Masculine Archetypes

I consider some of SC subs as programs introducing classical masculine archetypes. Each of those programs has some objectives which are in synergy with those archetypes but there are eight programs, in my view, which are laser-focused on those classical archetypes manifestations. So:
Khan/Emperor = King
Spartan/Ascended = Warrior
Primal/Libertine = Lover
Alchemist/Quantum Limitless = Magician

In order to become King one has to balance those archetypes and build its strong centre. But there will be always an archetype which is prevalent.

Stark is very versatile but I found its core as relevant to Magician and since my archetype is Magician I chose Stark as my leading sub and I’m going to move towards being King (Khan) basing on that sub.


What about Emperor and Ascended Mogul?

Primal seems like a misfit.
Chuck in spartan in that place.

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You would have to work it out by yourself, also it would be good if you knew your dominant archetype and towards which one you would like to develop. The apex is King. I would say Emperor and Mogul are more towards King.

Yes, you’re right. Done! :slight_smile:
I’m advocating the concept of psychological archetypes if it comes to any kind of development and subliminal programming is the pinnacle of development on the subconscious level.

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My results:

So as I said, my predominant archetype is Magician, and to be more “complete” w I would have to improve my Warrior and Lover archetypes. Also, King needs to be improved a bit.

The test


I seem to recall mentions of these archetypes from way back when I was into PUA. DD I think…?

I’m taking the test, very cool man. Thank you.

Mine is 75 King, 75 Warrior, 65 lover, 55 magician


Yeah, I stumbled upon this concept listening to some doctor who was invited by some David (something like PUA). It was more about self=development than PUA.

Anyways,I want to build my life upon Magician and King archetypes mainly (King Solomon) but without neglecting Warrior and Lover much.

I took that test again just to make sure and the result was identical.

You have to think which archetypes you would like to work on right now but it seems to me for now it would be more about working on King and Warrior so Emperor is an ideal sub. Later on you could think about improving Lover and Magician a bit. So Primal Seduction and QL/Stark/Alchemist.

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No merchant archetype. I think that’s what I want.

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There are much more archetypes, those four are basic. I think Merchant would be very close to Magician.

Repeat that test in some time and compare the results, it should be pretty interesting. I’m sure if I had taken this test six years ago my results would have been very similar to yours but I’ve been using mind programming for over five years now and I see how much I’ve changed… but there’s a lot of changes I’m not aware of too.


What a great test, thanks for sharing

These are originally archetypes of psychological masculine development, the have immature and shadow versions. The culmination of the capacity to engage in the mature versions of the lover, magician, and warrior is what gives access to the king

They later became popularized in PUA through DD guest, Dr. Paul’s masculine psychology which turned them into temperaments not archetypes depending on two factors your level of left brain to right brain strength and your confidence to your well being.
So if x axis is left brain to right brain or ordered logical thinking vs. creative, spontaneous thinking

and y axis from north to south denotes well being to confidence. Well being is the emotional energy of having your needs met and confidence is the emotional energy of risk tolerance.

Upper Left quadrant is king-left brain logical, high in well being, think research academic, advisor, teacher

lower left quadrant warrior-logical thinking and confident-think lawyer, officer, athlete

Upper right quadrant right brain creative high well being -is lover-artist, designer

Lower right quadrant-creative thinking, confident, magician-actor, performer, influencer etc

Best partners is love, business, and friendship come from diagonal quadrants because they create psychological integration in team work and you won’t compete over each other’s domains. So king’s and magicians, and lovers and warriors. Activities that move you diagonally in quadrants also create psychological integration -so improv, public speaking, pick up, creative, non logical activities that require confidence for king’s, although very challenging would create huge shifts in maturity. Likewise following structure, purposeful self educating, routine, and implementation-essentially order-for magicians while challenging will create huge leaps in maturity.

King’s want to be asked for the wisdom/advice
Warriors want their power respected and deference to their space and group
Magicians want to be the center of attention
and Lovers want to tell you how they feel about things.

You can mess with your friends with this a lot once you figure out what they are.

Kings-can I get your advice on
Warriors- you can just say I respect your strength/ power
magicians 1,2,3…your ON! – they’ll usually start performing (magicians are the rarest temperament it seems)
Lovers- how do you feel about that

As far as the major subs titles go they definitely seem to have archtypes. As well as push in different temperaments. I believe running subs opposite your natural temperament will create the greatest growth. But the quickest success will come with subs that support your natural archetype or strength.

Emperor -is King/Warrior- create order, structure, routine, big picture thinking-domain of king, resolve, focus, capacity, willingness- to ‘test one’s metal’ against the world-domain of the warrior

Stark Is Magician- innovation, making something from nothing, creating influence and manifestation beyond one’s immediate action-harness unseen forces/ processes or flowing with them is the domain of the magician

Khan is King/Warrior/Lover- seems the most strongly integrating of multiple archetypes from what I can tell and seen so far.



Seems I’m easy to get to.

“Hey Apollo, I respect your strength and power, can I get your advice on…”

Say no more, fam.


Very interesting. I had made a similar post a couple of months back relating the male archetypes with both SubClub subliminals and Robert Greene’s books. I think you will enjoy it. Click the below quote if you want to check out that thread:


Thank you. Did you do thetest?

I knew I was a Magician but wanted to test myself. I did it twice to make sure. It’s only a test but it maybe relevant to some point.


@Voytek - not yet. Will look into it.

Interesting, I see how this could help paint a picture. Thanks for sharing.

Mines -

And currently running Emperor.


Emperor is a well-rounded sub so it shall help you improve in every direction on the diagram. :slight_smile:

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That is good to know! :grin::muscle:

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So, I got the maximum score for the lover archtype which isn’t surprising. Didn’t have much difficulty with women even from the beginning. Magician and King scores are Ok. Warrior needs lot more development though.

Cool test, @Voytek. Thank for sharing.