Need some help from the veterans of SC

I see several posts like these but all unique in their own way. Appreciate any help anyone can provide for the goals I am looking to achieve with SC.

I have been looking at this site awhile and catch myself hitting paralysis analysis on which programs/programs I should begin. The next issue was the long amount of time that was required that ZP2 is about to fix.

I will try to keep this short but cover enough detail on what areas I need to improve in my life. One annoying trait I have had is I can get EASILY distracted from my studies, projects, etc… and realize I find ways to distract myself by launching a quick phone game for a 3 min match that ends up 3, 5 or 10 matches later…

My mind is overloaded with demands I have on myself and I do have mental exhaustion. The distractions could be part me trying to get me to take a break. Either way… I need to strengthen my mind to where I can handle any work load I want to take on. I want to increase my focus, take action and optimize my mind to absorb whatever I study.

I am in a struggle with time and how effectively I use it… Here is a summary the areas in life that I need and want to improve. Not sure if it needs to be done in phases or can be mixed. I want to focus more on my health too.

I am a 43 yo male and have fought so hard to try before I was a teenager to achieve financial success. It has been knock down after knockdown after…. I still get up and fight but with financial situations looming over me in a big way while taking a beating, I am beyond a point to where I need to recharge myself. I find myself feeling numb and maybe just treading water most days when I need RAW energy, confidence and focus to take the bull by the horns again. I see and know the power of Forex, it has insane potential and I am getting closer to making it a reality but need a boost.

  1. I am in the process of learning/studying Forex.

  2. Need more “Take Action” mentality and mental energy without being easily distraction. Have struggled most of my life procrastinating or taking on too many things at once. I have done better and narrowing down how much I allow myself to take on but still room for improvement.

  3. Take working out seriously and eating healthier. I know this alone can help mental clarity and help boost mental/physical energy.

I tried to keep this short but I feel there are stages I will need to go through. I need to sort finances, get back to working out and focus on building up from there. I want to further enhance my creativity, social skills, multiple streams of income and more. It’s so hard to put it all into words since nearly every program on the site speaks to me.

All I end up doing is looking and getting paralysis by analysis. I know there are others that feel the same way and others that may respond differently. Just hope this message is seen by the right person/persons that once felt this way and the desire to become better in all areas of life, even esoterically. I use to focus on energy healing but have set that aside, stress affects all areas of life and I feel my way out starts with Forex and health.

Thanks for making it this far, look forward to suggestions.



Opinion 1:

Don’t choose your destination based on maps.

Choose your destination based on the world.

and then use maps to reach your destination.

If that makes sense to you, then replace the word ‘maps’ with subliminals, and replace the phrase ‘the world’ with ‘your life and your self’.

Opinion 2:

There are some subliminal programs that are more comprehensive and broad. There are others that are more pinpointed and specialized.

You seem to be more on the comprehensive side of things. I’d ramp up like this:

Ascension, to

Ascended Mogul, to


Just keep it simple.

Have a read through the Program Objectives on each of those pages.

You’ll do it.

Don’t believe every thought that your mind comes up with.


RICH Crypto + Emperor Black + Spartan

But, Malkuth’s advice is incredibly solid. See if these three resonate with you. Start light (low loops, 30s) and build up over time.


While I don’t consider myself a vet at all, nor can I speak for Emperor Black or Rich Crypto (definitely look into this suggestions though) I can speak for Spartan!

Spartan for me has given me a lot of benefits that translate beyond health and fitness that can really help you with your goals overall. For me:

  • Injuries don’t hold me back as much in everyday life and working out.

  • Breathing better, and cardiovascular seems more optimized

  • Gain strength and endurance much faster.

  • Sleep better.

  • Natural energy levels increase. It’s a clean energy too, I’m not super jittery or anything. When needed however, boy oh boy does the energy becomes explosive. In a good way of course

  • Better diet choices

  • Discipline and willpower. This is the biggest aspect that will help you out in anything. If the job/task needs to get done, you will get it done. Negative events don’t bother me like they used too either, I am much more grounded. This leads to clearer thinking and that has a huge benefit in everything. From getting tasks done and planning your day, and that has helped my mental and emotional wellbeing too.

That is my take on Spartan and what it has done for me. I hope this helps you out.


I think I got the underlying principles right; but this is a more powerful and focused stack.

It hits the bullseye of exactly what @ShDwMysT is targeting.

(Pro-tip: if @SaintSovereign or @Fire happen to give you direct recommendations for programs…uhh, strongly consider looking into those recommendations. :wink: )


I greatly appreciate the time each of you have taken to help me find a stack. @Malkuth, pro-tip noted! :grinning:


Rich crypto

Limitless Executive

Eating better/Working out:

I’d pick one option from each. Hit all the angles at once.

Best to stick with recommendations and do 3 subs or less.


So from @Palpatine his suggestion I can speak for Limitless Executive!

I have struggled with Procrastination, brain fog, distracting thoughts etc. One loop of this and holy shit has it been a game changer.

  • No brain fog

  • Thinking much clearer and faster

  • When I start a task I finish it much faster

  • Tasks that would take me a few hours to finish, I get done in about an hour

  • Super confident

  • Increased executive function

  • More energy

  • When I wanna chill I can chill, plus have the increased cognitive function of Beyond Limitless


Thank you for your recommendation, those sound like a powerful stack. Emperor Black has quite a description and hits on a lot of areas. Will have to get my live-in girl to understand I might be a bit different.

Sounds like this and with the programming to get things done is what I need. Changes need to be made on all levels and it looks to cover a lot of them.

How exactly would I use these? I found the ZP instructions for a stack of 3.
This sounds like a per-situation question, but how long would/should I listen to all 3 as in weeks/months?
When some of my goals are met, long term to keep them fresh in my mind, etc…?
Is Emperor Black one that can/should be listened to long term?
Does the effects weaken overtime if you stop listening?

Just trying to get a good understanding of how to maximize results for long term changes.

I was looking up the instructions on how to use them, would I follow this since they are all ZP?

If you’re running three titles, all Zero Point:

Like the other patterns, this one is very simple. You’ll listen to two titles on one day, take a rest day, then listen to the third title on the following day:

  • Day 1: 1x first ZP title, 1x second ZP title
  • Day 2: Rest
  • Day 3: 1x third ZP title
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: 1x first ZP title, 1x second ZP title
  • Day 6: Rest
  • Day 7: 1x third ZP title
  • Day 8: Rest

After 21 days, take five days off. If Day 21 is a rest day, you may include that in your five days off.

Last question for now, what would be best to listen to for the days that have 2 titles? Not sure if it would be better to mix of RICH/Spartan and then Emperor Black on the single title days because of the intensity of it, etc…



Yes. Do this.


Yea what @Lion said. Rich/Spartan are more singular focused but can be used in other aspects of your life. Emperor and also Emperor Black is overall focus. Make that your one sub a listening day. Trust is, you will see results from listening to a sub once a week


Since you’re new to FX I highly recommend you checkout Photon Trading FX or Fractal Markets courses, they’re the best courses to teach you smart money concepts and you can become consistently profitable in less than a year if you put in the work…

After that I recommend you look into prop firms so you can get funded for multiple 7 figure accounts to trade with… (e.g. FTMO, MyForexFunds, E8 Funding, FundedNext, etc…)

And you can use a trade copier to trade all of these accounts at the same time.

All you need is a 10%/month system, and you’ll be able to make at least +6 figures a month.


Thanks for the info, I am familiar with prop firms and in progress right now. I have a 1min scalping strategy that is showing promising results when there is a nice trend, just need to have better market conditions on NAS100/US30.

There are other strategies I am learning and I have some courses I need to dive deep into, to enhance my overall understanding of market structure, liquidity traps, etc…

It sounds like you are obviously a trader as well. I have heard of Photon Trading FX, how has your experience been with it?

Reaching 10% a month is do-able and scaling to 4, 5 and 6 figures a month is the goal. People are doing it and it is 100% possible with the right mindset, training and risk management.

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I bought the stack earlier today and listened to RICH/Spartan for 30 seconds each. Looking at the instructions, I will take a break tomorrow and then Emperor Black for 30 seconds on day 3.

Is that what you mean by low loops/30 seconds?

Trying to get an idea when to increase the time, how many months to use them, etc… Not sure if it is when I feel I have reached my goals in those areas before trying new stack to focus on other areas.

I have listened to other subliminal but noticed something today I have never experienced on others. Have you ever had someone report that their pulse rate slightly increased within seconds of listening to a loop? Almost like a mild adrenaline rush without the flight/fight feeling.

Ascension x Limitless

Stark x Limit Destroyer

Ascension x Rebirth or Sanguine

Accidental submission (edit):

Spartan x Limitless

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