Main Disc. Thread - The NEW Primal (Free Upgrade Now Available!)

I’m of a mind that Primal could have broader applications than developing inner game for seduction. I think Primal could be used for personal growth, improvements in socializing and networking, developing a sense of adventure and fun, getting in touch with your inner self, self-love and appreciation, masculinity, style, etc. I’m very excited to run it.


It sounds almost like a different godlike masculinity… alas my stack is too full


Okay, I might’ve missed it but does this title have NSE?

Yea, you definitely missed it :wink:

It’s completely rewritten.

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Yes, all of the recent drops feature a form of NSE.

Every drop since Nouveau RICH in fact.

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10.09: Nouveau R.I.C.H.
10.24: Sex & Seduction X


11.11: Genesis: Mogul
11.11: Gaming Mastery X: AIMBOT
11.15: The NEW Emperor
11.16: The NEW Quantum Limitless
11.16: Wanted Black Updated with NSE
11.16: Index Gate Updated with NSE
11.16: BDLM Updated with NSE
11.20: Module Pack #14: NSE
11.25: Love Bomb for Humanity Updated with NSE
12.03: Revelation of the Nectar Within Updated with NSE
12.08: Emperor: The Will To Power
12.08: Dragon Reborn: Phoenix
12.24: The NEW Primal Seduction
12.24: The NEW Primal


Primal too right?

edit: lmao yeah


It works like a charm, making women crave to meet you and for your company. They sense your cool strength and the appreciation and love you have for them. They get attracted to your naturalness and playful, adventorous spirit. I’ve been getting approached by pretty women 15-20 years younger than me (40) and complimented on my looks in a country where sexuality is highly repressed. I’m also developing sexual escalation (especially kinesthetic) fairly easy (in nightclubs) whilst this part was the hugest obstacle in my seduction. Also, it’s easy to attract women just by looking at them and smiling. They also appreciate my chivalrous yet playful attitude.


Sounds awesome, ugh too many options for my next stack :flushed: do you notice a difference from OG Primal?

Definitely, as I have no recon whatsoever and all the transformation unfolds before me naturally, as I move forward and get exposed to experiences that confirm the scripting. Primal is a must for every guy who is into women yet struggles with the natural steps leading to successful seduction. On top of that, the new Primal is totally based on your uniqueness in terms of your character and the way you attract and seduce women. That was not the case on the old Primal either. Moreover, men react to me with respect and admiration, inviting me to their social circles whilst on the old Primal they were fearful or passive aggressive.

The new Primal is a totally new game, far exceeding and improving what the old Primal offered.


Thanks for the review @Sub.Zero. This inspires me to start the New primal and I guess for many others. Will keep updating on my progress with this in the weeks to come.


Just don’t forget to grace quality ladies with your presence, attention, and moves towards the conclusion. That’s absolutely vital as that alone propels the transformation immensely. Skip low quality and “impregnable” (highly sexually inhibited) women totally as it only severly limits your potential and slows down your progress.


New stack:

Primal + Genesis Mogul

KB:1 (3rd cycle)

M-W-F listening schedule rotating Primal + Genesis and KB1
7 mins each


Yeah I might microloop Phoenix every other session or something… let’s see

Love is fucking scary bro LOL

My abandonment issues are getting seriously triggered by having a gf, and the only thing that changed really is the label and thus my perception of the relationship and thus my expectations of her and what I am “owed” in a sense. It also opened the gates in the back of my mind to be more romantic and lovey-dovey, because I enjoy it, but I also get this nagging feeling that it’s unearned and I am shooting myself in the foot.

Idk man lots of conflicting feelings and fear surrounding romantic relationships for me


Actually I think I’ll drop Phoenix for this week, I’m in vacation mode I don’t need recon fucking things up lol

I’ll recommence when I’m back at work


My brother is 16, he is running Ascension and Spartan, can he run Primal instead of Ascension?

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It says that “Individuals under the age of 18 should NOT run this title.”

But he is a tough Israeli boy, he can :slight_smile:


But is it because it’s a sexual title? Or because there can be negative side effects from running it?

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