New Support Article: What Are The Most Common Symptoms of Subliminal Reconciliation?

Read it here: What Are The Most Common Symptoms of Subliminal Reconciliation?


I don’t get how more rest days can be beneficial. Why run or purchase a sub if you only run it maybe two or three times a week?

Loving the new hub :+1:

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The link below indicates we can select as low as 2 modules in a custom. I always thought the minimum was 10. Am I missing something?

“Depending on your goals, you might want to add just a couple of modules to master a specific area, or you might want to add all 20 and master a couple of areas in a bit longer time frame.”

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i’ll give you a little analogy (the way I understand it)

think of the sub scripts being like vehicles and the subconscious being a destination, but in order for those vehicles to reach that destination, they have to cross a bridge, however, the bridge is made of only a couple layers of concrete.

now if Q were to be thought of as 100 cars, then it would be okay for the bridge to handle that many cars with maintenance on the weekend, but now imagine Q2, which is supposedly 3 times stronger than Q (read that somewhere on the forum), being 300 cars, that’s 3 times the load on the bridge, the material of the bridge hasn’t changed nor will it ever change, and it would need even more maintenance the more you let the 300 cars pass through, therefore, in order to keep the bridge steady, you have to get it maintained more often, hence more rest days.

hope that makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:


Because of processing and integration. The way our subs are built, they continue to process for upwards of 30+ days after you stop listening, and this seems to be a vital element of a successful subliminal run. I was the first to test this and noticed that it does occur, but didn’t mention it to anyone. Now, we have private testers, who are saying the same thing.

The notion that you have to listen every single day will need to be broken when Q+ and Ultima+ enter the scene. Qv2 and Ultima v2 are already halfway there.


You should add 10 when building a Q-Standard custom. We allow certain advanced users to play around about, since we know will take responsibility if their (costly) experiment fails.

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My Terminus still processes weeks after. Only using it once a week now, but skipped two weeks and its still working. Could also be the Grimoire density of it :upside_down_face: This has been going on since February :+1:

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Can you elaborate please?

Can I run R.I.C.H by itself every other day and get results?

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Summoning @Meng123 to bring in the quote where Saint explains it with the installation and running the Script.

Didn’t you, however, already been on a washout and see better results since everyone told you in the QV2 thread or am I mixing you up, good sir?

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if you were training to run a marathon. Would you run every single day without taking a couple of days rest ?.

I rest my case

Peace Black Adder

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Outstanding analogy thanks for sharing @Meng123


@Meng123 Please see the post I am replying to. I think you know what would be a good idea to do with this post. :grin:


Its been in the thread for 2 days already.saint even gave it a like :sweat_smile:


mengu is fast

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I’m curious if being in a really bad mood can be a sign of reconciliation and what to do about it? I am running one title but with two loops in one day. Should I drop it down to just one loop? Take a day , week , month off?

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Bad mood is one of my most obvious recon signs,particularly qv2.usually just take a day off and it goes away.if it stays persistently,then might need a washout/week off and restart with less loops


Two loops a day, take the weekends off. Bad mood is definitely reconciliation.