New member, any advice is appreciated

Hey everyone. I’m new here and I need some recommendations on how to start with subliminals. Some background about me: I’m 44 years old, I divorced 5 years ago and that was a very traumatic experience for me. It was a very tough divorce and I actually needed a few years to get over it, even if it was my desire to divorce (and it was the best choice I ever took).

I started dating only 2-3 years after the divorce and I’m doing OKish, but not great. I can talk - general conversation - with girls, I can make them laugh, smile etc but when it’s about transitioning to sexual I still find it difficult and hesitate. Or maybe I dont have the courage to do it. If I can get a girl at my home - and several times I did it - from that moment I’m fine and know what to do, have confidence cause I know I will make her feel great and I’m fine.

I started learning to dance - salsa, bachata and now kizomba - 3 years ago and now I’m quite good at it. Later I discovered I can actually use dance for seduction when a woman is at my home. But It also happened to me that at the dancing classes younger girls liked me. And I dont know (or dont have the courage) to escalate this. It is also cause most women I dated are 35-45 years old and the girls at the dances are much younger, usually 20-25 years old. It’s true that I look younget and I can say without hesitating I’m 35-38 years old… and I look that age.

So my first issue is getting over the anxiety to approach girls, especially the younger ones. Or not hesitating and postponing it again and again.

The 2nd issue I want to improve is general confidence and alpha attitude. Before the divorce I had a more visible alpha attitude but somewhere on the road I lost it.

And I also want to be more results oriented in business. I’m doing fine actually but it was a luck I had and my customers actually searched me. But I also had big financial challenges and I want to be more money oriented and have more focus on doing what I know I have to do and stop postponing.

So, what I want to improve is:
-getting over approach anxiety,
-stop procrastinating,
-alpha attitude,

  • being more social with girls (especially younger ones :slightly_smiling_face:)
  • improving my business

I practiced meditation daily for years and I also practiced personal development for years. I also walked several spiritual journeys in the last years (the Spanish Camino de Santiago) and I enjoyed it.
A few days ago it happened that by accident I listened to a sub called The Sphinx of Imagination by Hypnotica. And I saw how it touched me, what I felt… during listening it and after. When I finished it I felt like being from another world. Strange. This is why I am here now.

I can create as much time as necessary for this, but I prefer to not force things, I like your gradual approach.

What subs can you recommend me to start with and use in the first months?


Welcome to the forum. I feel like Emperor + primal would be good for you.


Thank you @StateOfBeing! :slightly_smiling_face:

I would start with Emperor first for a month or 2 and see how you feel. Then add primal or Primal Seduction


You should also check out Ascension and Mogul. That would also be a good combo


Welcome and congrats on taking action with dance classes, self-improvement, meditation and even the divorce. Shows that you are truly committed to improving yourself.

My recommendation is:

  • Ascension (for Alpha mindset)

  • R.I.C.H. Ultima (for money)

  • Primal Seduction (for healing sexual trauma and seduction)

(Do read up on these titles at www dot SubliminalClub dot com)

You can do something like this:

Month 1: Ascension
Month 2: Ascension + RICH
Month 3: Ascension + RICH + Primal Seduction

You only have to play 1 loop of each every alternate days. For more info on this, you can read up here:


I would recommend that you make a journal here or an offline journal. It will make it easier to spot changes in yourself when you look back at it.

Read through this thread. There’s some good tips in there

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I would strongly add my vote to @Lion’s recommendation. It’s just a great idea.

After those 3 months, you should be in good shape and in a good position to decide where you want to take things to next.

This is smart and strong.


I would say to start with Ascension alone (with listening recommendations) for 2-3 months. After this period, you can think about adding another sub to the stack.



I’d recommend Ascension + Mogul or R.I.C.H + Primal

Reason I recommended Primal and not Primal Seduction is because it seems to me like you already know what to do when you have a woman in your grasp it’s just a matter of grasping them and I feel like the light script in primal will alleviate that .


Thank you @Lion !

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Thanks @Malkuth !

Thanks @aeiouxyz ! :slightly_smiling_face:

My vote goes for Wanted (seduction, alpha, healing, self-discovery, liberty, physical shifts) + Mogul (destroying negative beliefs on money, instilling the right mindset and building your wealth) + BLU to support learning on the way to the riches and an abundance of women.


What is BLU?

beyond limitless ultima


I saw there is Ascension and Ascension Q. What is the difference and what do you recommend?

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It’s the same thing. Q just refers to build method. The latest build is Qv2

Basically I can use any of them? I can use Qv2 since it is the last?