New here - need advice on healing


I am new here, and think this might be just the thing for me. I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many many years, unable to work. Been able to use mental techniques, stress reduction and graded exercise to slowly get better, but it’s taken me years, and there is still a lot of work to do.

I generally need much longer to recover from stress, whether mental, emotional or physical (workouts), and I am more sensitive to stress than other people, it drains me much quicker.

If I let it go too long, it’s harder to get out of, and anxiety gets worse.

I do believe an underlying current of chronic stress is still the cause of most of my problems. Overthinking etc.

I am a father and I want to heal to be better for my child, and to get back into work eventually.

Women are also a big issue for me, I am divorced and have not had any romantic involvment or sex with a woman in several years. I have always had trouble with women, problems walking up to them, to express what I truely want, which I guess is sex. Shame around being sexual, which lead voyerism etc, which created even more shame.

Also with the illness I guess I feel I am not worthy, how can anyone be interested in me. And the few times I try halfheartedly I get it confirmed in my mind that no-one is interested, while my friend gets girl after girl…

I also have suffered from OCD and anxiety in the past, but I have learnt CBT and that is no longer a diagnosis of mine.

Unsure what to run, for some reason Love Bomb for Humanity is calling out to me, also Ascension, but that has to wait until after healing I think.

Also Regeneration seems good, and perhaps Sex Mastery v2 for sexual shame issues?

Or The Elixir?

What should I start with?

Also, how does these subs work? I read about manifestation, aura work and almost magical workings, is it purely subliminal? It’s not connected to magick, entity work (demons/gods/angels) or anything like that, right?

Do you guys subscribe to the fact that we might indeed be living in a sort of Matrix?

Also, how do I run it? Masked or ultrasound, which is best? I was thinking of switching it up. Also, is if OK to run the script at nights when I have sole custody of my child (after he’s sleeping), or would it best not to run it when I need to be present and aware?

Can ultrasound be run on just a mono mobile phone speaker, or does it have to be stereo?

Sorry for the long rambling, thanks for reading and any help!


You need a space where your are able to relax into and let go of whatever you are holding onto mentally.

Like with a space I mean a field of comfort, remember a connection with someone you care about? Perhaps a family member where you can just sit and be in each others space and field without any form of thought, just being in the heart.

That’s how you let go and forget of what does not serve you.

I don’t think subliminals will help you with this since you are already exhausted, I personally would advice against them until you have resolved your psychological issues.

And I do yes but it’s not a subscription for me

I prefer masked

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Hey @laozi,

You’re going to have to find a positive way to release stress. One way is meditation (in moderation!) and this will help calm this down. Keep in mind too much is also not good - calm the body, mind and spirit, and that is enough.

Furthermore, you also want to find ways to decrease the sources of these stressors.

Sanguine is excellent for this.

In the modern times this isn’t as uncommon as one might think. Break the pattern, stop listening to modern sexual ideas. You want to reset your sexual pathways and thinking. How? Decrease porn and masturbation. Note, I’m not advocating for you to go “no-fap” or any of those modern ideas. That is harmful as well (as “no-fap” was ripped out of the Yogic spiritual traditions - without the full context, it often ends up harmful).

Once you do, start reconnecting with your own sexual energy - being able to feel the excitement and the rush. Get comfortable with it. Don’t be afraid of release, but don’t be overeager either. Balance. Notice how the sexuality within pulls you to the external and others. Nothing esoteric here, although it might seem so. It’s an intrinsic human state of sexual excitement.

In combination with what I said about sexual stagnation, I’d say WANTED, Love Bomb, Ascension and yes, Sex Mastery (however, I’d add Sex Mastery later on if you feel so inclined - the self-confidence issues take precedence).

Through the subconscious mind. It’s not connected to magic/magick, entity work or anything related to external such ideas and concepts.

It works through you. Aura and manifestation are a tricky subject as they are often utilized by New Age ideas and made hardly usable. Aura is not simply an energetic imprint around you in pretty colors - it is a collection of also the way your body moves, the state it is in, the thoughts in your mind, the state of your spirit, the alertness with which you gaze upon the surrounding. You cannot sever the concept of aura and distil it to a pure energetic concept, as that is erroneous at best.

Manifestation is often simplified to believing hard enough or “being in the state of having it”. It is more than that - it is the chain of causality, like dominoes that were pushed back in the past echoing to the current moment, or from the present moment to the future. Something as simple as picking up the spoon in a different way could therefore be a manifestation without you even realizing it - because in the future, the way you hold a spoon could attract the attention of someone powerful who is ready to teach you.

It’s not forcing yourself to be positive, to believe, to do all these mental operations.

So in summary, the terms aura and manifestation hold different meanings here at Subliminal Club.

As for how it works, other than through the subconscious mind, can’t really tell you too much. Subliminals in general? Tricky answer that is not fully understood, but we know they do. Our subliminals? Can’t tell you, legal stuff.

Big topic here.

Matrix as in, the whole of reality?

Matrix as in, the systems within this reality?

Matrix as in, the systems within society?

Matrix as in, the life patterns, routines and subconscious structures we create for ourselves?

That is an answer only you can find for yourself.

Masked or ultrasonic is up to you. They are the same in effectiveness, just the delivery is up to what you find more comfortable.

You can run your subliminals whenever (other than when driving, operating heavy machinery, etc.) as long as you’re not exposing someone else. Watching TV, reading, browsing - all fine. Note, studying and more complex stuff can be a bit impacted - depends on whether you have enough mental power to handle it and the topic you’re dealing with.

Yes, you can also use it while being present and aware.

While you could use phone speakers, we recommend either dedicated speakers or headphones (masked, avoid ultrasonic on headphones/earbuds).

They also have to go up to 20khz. Vast majority support this frequency, but it’s worth double-checking your equipment.

Overall, I’d look into WANTED, Ascension, Sanguine, Love Bomb, and potentially a healing subliminal such as Regeneration or Elixir. Don’t jump for Dragon Reborn just yet.

Start slow with a single subliminal, then consider what you need next if you want to stack. WANTED, Ascension or Love Bomb all could work as the first subliminal.

Welcome to Subliminal Club.


@Fire Why not Dragon Reborn right away? Maybe stack with Sanguine?


Too much at first.


Yeah, I kind of have that with nature. I am now so well that I can sometimes take long walks in the forest alone, and it really “sorts me out” for a while.

Thanks for the extremely well written explanation Fire, it really made me understand more!

And you are right, I actually did retention practices, but they were cut off from the rest of the practices, and just became “how to not ejaculate” and gave me more shame and issues around energy and how I shouldn’t “lose it” by ejaculation.

So probably just added to my problems around sex.

But yeah, probably cutting out porn is good. I got back into it as I cut it out out of shame etc. soo, but if I can see it as being good for me, not that it’s shameful to do it perhaps it will be better.

When you say Love Bomb, do you mean normal Love Bomb or Love Bomb for humanity? I kind of liked the focus of the latter when it talked about healing yourself with self-love etc.

Ascension and Wanted also seem to go straight to a lot of my issues, sexual shame and feelings of low self-worth etc.

But should I do a healing one alone first, like Elixir or Regeneration?

Thanks again Fire!

Hey man,

You could start with Ascension + Chosen from within(it’s included when you buy chosen)

Cfw takes chosens qualities and focuses them inward, it includes rewritten scripts from love bomb(orig) and regeneration.

Cfw was my first subliminal back in February, then I added regeneration then elixir for 3 months, after that I started Dragon reborn and I’m still on it.

Those two would give you masculine development and introspective healing. A 2 sub stack hits quicker than using 3.

Check out the thread, see if it resonates with you.

He meant Love Bomb.

Love Bomb for Humanity is free. So you can download it anytime.

Plus if you want to test drive any of the subliminals here, Love Bomb for Humanity is a good choice.

But for your specific issues, I would follow what Fire recommended.

Maybe run Love Bomb for Humanity for 2 cycles and follow Fire’s recommendations after that.


Your intuition is guiding you perfectly. The two best subliminals for new users in exactly your shoes are LBFH and Ascension.

LBFH and Ascension will work broadly on everything you discussed with us.

And as for the rest of the subliminals, you can experiment with them over time.

The Elixir vs. LBFH is really a matter of preference - what specific mechanism of healing would you prefer?

However, I’d recommend LBFH because it suits your goals and is one of the newest (most updated) and powerful subliminals here!

Also it’s free haha.

Also it’s amazing and you’ll see a vibrant community of users using it if you check out the Love Bomb For Humanity Discussion Thread

On the physical side, a product you should absolutely check out is Paragon… as CFS has very physical roots, despite all of the mental exercises you’re doing to alleviate your symptoms.

As per your questions… masked is generally easier to run than ultrasonic, simply because listening to Ultrasonic too loudly can damage your eardrums, while Masked is perfectly safe no matter how loud you listen to it, Ultrasonic is perfectly safe only so long as you do it right. Plus it sounds pretty!

It’s fine to run scripts at night

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And by Paragon he means Paragon Complete.

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Thank you.

And if it wasn’t abundantly clear, Paragon is a physical healing subliminal, of course, it uses the power of your mind to allow your mind to appropriately heal your body

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Nature emanates peace and tranquility, something “our world”, the one created by Human hand and believed to be the one and only knows little of… oh so commonly seen in the depressions of the people that live within it.

The matrix is a world within a world, a false world that appears real.

And see it is only a shadow of the real, greater world.

I was wish you well on your journey and I hope you recover from your burnout…

What had burned out? It’s your Soul Fire by excessive thought and worrying. Fire and oxygen are closely connected.

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Welcome! Nice name btw :wink:

That’s interesting because the copy virtually says LB needs proper set up/healing first before going with it. So I, personally, wouldn’t have recommended it as a first sub, however, @Fire of course, if anyone, knows what he’s talking about.
So this, if anything, opened MY EYES :smiley:

Can I guess on what you meant here?
From my experience, when you go from porn to no fap, this can be harmful in the sense that you have NO IDEA how to use the energies that are now coursing through your body. They will be stuck in the lower chakras and you’ll be sitting on “hot coal” making you even MORE needy to get it off with women (because this is now your only option of release) which of course, drives them away.

Is that correct @Fire ? You may have a more in depth analysis on this whole thing?

It’s also something I noticed recently.
I been on the semen retention train for a while now (except releasing with her) but I do realize that I potentially still have too many sexual hangups to heal before I go there, if I ever fully commit to it.
I enjoy the ability for prolonged lovemaking, but fire used a good word there: fear.
The “fear” of releasing is not a pleasant feeling. One must come to terms with it being a natural thing. Gaining control over it, fine. But dont be afraid.


Welcome to the forum @laozi It’s great to have you :raised_hands:

And secondly regarding ME/CFS - I feel you. My spouse suffers from it as well, so I am well aware of what it entails. If you want to talk about it, or just with someone that can relate, just send me a message :slight_smile:

As for subs on healing - In general, Ascension is the go-to recommended sub for anyone starting on a healing journey. It’s a broad-spectrum treatment of emotional healing, and it’s also a meme and internaö joke for that very reason :smiley:

Paragon Complete might be able to help you with physical ailments, as well as recover and Post-exertional malaise. Just remember that it’s not a guarantee, but worth a shot at the very least.

For feeling better right now consider either Love Bomb, Love Bomb For Humanity, Chosen From Within, or Sanguine. LBFH is based on Love Bomb obviously, and people have written some amazing stuff about it. And since it’s currently free, you might as well get it.

This is me regarding the original Love Bomb:

My own experience with the original Love Bomb is that I started to feel good about myself “despite everything”. I noticed a significant increase of empathy towards myself, including self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. And then I started to get bouts of just liking myself.

Consider Dragon Reborn for long-term emotional healing. It’s a fantastic title, but can be difficult and demanding at times - so it’s great to have some of the others done before you start with DR :slight_smile:

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I had planned to reply here right away, but it slipped.

But now I have done 21 days of subliminals, and man, it really does work!

I ended up going with my gut feeling and running A Love Bomb for Humanity and Ascension, and I have had more drive, been able to live more healthy, done more things I have postponed etc.! Also more gentle with myself and more able to see others with empathy, while also drawing boundaries.

Thanks so much everyone for guiding me, I love that you all took your time to be there for me!

I will now take five days off subliminals, and might do A Love Bomb for Humanity together with Wanted.

Think I will run ALBFH and then alternate with Ascension and Wanted for a few months.


Excellent results, @laozi with such foundational titles. May you keep crushing it.


Makes me really happy to hear that @laozi. That’s amazing :raised_hands::blush:

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How are things going for you now?!

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