Main Disc. Thread - RICH Crypto ZP

Now available! If you’ve purchased RICH Crypto in the past, the new version is in your downloads!


I didn’t even know this sub existed

I think it dropped like a month after RICH… either way this is a great time to find out!


Any new goodies with the ZP version ? @SaintSovereign

Thank you for this .
I think I will play this with HOM

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:money_mouth_face: oh my , need to recreate a listening schedule there now

@SaintSovereign I wanted to have some additional information regarding Rich Crypto. If I am learning forex trading, is rich crypto still better than rich or will it not work efficiently?

Would you please enter a support ticket and post your answer here?

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Basically rich crypto helps with all trading manifestation :+1:


Haha I laughed at the Google it part, I didn’t know it was that easy(joking ofc) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’ve been running RICH as a major and later in a custom for a few cycles now. Even though I own RICH crypto and basically live off crypto, I never even thought about switching.

Today was the first time I listened to RICH crypto.


Niiice, any updates?

I was casually browsing through twitter and randomly found a thread about Opensea refunding failed transactions using OS.

Long story short, about to recieve ~$600 basically for free I didn’t even know about.


@SaintSovereign is RICH Crypto good for increasing skill in trading binary options?

Yes, it’s all about trading and be able to manifest money through the market.


Screenshot 2023-03-16 203044


going to give this one another go , but i have no seen any result and have worked it for 1 year or so now . let see if this round is different


Same, rich crypto seems to be different in terms of results than Rich.

On Rich I’ve had some random job opportunity, contracts, pay raise… Random income too or manifestation of way to save money.

On rich crypto, motivation is there, but I don’t feel the same magic as Rich in terms of manifestation for my forex game.

Edit : Not saying it’s doing nothing here, manifestation happens in different way, shape or form. I am learning at a frightening speed, sometime getting some click on charts. Only thing is I find it hard to compare to regular Rich when hearing people getting some calls for promotions, new jobs, contracts, etc. I’m still not a millionnaire.


welll …once again i have seen results with mixing in ascension chamber but the i never listened today or yesterday, rich crypto is great for cryptography ideas but its not like cold hard cash :joy: instantly

nice mate

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