Main Disc. Thread - RICH Crypto ZP

Now available! If you’ve purchased RICH Crypto in the past, the new version is in your downloads!


I didn’t even know this sub existed

I think it dropped like a month after RICH… either way this is a great time to find out!


Any new goodies with the ZP version ? @SaintSovereign

Thank you for this .
I think I will play this with HOM

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:money_mouth_face: oh my , need to recreate a listening schedule there now

@SaintSovereign I wanted to have some additional information regarding Rich Crypto. If I am learning forex trading, is rich crypto still better than rich or will it not work efficiently?

Would you please enter a support ticket and post your answer here?

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Basically rich crypto helps with all trading manifestation :+1:


Haha I laughed at the Google it part, I didn’t know it was that easy(joking ofc) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: