catering to an agenda”. It’s about basic respect for all our customers, something we’ve always stood by.

Stop using the words bitch, whore, ho, hoe, slut, hoochie, thot, pussy, cunt, or any variations of those words.

Stop using any of those words as slang. Not life is a bitch. Not bitch slap. Not I’m going to make this day my bitch. Not he’s such a pussy. Not I want some pussy. Not I’m looking for pussy.

Stop trying to disguise those words by changing characters. Not using other characters in the word like b1tch or b*tch or b"tch or h0e or h0 or wh-re or s1ut or $lut or sl:t.

Do not try to sneak those words in by posting them in creative ways. Not saying she’s such a garden tool. Not spelling them backwards. Not translating them into Sanskrit. Not quoting someone else. Not in telling a story. Not in “just describing a conversation” you had.

No discussions about the philosophy of why it’s okay to call someone a bitch, slut, or whore in certain contexts.

This is final.


That’s fair. Might this thread be locked as the first post speaks for itself?