NOT OFFICIAL — Khan ZPv2 MAX - Suggestion Thread

Khan is the epitome of self-development. It is not about seducing women but pushing you to grow up as a man, develop godlike qualities and character traits, and finally become a man of such a high caliber, that is only natural for all women to get aroused and attracted to you. The success with women is not the primary goal, but the inevitable consequence…" -Friday (January '22)

For three years, I’ve been running Khan St4 seeing myself morph into an archetype that only a few can claim to embody.

I’m about to compose a post on the enhancements I’d love to see in the next version of Khan St4 in ZPv2 Max.

But why should I be the sole voice in this symphony? Let’s make this a collective effort. I invite you all delve deep into your creative minds and share your vision of the new Khan St4. But make it thoughtful, keep the fantasy grounded.


I think the upgraded Khan would likely feature a complete revamp of Stage 1 to match the new healing techniques (manifesting positive outcomes to directly address traumas/issues).

Beyond that, Khan is already the kitchen sink of alpha subs so I’m not sure what we would see beyond just turning the dial up to 11 on a lot of features?

Maybe a new Khan aura combining the mystery of WB, the power of The Commander, and the BJ aura?


the emotion transmutation from Genesis is so great and wonderful…a true khan ,for sure,possesses this…
the fearlessness,the risk- taking attitude,the living in the moment effect…those are really good for a conqueror…
also ,a khan should /would never be a dumbass….scriptings for increasing intelligence and wisdom will be awesome too.

off course ,scripts about the power dynamic is something need to be included and enhanced…


Nice thread friday, I believe for a lot of us Khan fan this will be great.

I think a lot of the scripting from wanted black should be incorporated into Khan, all related to emotionnal management, making you ambitious to become someone better…

If it can be done for Wanted Black, it can also be done for Khan.

Ex. Comfort and self assuredness taken to the next level.

Living in the moment.

Self love and masculine confidence.
Harem scripting for sure, Khan needs a harem.

Turning flaws into strength.

Mastery over one’s emotions.


Oh just thinked, sincd Khan uses sexual energy, probably a pinch of KB could be incorporated into the mix to make Khan more potent at producing sexual energy.


Impressive long term run of KS4 , do you have a journal on here ?


What are your suggestions?

I always assumed Khan was strictly about seduction and socializing. I was obviously very wrong yet for some reason I always felt that how you just described Khan was meant to be. If that makes sense?

I should read your journal


I’ll sum up his journal for ya

He seduces women :joy::joy::joy:


They will update the objectives for Khan as it was heavily leaning on seduction stuff. When I started Khan last summer it gave me ambition and got me into figuring out how to make money for myself.


Very cool. Proud of you. Did you run all the stages or just St 4?


Wow that was quicker than a child after his first curry :slight_smile:

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I will say this. Yesterday was my first loop in a good while for Khan (lacked a lot of growth in the past to properly run it) and well……

  • Went out with some people I haven’t seen in a while and had a blast and my social skills were greatly improved.

  • Very blunt and direct but not in an aggressive way (unless it’s necessary) it’s more of a more mature and grounded way.

  • Able to have deep conversations about multiple topics

  • Waking up I was hungover but I didn’t skip a beat today. I took my mother to get a procedure done, came home and had an amazing workout, picked up my mother, did an errand for my father, picked up lunch, smashed on lunch, got cleaned up and now I’m getting ready to go to a job fair. Not that I need a job but I just want a better job to work around my massage business. All in a span of a few hours

  • Now hungover me before today, would have really struggled and it would have taken me forever to get this done, and used my hangover as an excuse to not go to the job fair.

  • Picked up some clients last night as well. BTW this is the most action I am taking for my wealth goals

  • Overall I just feel wiser and more mature.

  • I did have some attraction results but the point of this post is to highlight the other goals of Khan

BTW this isn’t from ST4, all of this listed above was from ST1


i forgot who said this but i remember someone said that khan does more than wat the copy emphasizes. they said it was a misconception that Khan is highly sexual but its focuses on a lot of other areas.

what does Khan do that isnt emphasized in the copy? can someone expand on this misconception?


Basically khan is not just a social and sex sub.

It’s also a wealth and masculinity sub. Honestly it covers all bases. Healing as well.


That’s why @friday called it the epitome of self-development


And yet it seems to be under appreciated and opted out for emperor. Lol. Least from what I see


I think emotional transmutation should be in all alpha subs, cuz u can’t heal everything


I ran all stages when it came out, then in ZP ran 2 times stages 1, 1 time stage 2 and then went to st4.


Wonder if I need to run stage 1 again if I’ve already ran stage 4 for a year.

But I haven’t ran khan in a while

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